R E D   A N D   W H I T E   R O S E S  |  the rose and the dragon that built an dynasty   |  13 tracks  |  a instrumental mix for the start of a dynasty, for King Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth of York and their precarious -but oh so pivotal!- reign.

"—O, now, let  R i c h m o n d   and   E l i z a b e t h ,
The true succeeders of each royal house,
By God’s fair ordinance conjoin together!
And let their heirs, God, if thy will be so.”

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i. deftones — change ( in the house of flies ||  ii. green day — brain stew  ||  iii. savage genetics — silent hill remix  ||  iv. kinderfeld — marilyn manson  ||  v. the bird and the worm — the used  ||  vi. i’m not human at all — sleep party people  ||  vii. the hand that feeds — nine inch nails  ||  viii. black out days — phantogram  ||  ix. paradise circus ( zeds dead remix ) — massive attack  ||  x. the reflecting god ( marilyn manson cover ) — nicole dollanganger 

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normal people scare me; a mix made by tate langdon

dumb, nirvana / little man, what now?, morrissey / sweet dreams
(are made of this), marilyn manson / man in the box, alice in
/ how soon is now, the smiths / lithium, nirvana
perfect insanity, disturbed / i stay away, alice in chains /
creep, radiohead / burn, nine inch nails

it’s a filthy world we live in. it’s a filthy goddamn world and honestly i feel like i’m helping to take them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run through the streets. i’m helping to take them to somewhere clean.  ▶ listen


October 26 - November 1  — faq + rules

Mark your calendars! Starting from October 26 to November 1, there will be HaikyuuWeek, a week dedicated to the Haikyuu!! series by Haruichi Furudate. This week is for YOU to showcase your love to the Haikyuu Series through your creations : Gifs, Edits, Graphics, Picspam, Fanvids, Colorings, Fanmix, Fanarts, Fanfics, Cosplay and many more!

Themes/prompts for each day of the week:

  • Day 1 - First Serve
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  • Day 3 - ALL STAR
  • Day 4 - Position
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You can also make your own theme/prompt if you do not like to follow it. just be sure sure to tag it with #HaikyuuWeek in your first 5 tags. 

Don’t forget to check the Rules! And encourage your fellow Haikyuu friends to join! (the more, the merrier!) If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

the strange place. (listen&download&art) —  for running through the corridors of the art museum as it begins to wake up and look for you. welcome to the world of guertena. (a mix for the rpg horror game “ib”, created by kouri. dedicated to jill, meowhirukoizumi, for getting me into the game.)

i.  compiled memories - mike inel  ii.  and the world was gone - snow ghosts  iii.  pure imagination - fiona apple  iv.  strange place (ft. tibbie x) - dirty elegance  v.  nightmare - jenny dalton  vi.  the supine - andrew bird  vii.  choking games - nicole dollanganger  viii.  stand by me - mona  ix.  wonderland - johanna glaza  x.  flyswatter - eels  xi.  all of this past - sarah bettens  xii.  calling - the birthday massacre  xiii.  early sleep - nancy elizabeth  xiv.  too heavy a burden - the tiny  xv.  jack splatter - jason tai  

The Raven Cycle Secret Santa!


The Raven Cycle Secret Santa is a friendly gift exchanging event for the holiday season, all focused around the characters/story of Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle!

How can I join? 

By filling out this really easy survey! The deadline to fill it out is October 31st! Assignments will be given out by November 12th! Once you get your secret santa, you can make ANY kind of fan work! So, fanmixes, fan art, fanfiction, graphics, etc etc! 


Sign up’s close: October 31st
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Posting begins:  December 15th

What if I have to drop out?

That’s fine! While it’s preferred that you say you’re dropping out as early as possible, if you find out you are busy/don’t have the time for it, send us an ask and we’ll either re-assign your partner or make them a present! 

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Here on tumblr or AO3 (if fanfiction) is preferable! You should also tag it with your secret santa’s url and trcsecretsanta so that way we can reblog it here! 

I have other questions! 

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I know a lot of you have seen and read the spoilers going around (I will not be discussing them directly on this blog aside from this post), so I want to come out and say two things:

1) Don’t let this get you down. We all knew Percico didn’t have much chance of becoming canon, but when has that really stopped any of us from shipping it? Mourn if you will, but don’t let anything stop you from enjoying a ship you love. Keep writing. Keep drawing. Keep making edits and fanmixes. This ship won’t die if you don’t let it. We’ll always have this ship, no matter what comes at us. We’ve endured ridicule and canon for years; don’t let it stop you now.

2) Please please don’t bother the Solangelo shippers. This means don’t post in their tag to angst about Percico. Don’t rage about how they get a nice new ship while yours is suffering. Don’t whine or complain about something that makes them happy in their ship tag. Let them enjoy their ship. Show some respect - this is something severely lacking in this fandom. Don’t make things bad for them.

We’ve been a pretty awesome group in this fandom, celebrating our love for the Percico ship together, in spite of harsh words from other fans. Don’t make us out to be the sore losers and rude shippers that some other fans can be. Continue to enjoy and ship Percico. Just don’t rain on the Solangelo parade while you’re doing it.


Last day to sign up!! Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Sign ups end today (9/30) at 5pm PST

  • Oct 1st - Assignments Sent
  • Oct 24th - Assignments Due
  • Oct 31st - Trick or Treats Given
  • Nov 1st - The Big Reveal

Send us your url, the kind or Treat you’d like to make and what you would like to receive from someone else!!


anonymous said:

please tag your blood of olympus :c

I did? Any BOO stuff is tagged as #boo spoilers (I don’t tend to tag by book title, but if that makes it easier, I will in the future)

/edit: oh shit I just realized that I reblogged a fanmix from my queue, it was supposed to be scheduled for a week from now. Sorry about that!

In time we will meet again 

There’s a wall; there’s an ocean 
one is dead; one left for another world 
lovers will never reunite

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I. If this is dying - Michael Nyman II. Oblivion - Bastille III. The moon song -Karen O featurinf Ezra Koening IV. Ghosts - James Vincent McMorrow      V. Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey VI. To be alone with you - Sufjan Stevens VII. Wait for me - Moby VIII. Stalemate - IO Echo IX. Ain’t no sunshine - Bill Withers X. If you wait - London grammar XI. Does this always happen - Mogwai