kind of neat to see Crisis Core touch upon Cloud’s motion sickness, i always thought it was one of his more interesting quirks. there’s even some indication that it may be psychosomatic- in the early parts of FFVII, he doesn’t suffer from it at all (though when he’s recalling his version of the Nibelheim Incident, the “nameless Shinra grunt” riding in the truck with him does, yet another subtle hint that Cloud’s memories are false). but when his “true” persona reemerges, so does the motion sickness (there’s even a small chance he’ll throw up after riding the roller coaster at the Gold Saucer) , and truthfully, it probably never left- it was just all in his head, like so many of Cloud’s problems

also, Cloud assuming Zack wouldn’t remember him at all is very telling of his perception of how a 1st Class SOLDIER operative behaves, and lends a little more insight into why he turns into such an asshole when he begins to believe he is one- he seems to think that being a cold, arrogant jerk must be par for the course, and that Zack is really just a rare exception


Sometimes the ‘idol’ aspect of Sephiroth’s career in Shinra doesn’t really sink in. And then I realised this guy would have been the Sheryl Nome of Midgar from age 14 and how it would have affected his psyche having all those eyes, cameras and spotlights on him all the time. 

Also, Shinra might have been a company held together by miracles and luck, but the pr department certainly knew what they were doing by making him don those thigh high boots and go shirtless. All that black looks way too good on him.

The frumious Bandersnatch

The bandersnatch, a long-legged lupine species from the North Continent, is a highly social beast with highly territorial tendencies - something that along with their luxurious coat (once greatly prized by fur traders) and fiercely clever minds has led to attempts at taming and breeding for use as companions and guard hounds, to little success thus far.

So today’s doodle is the bandersnatch, to go with the jabberwock I did on the 11th. Creature design/redesign is always fun.

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AVALANCHE Headcanon time!

Several years after ACC/DoC and once everything had become more stable, it had become an established tradition that all members AVALANCHE would meet up and check in at Seventh Heaven once a year. During one such meeting, Yuffie brings up the fact that she REALLY misses traveling around with the group. Not being wanted criminals, but trudging along monster-infested trails and camping out under the stars and finding materia that no one’s touched in maybe centuries. Everybody starts reminiscing about old times and what they liked most about being out there. That’s when someone (maybe it was Yuffie, maybe it was Cid or Barret, who knows) comes up with an idea.

Every year, after the Seventh Heaven get-together, AVALANCHE would pack up and just leave for a random place for a week’s time. They have a map of Gaia that they set up on a dart board and someone would be picked to blindly throw a dart at it. Wherever it landed was where next year’s trip would take place.

(Yuffie was banned from throwing the darts after hitting a materia-rich area ONE too many times.)

(Once they’re older and after much badgering, Denzel and Marlene manage to bully their way into coming along. Tifa has been training Marlene in self-defense for years and Denzel’s been bugging Cloud for sword lessons since the Geostigma incident. Everyone’s secretly very proud of them and both Barret and Tifa wont stop smiling. He tries to hide it, but Cloud’s the same way.)