Jackie used to go and spend every day at the hospital. One
night she went to dinner with some friends—I can’t remember
who—and Grace Kelly was there, who, as you know, is very beautiful and she wasn’t then, not married. Jackie used to always go back to the hospital late in the evening and spend an
hour or so with Jack. Apparently, Grace Kelly had said to her “You know, I always wanted to meet Senator Kennedy.” And Jackie said, “Will you come back with me to the hospital and
meet him now?” She did, and this always amused Jack very much later. I think one of Jack’s, well not exactly complaints, perhaps regrets, was he did have very elderly nurses, terribly
nice, but they weren’t all beautiful. Jackie asked Grace Kelly if she would mind putting on a nurse’s cap and uniform and going in and telling him that she was the new night nurse. She
did, which I thought was very sporting of her. She put on a nurse’s cap and uniform and walked in, and I don’t know what Jack was doing, but he must have been rather electrified when she announced that she was the new night nurse. I think for a few minutes he didn’t
recognize her.

Jackie Kennedy’s mother, Janet Auchincloss, tells the story of the first time John F. Kennedy met Grace Kelly while he was recovering from a back operation in 1954.

Two years later, Grace would become the Princess of Monaco and she would meet Kennedy again after he became the President of the United States in 1961.

Upon hearing the story, the interviewer said, "Thats the best wife I’ve ever heard of."

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here have carmilla au fluff to avoid coping with feelings and having to wait 5 days to see carm waltz back in and kiss laura’s tears away

pairing: carm/laura

summary: sports AU in which danny and carm are captains on their team; they interrupt a class to bring an important message.

AO3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2682548

The two captains are, to the unsuspecting public, casually occupying one of the many seating accommodations by the biology lecture hall. They’re both wearing similar Letterman jackets - the only difference being that the surface area of Danny’s could easily cover the entire football field, or so Carmilla likes to think out loud…to the general public of Silas (mostly through twitter).

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