In case you guys weren't aware THIS IS STILL A THING THAT IS HAPPENING

Cartoon Network is totally serious about rebooting and greenlighting a new Kids Next Door series, BUT ONLY IF THERE’S ENOUGH INTEREST

The petition still needs over 9000 signatures and it’s virtually stopped getting any because interest has died down.


For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock or completely unaware of this happening, there are several links below to different videos, sites, and pages all foreshadowing the possible series, such as

But the bottom line is that this is a seriously cool thing that’s happening and we need to be totally on it or it’s not going to happen at all.

I want this to happen. You want this to happen. The flippin voiceactors of the original KND series want it to happen.

Keep the hype going!

Bring the KND back!


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you're extremely hypocritical. one minute you say you don't like a particular model and the next minute you're posting an editorial they are featured in. quench your thirst twat

Think this is enough to ‘quench my thirst’?

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Have you had plastic surgery?

This is flattering to me it’s like a compliment each time ppl ask me this but If I had I’d def have more defined/polished features lmao it’s all thanks to makeup/weight loss! 

it is the night time where i habe text posts in my head but all i am capable of doing is Tumblr’s Original Feature: One-Click Posting™

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Mjolnir’s eyes widened as he stares at the flower. The wilted features and limp posture triggered worry. Mjolnir sticks the tip of his finger in dirt and realized it was bone dry. He quickly stands and takes off towards the river.  “ wer niarhaanin geou ti svent wer thirst di batobot anon mjolnir.” A hearty chuckle emitted from one of the huts passing by. A older Gentleman comes out into the light of the afternoon sun. Mjolnir slid to a stop and turned to face the Gentleman “ petranas tilabil visp ve svaklar si zklaen gethrisj.” He lowered his head in respect. The Elder chuckled and waved off the kindness “ gethrisj ruhahe sari wer caesin vur wux geou ehtah vi stream batobot glows brightly persvek wer tiecelle. klae batobot pab ekess feed wer tobor majakar vrak.” Mjolnir nodded and took off towards the west. It was a couple of hours before Mjolnir reached the stream. He kneeled down slowly to the stream he looked around and picked up a large leave to use as a cup. He slowly filled the leaf with the purified water and slowly moved the leaf over to the flower. “ vulsh anon vrak vur oontanx versvesh…” He pours just enough for the flower to be hydrated then pours the remaining stream water back into its origin. Staring at the water, he slowly stands. He shakes his head and makes his walk back to the village. 

dismissivejerkoffmotion replied to your photo:You’re Next spoilers incoming, for the non-Katie…

Okay 1.) so mad at you for that last bit 2.) It’s so hard to find strong, badass female leads who aren’t overtly sexual or the cold bitch. She was so realistic even with such an unrealistic backstory. This is like my favorite movie if you can’t tell.

Absolutely. And I don’t even think that they need to be these hyper-capable survivalist types, but it’s just that they’re never given the chance to be. I think there’s value in having a passive protagonist who can’t match the villain–it’s often the point. But it seems like these movies feature women as leads as shorthand for fragility. In trying to show how twisted the villain is, preying on someone who can’t stop them and didn’t do anything wrong, they use a woman, implying that a helpless man wouldn’t be realistic.

I think you did write about it this past October. I remember reading something by you on it, though I guess it could have been the year before last?