Hermione x ???

I do not ship Harmione because, like many people, I think it would be too predictable and practical. Harry would be better off with Ginny as both have been through hardships- poverty and abuse- and they would be able to talk to each other with real passion.

I do not ship Fremione because I feel as of it’s too unrealistic and unfitting. Fred and Hermione are too different for my taste.

I do not ship Sevmione for obvious reasons, even if he is not as old as he appears to be in the films.

I do not ship Vikmione, Cormione, etc. because it obviously won’t be love.

Here’s the big one: I do not ship Romione. Now, I do not hate Ron Weasley. When I say I do, I’m only joking. It is merely an inside joke between me and a friend. But I don’t ship Romione because I think it’s boring. I know it has been kinetic and it was skinny love to confessing of their feelings, but the whole “best friend since, like, forever” isn’t my thing. Besides, I love plot twists.

That leaves me with Dramione. There is a long list if reasons why I love Dramione, thus I will shorten it.

1) Change.
2) The ability to keep a fiery but stable relationship.
3) Acceptance.
4) Light in darkness.

So please, do not hate on Dramione. This fandom is a family. We have different opinions, but no one should feel the need to step on them.

Thank you for your time.

alicelongbottem said:

For the two word thingy -- Fremione + camping

yay i love fremione!


"You have to admit, this is still a lot better than the last time we all went camping…" He said turning to look at her.

Hermione and Fred were sat in front of the camp fire. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville and George had long gone to bed. Hermione watched as Fred held another marshmallow over the fire.

"You mean the time the entire campsite was destroyed by Deatheaters?"

"Yeah, that time, this beats that doesn’t it?"

"I don’t know. Hmm, being hunted by Lord Voldemort’s followers…or stuck in the woods with you…hmm…to be honest I can’t quite decide which is worse.’ She watched him stuff about  marshmallows in his mouth and then grinned at him. ‘Right now I think I’d take the Deatheaters over you."

Fred clutched at his heart, “You’re cold hearted Granger, what way to show a man your love and appreciation.” He said in mock devastation.

"Please, if you had any more love and appreciation, your ego would be bigger than Malfoy’s."

"As if anyone’s ego could be bigger than that ferret’s."

She laughed and then shifted closer to him, shivering. her eyes were fixed on the fire in fascination. He examined her features and wished - not for the first time - that she would see him the same way she saw Ron. Hermione moved her attention away from the fire and glanced up at the sky.

"You know," she said thoughtfully, "it really is beautiful here."

Fred kept his eyes fixed on her.

"Couldn’t agree more." he replied.

send me a pairing and a word

I was thinking about the different ships involving Hermione and I realized….

I don’t like Harmony because it goes against canon

I don’t like Snamione because…. Well…. Yeah.

I don’t like Fremione because it is a little too out of proportion

But the reason I despise Dramione isn’t because the ship itself - it’s the shippers that feel it necessary to bash Ron to, in a way, glorify their ship.