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[1/3] Football is one of the world’s best means of communication. It is impartial, apolitical and universal. Football unites people around the world every day. Young or old, players or fans, rich or poor, the game makes everyone equal, stirs the imagination, makes people happy and makes them sad.” – Franz Beckenbauer

So for the past month or so I’ve been waiting for the right time to do my first follow forever, I hit 500 followers a couple days back so I guess now would be the time to do so! Thank you to everyone for helping me become so successful in just two months, I never thought I would gain so many followers and I appreciate every single one of you <3 These blogs are my absolute favourites, and everyone should go follow them!!! oh and I’m not sure if ou are supposed to do this in a follow forever, but some of these blogs ARE NOT following me back so if you are tagged don’t be surprised…


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Super Special Mentions

manuisourking for the wonderful edit!

neuers for being the blog that inspired me to start a second account for football!

basicallybayern for having the best tags, being a super sweet person and having the best blog on this site hands down!

ohmyhazard for also having an outstanding blog!

chasin-bacardi-chasers for putting up with my football stuff, ily <3

soccer-oe, oranjemannschaft, mainlymarco, lionhearted09, and kyapii for being my tumblr crew, the people who I am closest with and who have made my tumblr experience wonderful! You are the best <3 

Sorry if I forgot anyone and once again, thank you all!!!

Okay so i decided that i will also do one of these ‘follow forever’ posts because i gained so much followers in the last few weeks and that is absolutley amazing :)

you guys are the most important, you always welcome me, let me feel like home and make me feel loved. i learn so much from you and i know, i could write every single one of you and you would be there for me if i need you. you brighten up my dash everyday and after a bad day in ‘real life’ you are there. most of the blogs i follow are football blogs (of course) but i have some others who aren’t and they are so important too.

i learned so much from you guys, it’s amazing. i follow one bxb blog and shes one of the nicest girls i know. she showed me that not all bxb fans are bad and that actually, some are really cool :)

i follow some arsenal/chelsea blogs and - i never thought this would  happen - i start liking chelsea and david luiz because of you because you showed me the good sides from these clubs/players, not only the bad.

i follow blogs who don’t even like bayern but our love to real unite us and that is so awesome.

i follow some juventus/italian blogs because they slowly teach me something about serie a and buffon.

we don’t always have the same opinion about football or whatever, but it oddly works and we can handle it and this is so incredible.

i make some great friends here and i don’t want to miss them. they’re already as important as my “real life” friends and yeah..thats quiet strange but also very nice.

watching a football game and being on tumblr at the same time and feel what you feel is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, it’s like a big public viewing and it shows me everytime again how precious this all is.

you all understand me and you all are family. the bayern family, the real madrid family, the football family and the rest of you, you’re all my family and i love you so much. i’m not good with words so sorry for this, probably a little bit crappy, text, but all i wanted to say was thank you and that i love you. hala madrid, vorwärts fcb and again: danke, gracias, obrigado, thank you!


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Requested - Live Without - Neymar Imagine.

*I’m at school so you better love me for this!*

I believed the lies, the rumours and the assholes who made up things about Neymar cheating on me. I couldn’t deal with the constant bad press in the newspapers and I couldn’t deal with the fame.
Neymar promised me again and again that he’d never cheat on me and really I had no reason to doubt him. He was loving, kind and caring. He’d never hurt me, never push me aside. He’d always introduce me to his friends as his ‘gorgeous girlfriend’ or ‘the love of my life’
Why I believed people I’ll never know, but it’s been three months since I last saw him. I moved away to Spain to go live with my family, it’s been heartbreaking.
The days I know he’s in Ibiza, or Barca I literally don’t leave the house; I’m too scared to see him. I don’t want to see him, or do I?
It’s confusing, all my emotions are messed up but deep down I love him.
“Alright, I’ll see you on Monday..” My boss says, hanging up.
So Mondays the day, the day I have to go back to Brazil. Hopefully I want bump into anybody I know, it’s not like Neymar just wanders the streets… Right?
I have a journalist job back there now the World Cup is coming up - I’m covering it. With the money great and the hours not so great but the sights measure it out.
Something inside me wants me to see Neymar, wants him to knock on my door and say he loves me.
I left him, I have to deal with the fact that he probably doesn’t love me anymore.

It’s Tuesday morning, not long until I start my job and I’ve just settled in the top floor of an apartment.
As I come out, I adjust my dark blazer and lock my door.
“Y/N?” I hear a voice behind me, causing me to freeze softly.
Turning around, I sigh out in relief and press my hand to my heart.
“David!” I laugh weakly. “I thought you were somebody else..”
“Who, Neymar?” He teases before walking closer and engulfing me in a tight, bone crushing hug. “You’re back!”
I laugh, squeezing my arms around his tall figure as I snuggle into his chest; David always gives the best hugs!
“I’m back…” I giggle, peering up at him.
David rubs his hand soothingly down my back, smiling softly.
“Come for coffee with me and the guys!” He grins.
For a moment I think he’s forgotten, or being insensitive before he chuckles.
“Neymar isn’t going to be there…” He says and I let out a small sigh, thank God.
“Okay, sure.” I laugh, following him down the steps of the apartments before out onto the street.
David ushers me straight into the car, shutting the door behind me before going to the drivers seat.
It’s not long until he’s racing down the smooth streets in his blacked out windowed car then pulling up outside a small cafe.
“Sweet…” I say gently, sliding out the car and brushing myself down. “Coffee then a kick about?”
I giggle softly, glancing down at my shoes- black heels.
“Maybe.” I smirk before pushing the door open and stopping straight away.
I come to that much of a sudden halt, David walks into the back of me; tumbling me forwards but luckily he grabs my shoulders and pulls me into place.
“What?” David asks, glancing around.
He’s here.
I feel sick to the stomach, he doesn’t notice me as he laughs and gulps down his drink.
He’s looking gorgeous as ever, a white cap on backwards and a black and white shirt. His jeans are dark and baggy with crisp white trainers; Nike I’m guessing.
He’s got more tattoo’s since the last time I saw him and honestly he’s looking breathtaking.
“I-I… I should-”
“No.. Stay…” David says smoothly, rubbing his hand down my back before he leads me closer to the table.
I feel like my legs will give way from under me, it’s been so long since I heard his angelic laugh; seen his large grin and those happy eyes.
“Guys, look who’s here!” David beams happily and everybody is on their feet.
“Y/N!” Oscar laughs, being the first to tug me into a tight hug. “I missed you!”
I laugh softly, nodding.
“Missed you too, Oscar…” I smile before gently hugging Thiago.
“Hey, kiddo!” He teases, ruffling my hair softly.
Neymar then stands to his feet, lightly pulling me into a small, warm hug.
“You’re looking good…” Neymar says quietly in my ear, causing me to shiver.
“You too.” I smile.
I try to hold back my tears, the whimpers that want to escape as I sit down aside David, smiling gently.
The whole time we’re there, Neymar’s gaze keeps catching mine as he smiles warmly, his eyes gently and soft. I never hold his gaze, I don’t have the bottle to look in those eyes again.
As we’re leaving, I feel a hand gently take mine and they pull me to the side.
“What are you doing back here?” He asks gently, still smiling.
“A job…”
His smile fades a little, he thought I was coming back for him.
“I-I missed you…” I croak out, frowning a little.
“Hey, hey… Don’t cry…” Neymar whispers as he pulls his arms back around me and brings me close.
“I still love you, Y/N…” Neymar mumbles. “And this time, I’m not letting you walk out my life again, I can’t live without you…”
His words leave me breathless because honestly, I can’t live without him either.


I was thinking of asknyosouthitalyok footballgermany missfelicianavargas all day today and this happened.

Requested - Focus And Determination - Neymar Imagine.

Focus and determination. Those two words are filing back and forth in my head and honestly I’m getting a little dizzy. I’m concentrated and I’m not even listening to anybody else.
This is the mind set I love to be in, the mind set so I win.
My coach is shouting things at us but I’m barely paying attention.
Focus, determination. Focus, determination. Come on, Neymar- make your family proud!
I stare at the ground before we’re all lining up with our mascots. I take the young girls hand and smile gently towards her.
“Can I have a hug?” She asks sweetly and hell, who am I to say no!
Gently, I pull the young girl into a hug and smile.
“Good luck, Ney..” She whispers before I take her hand once again and walk out.
Goal after goal I score and frankly this game is amazing! I can’t stop smiling when I have the ball under control and at my feet.
It’s a throw in to the other team and I stand, quickly glancing around the crowd.
Time seems to slow when I see her, her long beautiful dark hair; flowing down her shoulders. She’s wearing a Brazil jersey - sadly not mine - and her smile is dazzling.
No! I lost my mind set, I blink quickly and drag my gaze away.
The ball is back in our possession and kicked to me, I think too quick; I panic and stumble over the ball when somebody tries to tackle me. No!
“Neymar!” My coach screams like I’ve done some crazy.
Sorry, sorry! I stand to my feet, glancing back around the crowd for the girl. My fingers rake through my hair and I glance around.
David kicks the ball quickly in my direction and I take a run for the goal, dodging my way in and out of defenders then going to shoot.
“Ah, merda!” I scream when it’s far too wide; not even making it near the goal.
I glance back and Dani smiles weakly as he rubs my shoulder.
“Good try, man..” He mumbles but I roughly kick the ground.
What’s wrong with me! My gaze is then searching once again for the young girl, when my eyes meet hers I smile. She’s still smiling, her eyes bright with excitement. How am I distracted from football by a girl? Yet, look at her. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve even seen.

Half time comes and I rise my shirt to wipe the sweat away from my face; grabbing my water bottle and taking a huge gulp.
“Alright lads, we’re one up but we’ve got another forty five minutes so-”
I zone out then, I’m not thinking about the next half which I know I should be. My head is some place else; spinning with excitement and wonder.
“Neymar!” He snaps roughly towards me and I look up. “Pull yourself together.”

After the second half, we’ve scored again so the final score is 4-2 and I couldn’t be happier.
I need to find her, I want to go speak to her. My heart is thudding and I’m sweating all over as I glance around the stadium at all the screaming fans- hell who do I find here!
“Shit..” I whisper, starting to walk closer to where I thought I saw her.
“Neymar!” David shouts, motioning for me to come over; some interview wants to speak to me.
Shit! That’s it, she’s gone. The stadium starts to empty and I feel like I’ve lost the girl I never even knew.

"I might get them to dye this bit.." I laugh, glancing in the car mirror as I ruffle my fringe a little.
“What, blonde?” Dani asks as he continues to drive us to our hairdressers.
“Yeah..” I mumble, pulling my fringe back into place as I continue to check myself in the car mirror.
“Dunga won’t let you, you know that right?” He laughs, turning off the engine and sliding out of the car.
Rolling my eyes, I get out too and begin to walk into the hairdressers.
I almost faint right there. There’s almost a heap of Neymar on the floor as I recognise the young girl laughing.
“Shit..” I whisper, catching Dani’s attention. “Mate, that’s her.”
“Who?” He asks, frowning a little.
“The girl I told you about… The girl that I saw…” I mumble, slowly walking closer.
I’m a guy that’s used to getting what I want, I suppose. Its rare of rejection so when I know I want something - or in this case someone - I get them.
She goes to the books, glancing up before she flushing.
“You’re new…” She says, showing me to a seat. “I’ll get started…”
I slowly sit down, my gaze watching her in the reflection of the mirror. Her voice is even as perfect as I thought it would be and damn, close up her body looks so sexy.
“What do you want today?” She asks softly, getting the scissors and all the weird hairdressing stuff that she needs.
“You’re number by the time I leave…” I automatically turn on the charm, flashing her a warm smile.
“Oh-” she laughs. “I don’t think so…”
It’s like a ton of bricks, she doesn’t think so? Who the hell says that! Not to me any way, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a girl say that.
It takes me a moment to bring myself back around.
“You were watching me the entire game…” I tease as she brings the scissors to my hair, starting to trim.
“You’re a good player…” She says off trail. “Not my type.”
I smirk, oh please. Not her type?
“What’s not your type about me?” I smirk, glancing to her. “The money? The looks? The job?”
“The cockiness.” She snaps back and I blink a little.
Well, she’s sure playing hard to get.
“I’m not cocky, I’m just… Confident.” I grin, licking my bottom lip.
She laughs a little, shaking her head before she spins me around so she can work on my fringe.
She gets close to my face and my breathing gently hitches, how much I’d want to lean in and kiss her right now.
“Why don’t I just take you out on a date?” I mumble, my voice low.
She gently trims into my fringe, brushing it into place slowly.
“I’m fine..” She says as she stands back up, shrugging.
“Just fine?”
“I’m content.” She answers me back quickly, causing me to sigh.
“You’re single?” I ask, peering up at her.
She’s either taken and not wanting to say or she’s single and being very stubborn.
“You ask a lot of questions, Neymar…” She says gently, starting to brush my shoulders clean of any stray hair.
“What time do you finish work?” I grin, standing to my feet and starting to mess with my hair, checking it in the mirror.
She actually does a really good job.
“I’m not telling you that…” She mumbles and I sigh a little.
Fine, I’ll have to find out my own way. Grinning, I walk to the till.
“Excuse me, can I ask for her name?” I ask softly, leaning against the counter.
“Brooke.” The lady smiles, nodding once and when I glance to Brooke, she’s blushing madly.
See, I can make you blush.
“And does she work full shifts?” I ask and smile when the women nods a little.
Handing my money over, I turn and wink towards Brooke before walking out with Dani.

Around an three hours later, I head back to the salon and push the door open. Luckily she’s alone as I wander forwards.
“Sorry, we’re close-” Brooke turns around and blushes when she sees me.
“Ah so you can blush..” I tease, walking closer.
“Is something wrong with your hair cut?” She asks, pushing her brush aside that she was sweeping with.
“No, but something was wrong with my service… My hair dresser was impolite.” I smirk, bringing myself inches away from her.
“Mm…” I mumble, glancing over her slowly. “She didn’t give me her number…”
Brooke laughs softly, shaking her head.
“Maybe she wasn’t interested?” Brooke smirks back, ah she has a playful side!
“Oh… I don’t believe that…” My voice lowers, it’s husky and she slowly bites her lip.
She doesn’t know what that does to me, she tugs her lips slowly and I inwardly groan. I want to bite that lip.
“You don’t believe a lot of things she says, do you?” Brooke whispers breathlessly and my hands slowly move to her waist.
“Never.” I mumble, dipping down as my lips crash to hers.
She moans in response before kissing me back roughly, our lips moving in perfect sync. Her arms are around my neck, tangling in my newly cut hair as I slam her softly against the desk before hitching her up so she’s sitting down.
“Neymar..” She gasps into the kiss, her hands moving to tear the buttons on my shirt, yanking my shirt apart.
My eyes open and my hands find their way up her shirt, leaning back to pull it over her head.
“Wait-” she gasps, panting a little.
We’re both out of breath from our rough kisses before she jogs to the door and locks it quickly.
She turns around, smiling towards me. I push myself away from the wall, slowly walking towards her.
“You’re very persistent.” She whispers, her chest rising and falling slowly.
“I just get what I want.” I mumble as I cup her cheek, pushing her back against the salon door and starting to kiss down her neck.
Brooke moans, tilting her head to the side to give me more space and I close my eyes. Continuing to litter warm, wet kisses down her neck, I then suck the skin between my teeth.
I already have her moaning, wriggling under my grasp and I’m only getting started.
Focus and determination always gets me what I want.

Requested - FIFA Kiss - Neymar Imagine

(Short imagine for you guys x)

Neymar laughs, shoving me softly to try and distract me from the game.
“Stop!” I squeal, my fingers moving quickly on the controller as we play FIFA.
I’m winning and well Neymar is a sore loser, a real sore loser.
“Can we stop?” He pouts, clicking pause on the game.
I roll my eyes, glancing across the couch to him.
“What, because you’re loosing?” I tease and Neymar rolls his eyes at me.
“We can do something more interesting..” He mumbles, placing his controller aside.
I flush, tossing my handset aside before shrugging.
“Your sons upstairs…” I whisper.
“He’s asleep…” Neymar says gently, moving his hand to cup the side of my cheek.
I can’t help but giggle as Neymar strokes his fingers down my skin, his soft touch sending a shiver through me.
His lips move to mine, moving deeply before he starts to push me back against the sofa.
“Papi?” Davi mumbles from the stairs and Neymar slowly pulls back, clearing his throat.
“Davi…” Neymar chuckles, rubbing his thigh slowly. “Come to daddy..”
Davi runs over, still holding his teddy tight in his hand before he crawls onto his fathers lap.
“You.. Kiss her?” Davi pipes up as he gazes at his dad.
“Yeah.. I love her, Davi…” Neymar says quietly, glancing to me.
He loves me? My heart almost explodes with love as I giggle and gaze towards him. He loves me!