Kindjal Dagger

  • Dating: circa 1800
  • Culture: Caucasian
  • Measurements: overall length 55 cm

The dagger has a wide, straight, double-edged blade with deep, asymmetrical grooves, featuring golden decorations for the first part of the blade. At the forte there’s cartouche with inscriptions. The dagger has the typical grip with wooden grip scales featuring gold-inlaid iron mounts.


Acid Attack Survivors Pose For Photo Shoot, Show Us What ‘Beautiful Really Means’

They may not bear the features of typical models, but their beauty is undeniable.

Five Indian acid attack survivors boldly posed before the camera recently to shed light on their plight and to help fulfill their dreams

Learn more about their stories and see more of their photos here. 

(Source: Rahul Saharan, Stop Acid Attacks)


Contemporary office Surrounded by Nature


There’s nothing more peaceful than the thought of working in middle of a nature wonderland, and that was the exact concept behind this beautiful office in the woods. The project was designed by Spanish architecture firm Selgas Cano and takes on an extremely minimalistic approach to design. The office is made up of a long and narrow tube like structure that features a massive window on one side to feel at one with nature and bring it plenty of natural light from the surrounding area, while the back half of the office is opaque to provide some feeling of privacy.

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Drunk Lily and Sirius

‘D’you, d’you…d’you know what I like about you Evans?’

Sirius waved his arm expansively, ignoring the firewhisky splashing out from the glass that he was grasping in that hand.

Lily peered over at him from James’ bed, more sleepy than she’d like as an effect of the quarter bottle she’d thrown back like it was pumpkin juice. He features were currently rendered a little indistinct thanks to the haze of alcohol she was viewing him through, but she’d bet good money he was smirking. ‘Don’ lie Black.’ She slurred at him. ‘You don’ like anything ‘bout me.’

‘S’not true.’ He pointed an accusatory finger at her. ‘I like your, your, damn the torpedoes attitude to alco…alchy…booze.’

Lily rolled onto her back and stared up the canopy of James’ four poster. ‘Thanks, I ‘spose.’

They lay there in silence for a moment, and somewhere in the back of her mind the sober part of Lily was demanding to know why she’d chosen to accept when Sirius had offered her a drink. It had been James she was looking for, he hadn’t been there, and she should have just left when she realised that it had been just Sirius in the boys’ dorm, accompanied by a bottle of firewhisky for some unknown reason.

She should have said no, not just because she was Head Girl and was currently breaking multiple rules, not just because it would have been the sensible, reasonable thing to do, but because she should have made a point of remembering that she very definitely did not top the list of Sirius Black’s favourite people.

But he’d said it with a hint of challenge in his voice, and she was Gryffindor enough that her pride and temper had risen up and she’d tugged the bottle away from him and taken several large swigs.

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Playlist: WHOA

Nonsense words like “whoa,” “la,” or “na” have always been one of my favorite features of songs. Instead of acting as filler, I think these words tend to act as harmony elements, recurring near choruses to add a little something extra; plus, they make songs way easier to sing along to. “Whoa” is kind of like the more melodic, less violent version of “Hey” that’s in so many recent songs. Paramore (of which Hayley Williams is the pictured lead singer) named a song “Whoa” so that they’d have a song that crowds could sing along with even if they’d never seen a Paramore show. Some of my very favorite bands (New Found Glory, Bayside, A Day to Remember - all featured on this list) use “whoa” fairly often, to the point that I joke that if a song has the word “whoa” in it, I’ll like it by default. It might not work for everyone, but this pop-influenced list is pretty solid.

Photo credit to Dan Cox

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Episode #77 – Weresalamander

Karen and Donya discuss Teen Wolf season 4, episode 9 “Perishable,” and we also bring you an exclusive interview with this week’s hero of the hour, Ryan Kelley.

Featured Song: “Paris” by Magic Man

- Donya’s filling in for Natalie on the recap this week – she’s pre-coffee and prepared to fangirl.
- In our quotes section, there’s lots of discussion about where Mason fits in all of this – he’s not on the chessboard!
- This week’s cold open was pretty shocking.
- Donya hated Haigh from the first moment he was mean to baby Derek.
- Karen is complaining about Umbridge again.
- Parrish survived that blaze – theories abound about what he is!
- Even nice people have their breaking point – for some, it’s being set on fire, we guess.

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A Year Later, Still No Justice for Islan Nettles

A Year Later, Still No Justice for Islan Nettles

feature image via dnainfo.com

Almost exactly a year ago, Islan Nettles, a trans woman of color, was murdered in Harlem. She was attacked by a group of men who found out that she and her friends were transgender, and four days later she died in the hospital.

via NY Daily Post

The investigation into her brutal murder has been egregiously mishandled, a sadly predictable script when it comes to…

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A little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. What are you gonna do? by kellylugosisdead featuring black sandals

Femme CorpGoth Hades!

Alexander Wang dress, $365 / DKNY black cardigan, $170 / Steve Madden black sandals / Alexander McQueen tote bag / David Yurman ring / Gemvara gemstone jewelry / Évocateur bangle bracelet / Zoe & Morgan skull earrings, $165 / Nail treatment
Watch on eftwaudioplay.tumblr.com

EFTW Releases It’s First Minisode, Featuring Mikasa and Sasha!

Sprites will be in the main episodes.

Doctor Who Saturday

Tomorrow many of you will be a little confused about what is going on with some of the geeks/nerds you know. “Doctor Who” is getting a new lead actor and his name is Peter Capaldi, we are all excited about this. You might see posts featuring a blue police box and villains called The Daleks. We are an inclusive community and if you want to find out more just ask one of us. You might enjoy it.

A couple people have made this mistake so I thought I would go ahead and just get ahead of the game and make a graphic for it.

Yes, Kelpie’s glasses lenses are directly attached to the bridge of her nose.  Her character has had this feature since her very first iteration (as a fantroll) and it persists on into today.  The reason for this is because she’s always had inhuman ears and she always found it better to have her glasses anchored to a fixed point on her head than an awkward one/one that moves a lot.

Also extra fun fact, her lenses are yellow because it improves vision in low light and enhances target colors (like orange.)

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Put a “Hi” in my ask & I’ll answer:

1. First impression: I met you on a tinychat and low key thought you were a cutie lmao
2. Truth is: You’re such an amazing person Khaled, you’re the most realest person out there, your intentions are always pure and mashAllah you strive for the best, you’re honestly my best friend on here, hearing my annoying rants, to my rock bottoms, to convincing me not to remake lol bless you, you’re the best k
3. How old do you look: 20
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes our moments on tinychat and snapchat lol
5. Have you ever made me mad: No never actually lol
6. Best feature: Eyes and beardgame too strong
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Naah
8. You’re my: BEST FRAND
9. Name in my phone: -
10. Should you post this too? Yesss

Arrow 50th Episode 3.04 The Magician

Stephen Amell tweets that they’ve just wrapped shooting 50th episode 3.04 The Magician, and he mentions the final scene was two years in the making.

Now my prediction is that as this episode features Malcolm Merlyn, and it was Malcolm who first said the name Green Arrow it is only fitting that it be in this episode and the 50th that Oliver Queen takes officially the Green Arrow name. So I think it will be like the last line and someone says who are you and he replies Green Arrow.

Any other ideas?