Hey Tumblr! These cute kids need your help!

When ACFFC’s not making headlines about the incredible work our
students are creating in their community, we’re back at foundation
headquarters… getting ready for lunch. ACFFC feeds over 100 children
three times a day. Most of the students enrolled in our program would
not eat regularly if they weren’t eating with us. We’re happy to offer
our feeding program, but it all hinges on two things: our fantastic
cooks, and our stove!

Our stove is officially at the end of its career. Wear and tear has
caused it to fall apart over time, and it’s now dangerous for our
cooks to use. It’s being held together with whims and prayers – it
could completely fall apart at any moment.  We need to get this stove
replaced ASAP! Time is of the essense!

This is where you come in. We’re going to need your help if we’re
going to keep feeding our young visionaries.

Invest in the tummies of Haiti’s future leaders. Please donate,
reblog, and spread the word!


 Isaviel’s endless list of favourite fictional characters
↳ Nihlus Kryik - Mass Effect

“Not all turians resent humanity. Some of us see the potential of your species. We see what you have to offer to the rest of the galaxy… and to the Spectres. We are an elite group. It’s rare to find an individual with the skills we seek. I don’t care that you’re human, Shepard. I only care that you can do the job.”

Φταίει το ασχημο τέλος και η όμορφη αρχή..
—  FFC-φταιω κι εγώ