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anonymous asked:

In an hypothetical movie/ova/whatever what moment between Riza and Roy you would wanted to watch? It could be anything, a flashback, a scene that happened during the main story, a future thing, whatever. What scene would you want to see?


You have nooooo idea how far I’d go to make Royai have a movie/OVA/etc! KSAJDKLSAJDLKAS Every Royai fangirl’s dream! HAHAHA


Young!Royai definitely. SO MUCH FEELS FOR THEIR PAST. And, it’s really interesting tbh. If you think about it! I’d like to see how their relationship was back then. 

During the timeline/main story, I’d love to see more Royai off-work kinda setting. KSAJDKLSJA I mean, don’t you wanna know what they’re up to during weekends and stuff? 

In the future, I’d like to see what’s in store for them? That last picture wasn’t enough. I NEED MORE. I mean, I know they ended up together and had a wonderful life, plus beautiful babies and had lots of sexy time 

That’s probably it. BUT STILL, I want a spin-off Royai series so bad. I’d give anything to see it tbh. :)