@drunkvanity tagged me in that “six fav selfies of 2015 so far”

2015: The year of the perfect cat ear headband. 

me when my fav show gets canceled after 2 seasons: *starts a protest at the TV studio, creates a whitehouse.gov petition, and personally calls up my senators*

me when my fav show lasts longer than 5 seasons: “when are you gonna die”

ptx family ✌️

I kinda just came sooo, I want to get to know this fandom more! 🌸 everyone reblog with your name and favorite ptx song/cover, I’ll start 😁

im sadeem, and my fav like original is evolution of beyonce, and my favorite cover is either radioactive… or can’t hold us 😍

(I’m gonna be following everyone so just to let you know I’ll be following you from my main blog infinite-youtubers)

what nhl player you would marry

aries-your fav player

taurus-your fav player

gemini-your fav player

cancer-your fav player

leo-your fav player

virgo-your fav player

libra-your fav player

scorpio-your fav player

sagittarius-your fav player

capricorn-roberto luongo

aquarius-your fav player

pisces-your fav player