livingalonewithonlythoughts said:

I have a girlfriend of almost 10 months.. She's leaving for college soon and I'm really scared.. Based off of my pasted it's hard for me to feel confident that I'm enough and lately I feel like I'm not and she's going to leave me.. We have a lot of these fights so it's hard to tell her how I feel and I just don't know what I'm supposed to do..

Heey trust her. She wil stay eith you. You have been in a relationship for10 months so you need to learn how to talk with each other. Listen to each other feelings and respect each other feelings. Im sure she loves you and wont leave you. Its al about trust

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Flak Tower - Humboldthain Berlin

After the RAF's raid on Berlin in 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of 3 massive flak towers to defend the capital from air attack.  The flak towers, the design of which Hitler took personal interest in and even made some sketches for, were constructed in a mere 6 months.The flak towers had also been designed with the idea of using the above-ground bunkers as a civilian shelter, with room for10,000 civilians and a hospital ward inside. The towers, during the fall of Berlin, formed their own communities, with up to30,000 Berliners taking refuge in one tower during the battle. These towers, much like the keeps of medieval castles, were some of the safest places in a fought-over city and so the flak towers were some of the last places to surrender to USSR forces, eventually being forced to capitulate as supplies dwindled. (Source: