Oh my god the latest batch of Turbo F.A.S.T. episodes features a family of vampire-like ticks and their butler, Fleagor, residing in a doghouse like it’s a spooky mansion.

And this show is as plain old funny as it is adorable. Amazing humor, every episode clever and hilarious.

Like the whole “i’m not attracted to black people” thing stems from so many different racist acts, like idk blackface. The whole point of black face was to turn black people and their features into a joke, demonize them and establish that black people are ugly. That was one of the main points of it. So yeah.

When you say you aren’t attracted to black people you are being racist. Lmao I love history.

Im sorry this took so long! I just had a shit ton of homework and honestly, I had such a hard time choosing the winners since all of you are amazing theme makers. I tried my best to give each of you the award/s you deserve. I also scrapped the “best in extra features” category since it was impossible to choose the winner. Remember that the runner ups aren’t listed in order of preference. You must be wondering what you won, so let’s get to that:

Most Creative Theme Blog Url
primhadablast (primhadatheme)
Runner Up: meduesa (trenzathemes)

Best Theme Blog Theme
Winner: robbarya
Runner Up: neonbikethemes,vitanica, heytonks

Best Theme Display
Winner: kimsjongin
Runner Up: armyofghosts, twelfthdoctour, primhadatheme

Best FAQ/Support Page
cqsima (sartasticthemes)
Runner Up: 

Best Minimalist Theme Maker
Runner Ups: aeternothemesbeautrisprior

Best Complex Theme Maker
Winner: heytonks
Runner Ups: deutscherthemes

Best In Colors
Winners: vitanica
Runner Up: mandrakescry

Most Unique Themes
Runner Up: scalar, heytonks

Best Tutorials
Winners: themesbyzsuprimrosetylers

Up And Coming Theme Makers
A category I added just now, these theme makers just started out (I think?) and I feel that they have potential to make even better themes since the ones they have now are great.
ardentthemesbillieplperthemesbystef, hedwiqsthemes, afirehaz

Professional Web Designers
The ones listed down below aren’t listed above (except Irma, Erin and Zsu) because they qualify for almost all the categories. These people are whom I look up to and they totally inspire me. They have great themes and each an every single one of them is stunning. If you haven’t heard of these guys – which is absurd, then go check them out now. They’re amazing.
primrosetylers, themesbyzsu, riverbellthemes, meduesa, iliyon

Special Mentions
While going through everyone’s blogs, I just discovered a few of the most amazing themes I have ever seen – especially in terms of aesthetic. The themes listed below are honestly some of my favorite themes because they look so beautiful and minimalist, which are my favorite. —If your theme is listed below, hover over the link to your theme because I left a little note :)
cirro by iliyon, ad astra per aspara by jhxythemes, loaded gun by themesbyzsu, photoshop cc by heytonks, theme 15 by armyofghosts, aerial by primrosetylersephemeral by aeternothemes, seraphim by primhadablast, facade by trenzathemes, moln by riverbellthemes

For the prizes, you can just ask me for your unlimited promos throughout September and October. All the winners will also be posted in my hall of fame page by tomorrow. Congratulations, everyone!


They won’t go away if we keep replying and posting their asks. Just hit delete. If it makes you feel better, turn off the anon feature.

Don’t let them have an outlet.

so at my stream i decided to draw some of the attendees who were there (at the moment) hugging and givin some love to my giant robot baby oc, eo

hes a bit nervous as u guys can tell

heres who is featured here:

dancing-for-no-reason, willwalk500miles, meefling, airagorn, tinyboxtristan, frillious, and rookofspades!!! also theres a turtle :0

i hope this is an incentive to come to my streams hahaha;;


Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey.

This book.

This is my favourite book ever.

Jasper Jones is set in 1965, and follows 13 year old Charlie, who is by no means adventurous. One night Jasper Jones, an outcast in their Aussie town, knocks on Charlie’s window and takes him to see something that he never thought he would experience. What they see changes Charlie’s life and outlook on the world.

This book approaches multiple themes such as suicide, racism, abuse, love, and bullying. It is a very powerful read.

If you look though my copy, you’ll notice a lot of highlighted bits, circled and underlined words, and of course, my sticky notes pointing out my favourite bits.

This book is full of many features that your English teacher told you to use, and I love the amount of similes and metaphors. Silvey uses a wide range of descriptive language and this book puts amazing images in your mind.

This book changed my life, and I would recommend to anyone and everyone. You should definitely pick this book up if you haven’t already.

So I’m a little excited…well really excited! Fallen, a beautiful story about love and angels will be coming to the big screen in 2015. One of my favourite series, written by the wonderful Lauren Kate

Scott Hicks's (the director for Fallen) last movie was The Lucky One featuring Zac Efron and Taylor Schiling. I’m expecting big things for this movie. 

The cast include, Addison Timlin who will be playing Lucinda Price. Jeremy Irvine, playing Daniel Grigori and Harrison Gilbertson playing Cam Briel. 

I’m going to be doing another post going into more detail about the movie here! 

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if oikawa had a pokemon what would it be this is for science and research


Now he will have someone to mope with when he isn’t featured in Volleyball Monthly


You don’t want to cause any lasting damage…

I’m sorry for the incredibly large walls of text, but some things needed to be explained for future updates. Also, yes, I know that Freud’s take on the human mind is only one idea, but it’s simple enough and serves the purpose I need it to.

Also, yes! I posted an update! After such a long time, I think I’m finally stable enough to keep up a schedule! I’m really excited to finally be on top of things, and to finally be returning to the story that I really love to tell.

I will be trying to feature asks in these mindscape panels, so keep them coming!

Requested: inspired look for Paris with convers option by kyliejennertumblr featuring black shoes

Black tank top dress / Topshop long sleeve crop top / Topshop gray vest / MANGO black moto jacket, $245 / MANGO biker jacket / Chicnova Fashion leatherette jacket / Vero Moda slim jeans, $77 / Topshop high waisted ripped skinny jeans, $69 / Zara sola / Zara zip booties / Converse black sneaker / Zara boots / Converse black shoes, $78 / Zara black leather purse / Zara handbag

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(itty-bitty-buttons) A tiny fandom with large button eyes and blue pigtails approaches the other fandom. "Hello!" She says, obviously enthralled by the other's colorful features. "I'm Loopsy! Who're you...?"

HTF: hmm have the enemy resorted to using children

since you like making me do things for you not really but i’m gonna say that anyways. this is for my very special asswipe who I love lots, stilinskiirps and our ship ronnor.

Photos that can pass as Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario these can also pass as other couples that might have some of the same features, there is also some pictures of hands or just legs that can work for other things. These are all found off Google and other search engines, if any of the pictures are yours and you want credit please tell me i will give you credit or take your pictures off for you. This will probably be updated every once and awhile but it’s late now so i’m posting it how is! Hope this helps anyone! 

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For those who care more about furry friends than human ones

To celebrate Global Be(er) Responsible Day, Budweiser has released a new commercial, featuring the heartwarming relationship between a man and his adorable yellow Labrador puppy.