AUBADE [Trailer] from Mauro Carraro on Vimeo.

Original Soundtrack by Mich Gerber

A black sun rises on Leman Lake. In a surrealist backlit scene, swimmers and birds witness the spectacle of the dawn, hypnotized by the music of a cellist.


Audience award ans Special Mention at Fantoche, Baden (Switzerland) 2014
Best Visual at UPCOMING FILM MAKERS, Luzern (Switzerland) 2014
Best Experimental Animation at GOIAF, Pennsylvania (USA) 2014
Audience award at Animatou, Geneva (Switzerland) 2014
Prix du Court Pathé, Lausanne (Switzerland) 2014
Audience Award at Solothurner Filmtage (Switzerland) 2015
Nomination for “Best Animation Film” at Swiss Film Award 2015


Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland (World Premiere) 6-16.08.2014
Fantoche, Baden (Switzerland) 2-7.09.2014
LINOLEUM Kyev (Ukrain) 4- 28.09.2014
Timishort Film Festival, Timisoara (Romania) 02-05.10.2014
Animatou, Geneva (Switzerland) 3-11.10.2014
Upcoming Film Makers Luzern (Switzerland) 4.10.2014
Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest (France) 11-16.11.2014
Warsaw Film Festival (Poland) 11-19.10.2014
Spark Animation Festival, Vancouver (Canada) 22-26.10.2014
Internationale Kurzfilmtage ,Winterthur (Switzerland) 04-09.11.2014
CINANIMA Espinho (Portugal) 10-16.11.2014
Cinessone - Festival du cinéma européen en Essonne (France) 11-23.11.2014
Anilogue, Budapest (Hungary) 19-23.11.2014
Animateka, Ljubljana (Slovenia) 08-14.12.2014
Piccolo Film Festival, Udine (Italy) 17-30.12.2014
Journée du Cinéma Suisse, Soleure (Switzerland) 21-29.01.2015
Ambulante, Mexico City (Mexico) 29.01.2015
ANIMA, Bruxelles (Belgium) 13-22.02.2015
IBAFF - Murcia International Film Festival (Spain) 03-08.03.2015
Festival International du Film Court au Saguenay (Canada) 11-15.03.2015
Monstra Festival de Animação de LISBOA (Portugal) 12-22.03.2015
DORF, music documentaries Vinkovci (Croatie) 12-15.03.2015
Festival internacional de film de Lanzarote (Spain)16-28.03.2015
Short Film Week Regensburg (Germany) 18-19.03.2015
Festival international de cinéma d’animation de Meknès (Maroc) 20-25.03.2015
Ciné-Court Animé Roanne (France) 23-29.03.2015
Erarta MOTION PICTURES. Saint-Petersbourg (Russie) 25-29.03.2015
FIFA, Aubagne (France) 16-21.03.2015
MEDIAWAVE Film & Music Festival, Győr (Hungary) 28-04-02-05.2015

Winner of the Cube Creative prize at the Carrefour de la création d’Annecy, France 2012

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