Of course we have Tuesgays and Thursgays…but what about Wednesgay?

Well dear Creampuffs, we’ve decided to show hump-day some love with live-streamed Q&A’s with the Cast and Crew of Carmilla!

Here’s how it works:

  • Every other Wednesdays we will be hosting a live Q&A with someone from Carmilla HQ on Periscope
  • On the “off” Wednesdays, we’ll announce who will be featured the following week and ask you to submit your questions
  • The Q&A sessions will last roughly 10 minutes and feature as many of your questions as we can fit into the allotted time
  • Questions involving spoilers or ones that are inappropriate/explicit in nature are a no-go, so please keep that in mind!
  • When we go live, a tweet with a link to the Periscope session will be posted on Twitter

To start us off, next week’s session (June 10th at 5:30pm) will feature the one and only Natasha Negovanlis. Be sure to submit your questions for Natasha on Twitter and Tumblr using the hashtag #NatashaOnPeriscope! The cut-off to submit is June 9th at 5:30pm EST – so what are you waiting for, ask away!



Sarah Muirhead


Acrylic on Canvas

60 cm x 80 cm

“Title alluding to the painting by Diego Velasquez it’s about self study/articulation of ones physical form. Alloysious delineates the contours and features of his body. I loved the contrast between what we see versus what he sees.”


Males Giant Water Bugs are responsible dads 

What you see on these photos are not insects decorated with beads, but males giant water bugs carrying their eggs on the back.

The Giant Water Bug, Abedus herberti (Hemiptera - Belostomatidae), is a large flightless insect that is a keystone predator in aridland aquatic habitats of the United States (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico) and northern Mexico. One of the most striking features of this species is that exhibits exclusive male parental care, which has made it a model organism for studying mating systems evolution.  

The eggs are always laid on the back of the male, and he provides for the needs of its eggs by keeping them wet, frequently exposing them to atmospheric air, and maintaining an intermittent flow of water over them by brood pumping (rocking up and down on the longitudinal body axis) while below the surface.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credits: [To: ©Josh More (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) | Locality: captive, Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati, Ohio, US, 2014] - [Bottom: ©Bryan Doty | Locality: Peters Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Arizona, US, 2009]

captioned-vines asked:

Hi! First off, I love you! Secondly, I am super excited about your new web series! It looks amazing, and I am so pumped! But I noticed that the first video doesn't feature closed captioning, and I was wondering if that is something that will be offered in the future.

Thanks so much! We’re working on getting the first episode captioned now. I’m sorry for the delay, the plan is to have future episodes captioned before upload. I’ll make sure to share the episode again once the captions are live. Thanks for holding us accountable!

Outfit for spring by ferned featuring a la perla lingerie

Shirts top, 21 AUD / La perla lingerie, 305 AUD / Topshop blue skinny jeans, 110 AUD / Adidas Originals leather sneaker, 120 AUD / Yves Saint Laurent bucket bag, 2 625 AUD / Fossil bracelet, 240 AUD / Silver jewellery, 39 AUD / Black jewelry, 10 AUD / Forever 21 ring, 5.07 AUD / RetroSuperFuture metal frame glasses, 400 AUD / Forever 21 tech accessory, 46 AUD / Forever 21 hat, 19 AUD

Mondo will release Brian Reitzell’s Hannibal Original Television Soundtrack by on 2xLP 180 gram “steak tartare” vinyl tomorrow. Priced at $30, the album features artwork by Phantom City Creative and is limited to 1,000 copies.

The release will also be accompanied by a new poster by Daniel Danger. The 18x36 print is an edition of 300 and costs $45.

Outfit with knee high boots by ferned featuring black handbags

H M striped shirt, 12 AUD / Topshop coat, 72 AUD / J Brand high-waisted skinny jeans, 400 AUD / Zara shoes, 105 AUD / Forever 21 black handbag, 19 AUD / MARC BY MARC JACOBS watch, 260 AUD / Tai cuff bracelet, 46 AUD / ASOS ring, 16 AUD / Tech accessory, 100 AUD / H M leather belt, 26 AUD / NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick, 34 AUD

Three Apples, One Tree

One of these cleft grafts left me with a deep cut on one of my fingers: it turns out splitting wood to insert a scion can be hazardous work.

Both grafts, however, were a resounding success: they have begun to send out leaves.

The result is a small-statured tree with both red and green leaves, and pink and white flowers.

‘Makamik’ is a rosybloom crabapple bred in Canada; it is an open-pollinated seedling of a lesser-cultivated species of apple, Malus pumila (a.k.a. Malus niedzwetzkyana). This species features more prominently in my tree of red-fleshed apples.

‘Gravenstein’ (Gråsten in Danish) is one of the first known triploid apples. The ‘Red Gravenstein’ is a sport of the ‘Gravenstein.’ These are both normally enormous trees, but will be dwarfed with the ‘Makamik’ rootstock.

I’ll do my best to shape the tree over the next few years so that neither red nor green foliage, and neither pink nor white flowers predominate, and branches of both intertwine.

Crabapples tend to give off more pollen, so the fruit set on the Gravenstein branches should be better with the crabapple branches integrated into the scaffold.

okay but that does bring up a really good point that almost every game with a customizable protagonist features a white male in all promotional material/ cover art

WTF of the Day: Hillary Clinton’s new “pride” tee-shirt and its appropriation of drag culture

The recently announced presidential candidate (and overwhelming frontrunner) recently unveiled some new T-shirts on her site that cater to her massive gay following. Called the “Loud and Photo Tee,” the shirt features a vintage photo of Clinton with the phrase “Yaaas, Hillary!” You can buy one right now for $30, provided you look good in blinding highlighter yellow. (You don’t.)

Outfit for a summer holiday by ferned featuring a fedora hat

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