“I like you too.”

“Why didn’t you say, dumbass?!”

“Why didn’t I say? Why didn’t you say? Stupid! Stupid Kageyama!”

I drew a lil comic based off this really cute mini fic!! I hope OP doesn’t mind :3c

Websites listed are just a bunch of sites I find useful, helpful, and entertaining. Hover over the link for a short description.

For studyingWolfram|Alpha / Cliffs Notes / Spark Notes / Khan Academy / Study Guides and Strategies / Mathway / Scholarpedia

Facts: Fact Slides / Mass Energy ScaleWhy Is The Sky Blue? / Human Error / Brain Map / Here Is Today / Daily Routines / Periodic Videos

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craicerniall said:

This might be asking a lot but I haven't had internet or cell phone connection for about 2 weeks because I've been on vacation so could you update me on everything that's been going on? Thanks!

well lucky for you I have done two round ups here (xx) and here (xx)

but I can certainly go over the past few days as well!

Louis got a tattoo

and the pains alright

just want a way of keeping you inside




Yeah, so you know…

Niall did the ice challenge

in a white t shirt no less

he was also partying it up with Ziam

johnhenryryan: Actually @niallhoran

while two remained mia ahem

speaking of ziam


Zayns FACE

is one giant ????

????????  ??? ????? I don’t have font big enough for this question

and Harry, well



yelchin:  16/08

I know

and he also kind of

#This is a verse from Secrets by Mary Lambert#OH#Um…there is a line in that song where she says#I can’t think straight I am so gay#And it is basically about not caring if people know her secrets#Well

and to cap it off, he almost stole a baby

not that Louis seemed to mind

in case you are wondering yes its worse when you freeze it

*knife emojis*

Harry even renamed him which further proves he was ready to take off with him

and that my friend about brings us up to date!



“it’s like you’re screaming and no one can hear. you almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important, that without them you feel like nothing. no one will ever understand how much it hurts. you feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. then when it’s over and it’s gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back, so that you could have the good.” [x]

Eu sei, ah, eu sei que o meu amor por você é feito de todos os amores que eu já tive, e você é filha dileta de todas as mulheres que eu amei; e que todas as mulheres que eu amei, como tristes estátuas ao longo da aleia de um jardim noturno, foram passando você de mão em mão, de mão em mão até mim, cuspindo no seu rosto e enfeitando a sua fonte de grinalda; foram passando você até mim entre canto, súplicas e vociferações — porque você é linda, porque você é meiga e sobretudo porque você é uma menina com uma flor.
—  Vinicius de Moraes.

Guys, so according to this insta pic




Mamrie apparently has all the stuff they use for #No Filter on her computer.

Usually, with the exception of this latest run, the lyric videos for their opening numbers are in the font she uses for YDAD, so clearly she makes them.



And before they started using fan made trailers, she probably made those, too, seeing as they consisted of Jock Jamz, and her being a former cheerleader, she is no stranger to those songs. I would say, given she is in a band, she probably wrote the lyrics to the opening numbers parodies, too, but Grace has written parodies and Hannah has written songs, so that was probably a group effort.

But the music they use for the shows is very Mamrie in taste. I don’t listen to the radio, but these shows and Mamrie introduce me to new music, and tbh I’ve never heard a song Mamrie has mentioned that I didn’t like, so she has great musical taste. Grace admits she doesn’t know shit about music, and Hannah mostly listens to things like Avett brothers, which is great music, she does have good musical taste as well, but not upbeat and appropriate for a live show. What I’m saying is, I feel like Mamrie picks the music. Mamrie is also no stranger to comedy writing. Most everything she’s ever been in, she has written or had a hand in writing, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she wrote most of the bits. Meaning all of hers, and most of the ones consisting of the three of them. I’m sure Grace and Hannah write their own amazing bits.

All I’m saying is, with Mamrie being the most business savvy, and the most experienced in comedic writing, and the files seem to be on her computer, it just looks to me like Mamrie kind of runs the #No Filter shows. She is also taught in jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop dance styles and use to teach dance at the camp she worked at that Camp Takota is based on, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she choreographed the opening numbers, too.

And she also was the head honcho on the Camp Takota set. This woman is such a boss. She inspires me to no end.

Who run the world?


Re Uploaded Files

Philfont (Official Lana Del Rey Font) - Download here

Ultraviolence, The Instrumentals - Download here

Raw Demos - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Full Zip

Live at Glastonbury - Download here

West Coast, The Remixes - Download here (Updated with 4 new remixes and all in iTunes Quality)

West Coast (Radio Mix) - Download here

West Coast (Instrumental) - Download here

West Coast (Music Video HD) - Download here 

Lana Del Ray, The Instrumentals - Download here

Full 2015-Edition Cover Lineup Preview Now Online

The full lineup is now available online! (Viewing only.) The site is currently only in Japanese but this will all be in English once the store goes live on August 31st, 7 PM PST.


Direct link to Onett cover

Direct link to full lineup

Guide to lineup:


BONUS: This is the Mr. Saturn pencilboard that comes with every MOTHER 2 cover. Now you can see Mr. Saturn’s font in Japanese!: