• Do You Wanna Gank A Demon?
  • SPN/Frozen Crossover

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Do you wanna gank a demon?
Come on let’s go and hunt.
I never see you anymore
Your wings restored
Please, don’t put up this front 

We used to be best buddies
And now we’re not
I wish you hadn’t taken flight

Do you wanna gank a demon?
It doesn’t have to be a demon. 

Okay, bye.

Do you wanna gank a demon?
Or hunt a Shtriga or a vamp?
I think a long talk is way overdue
We’re family; me and you, don’t worry ‘bout the rest
(Seriously, dude)
It gets a little lonely
Hunting on my own
Just watching the states race by

Please, tell me you’re listening
I pray to you every night
You say: “Have faith.”
I swear, I’m trying to
I’m right out here for you
Don’t wanna fight 

We only have each other
It’s just you and me
Can’t you see I need you?

Do you wanna gank a demon?

so does the galaxy in the new s10 title card mean we will get extra terrestrial beings or such in season 10

I ain’t complaining if we get Peter Quill

“Dean, why do you hang out with me?”

Castiel stares listlessly off into space, finding nothing as per usual. He kicks his legs, though, as Dean pushes him on his swing. It’s warm today; maybe the flowers are blooming, if the scent in the air is anything to go by.

“Because,” Dean says. “You’re fucking awesome, Cas.” He grunts as he pushes the swing again, and Castiel can feel him running under the swing, followed by delighted chortles and the sound of rustling leaves. “And you’re really light, so I can run right under you.”

He feels his lips pull into a smile but he waits until the swing stops to reach up and touch it. They’re soft, but chapped. After a moment, he lets his hand fall to his lap and he glances in what he hopes is Dean’s direction.

“What does my smile look like?”

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