At long last, it is finally complete! NOW ALL I’M GONG TO DO IS SKETCH BECAUSE I’M TIRED. I still haven’t made up my mind about the designs for FNAF3. but meh. I’ll do that some other time….

But I’ve gotta go now, so I have time to roam around the mall. See ya!~

Marvel Movies Theory

Red Skull, Malekith, and Ronan the Accuser what do all of these villains have in common besides the use of an infinity stone in every marvel movie and their “deaths”? The fact that they all seek to either unknowingly or knowingly use the infinity stone for evil. The fact that none of them died at the end of the movie. That’s right all these dudes are still alive in this marvel theory. Think about it at the end of Captain America Red skull holds the tesseract 

and then he screams and disintegrates and disappears pulled into a beam of light just like the bifrost the asgardians use and the star system you can kind of see above ti looks like the same stars shown of the sanctuary thanos inhabits in Guardians of the Galaxy and his cameo in the avengers. Now he could ahve been transported there or he could still be trapped in the tesseract I still don’t know but it has happened before in the comics.

Next is Malekith, who in the movie is after the aether which he totally gets and kicks everyones asses with until science somehow manages to trump magick and… 

Malekith stabbed by the science stick gets teleported back to the dark world where his ship crushes him. Or did it, keep in mind the aether is designed to keep its host alive and its bonded with Malekith, and its and infinity stone so Malekith might have been absorbed by it to. Keeping in mind we never actually saw or hear about how they got the aether to deliver to the collector so they what just found the red goo and picked up and then loki disguised as Odin sent it on its merry way?

Then we come to Ronan the accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy he’s not even really the villian if you think about it but that’s a story for another post. Ronan has the power stone that he was supposed to be retrieving for Thanos with the help of his two adoptive daughters Nebula and Gamora. Ronan however takes it for himself and in the final battle scene when the Guardians somehow are able to all hold it and not die..guess they’ll explain that shit in the next movie.

But did he really I mean he didn’t explode or anything he just kinda went boom in a big energy burst then everything went back to normal. Kinda like Malekith and kinda like Red Skull he just disappeared. Or was he like the others absorbed or trapped in an infinity stone as it has happened in the comics before? 

It just wouldn’t make sense to bench a big player like Ronan with the upcoming Inhumans movie and the upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars. I think that if not all three then Ronan at least were trapped inside the Infinity stones. Its just way to many coincidences to handle in three Marvel Movies. 

Now if they were and are brought back then I have to wonder whose side they’d be on? 

Oh props to any of you guys if you saw the same guard that loki glamoured as in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie behind Nova Prime Irani Rael. Wonder what mischief he was up to their?

ebaucheslineaires asked:

Hey, I have another request : Lost River, have you seen it ? Great film and wonderful pictures ...

Hello! Thank you for the request. I have not seen it yet unfortunately, for it has not been shown anywhere by me. I am quite eager to give it a look. It looks so surreal; vey Lynch and Refn if I may say so myself. When it becomes available to me, you can be sure that I will do a post on it! Thank you for giving my blog a look and as always, thank you for the support.

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During oppa oppa hyuk willingly showed his cheek to hae and hae kissed it firmly ㅠㅠ♡ (c)