Legacy isn’t a dirty word, but it’s an irrelevant one. It’s not important what their parents did. It matters what they do. Someone has to save the world.

We Don’t Need A Fist To Fight

All Time Low - Kids In The Dark | Archers Rise - Mirrors | This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco | Anthem Part Two - Blink 182 | Immortals - Fall Out Boy | Die Young - Kesha | Little Lion Man - Tonight Alive | Ain’t It Fun - Paramore | Under Pressure - Queen | Move Along - The All-American Rejects 


ok im pretty proud with this one. my second fanmix!

♡Are You Hurting The One You Love♡ an ant arc kirugon fanmix.

listen here
note: not a happy fanmix

// I. Are You Hurting The One You Love - Florence and the Machine // II. k curl up and die - Relient K // III. Through the Dark - Rouge // IV. The Light - Sara Bareilles // V. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol // VI. Goodbye Apathy - One Republic // VII. I Don’t Feel it Anymore (song of the sparrow) - William Fitzsimmons & Priscilla Ahn // VIII. Everything - Lifehouse // IX. Frame of Mind - Tristam & Braken // X. Say Something (cover) - A Great Big World (Ashe) // XI. Nonsense Speaker - nekobolo //

jasper fanmix

1. nicki’s verse from monster - nicki minaj, 2. boss ass bitch - nicki minaj, 3. smack my bitch up - the prodigy, 4. mean green mother, 5. derezzed (cryptex rerezz) - daft punk and the glitch mob, 6. sent to destroy - combichrist, 7. heads will roll remix -  yeah yeahs, 8. killer queen - the protomen

listen here - cover by tomatomagica


THINGS BETWEEN US (CHOICES WE MAKE) - olicity fanmix by me

01. moondust → james young || 02. never stop [wedding version] → safety suit || 03. broken arrow → pixie lott || 04. dont deserve you → plumb || 05. all i want kodaline || 06. let her go → tayler ward ft. kurt schneider  || 07. when i was your man (female version)  → madilyn bailey || 08. breathe me → sia || 09. poison & wine → the civil wars || 10. without you  → sam tsui & christina grimmie || 11.  dust to dust → laura zocca || 12. almost lover → fine frenzy ||13. king & lionheart → of monsters and men || 14. a drop in the ocean → ron pope || 15. just a dream → sam tsui & christina grimmie || 16. the lightning strike → snow patrol || 17. wonderwall → ed sheeran || 18. dont let me go → raign || 19. the scientist → coldplay || 20. somebody to die for → (female version)

[listen here]



Seven Devils

Holy water cannot help you now
See I’ve come to burn your kingdom down
And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out
I’m gonna raise the stakes, I’m gonna smoke you out

Old Money

But if you send for me you know I’ll come,
And if you call for me you know I’ll run.

He Won’t Go

I heard his voice today
I didn’t know a single word he said
Not one resemblance to the man I met
Just a vacant broken boy instead

Go Slow

I know.
I’m givin in and believin every lie.
For now, the moon, it’s night.
I turn off the light.

As You Are

I won’t give it back again
More that I’m giving, the more you take
I’m feeling forced into the intimate
With every move I make into your frame


I know you only want to own me
And that’s the kind of love you show me
You tell me one thing and do another
Keep all your secrets undercover

Rev 22:20 Dry Martini Mix

I know
Christ is comin’
And so am I
And you would too if this sexy devil caught your eye

Dark Paradise

Loving you forever, can’t be wrong
Even though you’re not here, won’t move on

Bugs Don’t Buzz

The happiest songs all end with a smile
This might end with a smile, no my love
If life could be forever one instant
Would it be the moment you met me? No my love

Thanks to findyouranchorpoint who suggested I post a Stucky playlist! I hope you like it :3

1) “Sinister Kid” - The Black Keys
2) “Kill Of The Night” - Gin Wigmore
3) “Activate My Heart” - Natalia Kills 
4) “Bang Bang (My baby shot me down)” - Nico Vega (cover)
5) “Crazy” - Art of Sleeping 
6) “Gone, Gone, Gone” - Phillip Phillips 
7) “Laughter Lines (Run Boy Run)” - Pier Mashup
8) “I Wanna Get Better” - Bleachers
9) “Magic” - Coldplay 
10) “Take Me To Church” - Hozier [obviously]
11) “It Was Always You” - Maroon 5
12) “Laughter Lines” - Bastille
13) “Flaws” - Bastille 
14) “Lucky Ones” - Lana Del Rey
15) “Hearts A Mess” - Goyte
16) “Hopeless” - Luke Cusato [this one is very sad and from Steve’s POV and you may very well cry ok. “He was lost in the cold on his own, where were you to keep him warm”
17) “Until It Hurts” - Fransisca Hall 

And that’s all! (For now. Seriously I’m getting super carried away). You’ve probably seen some of these in other playlists but honestly they’re too perf not to mention. Enjoy (and probably cry). <3

Not a little bird anymore, a Sansa Stark fanmix // LISTEN

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - The Secret Sisters // You’ll Be Queen One Day - Ramin Djawadi // Dream - Priscilla Ahn // Kissing Town - Annie Duddley // I Can Fly - Lana Del Rey // Happy - Marina & The Diamonds // Breath Me - Sia // Wilderness - Bat for lashes // Dark Wings Dark Words - Ramin Djawadi // I Met Up With The King - First Aid Fit // When you break - Bear’s Den // Sansa’s Hymn - Karliene // Devil’s Resting Place - Laura Marling // Lady In The Water - James Newton // Lullaby - Sia // Human - Christine Perri

there’s blood on that blade / fuck me i’m falling apart

  1. No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross, Sufjan Stevens.
  2. 10am Gare du Nord, Keaton Henson.
  3. What Have They Done To You Now?, Daniel Knox.
  4. Diamond Heart, Marissa Nadler.
  5. It’s Raining Today, Scott Walker.
  6. Have to Explode, The Mountain Goats.
  7. The Moon Song, Karen O ft. Ezra Koenig.
  8. Heartbeats, José Gonzalez.
  9. Bloodflood, Alt-J.
  10. Hannah Hunt, Vampire Weekend.
  11. Song for the Fireflies (acoustic), Josh Ritter.
  12. i’m not gonna die, Frankie Cosmos.
  13. Name in Stone ft. The L.A. Inner City Mass Choir, Dead Man’s Bones.
  14. Elysium, Bear’s Den.
  15. MISHIMA / Closing, Philip Glass.

    / listen.

some of mabel’s favorite dance floor tunes! B)

listen: []

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / Cyndi Lauper // Shake It Up / Selena Gomez // Baila Chiquita / The Rubyz // Good Time / Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen // Let’s Hear It For the Boy / Deniece Williams // Saigo No Ice Cream / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu // Shake It Off / Taylor Swift // Sugar Rush / AKB48 // Girls Can Change the World / PureNRG // Firework / Katy Perry

and then you - a fanmix detailing the slow but inevitable coming together - for Elsie Hughes and Charles Carson

01. lovely fool | jack savoretti: it’s strange that I should know you better than you do you lovely fool 02. the places you have come to fear the most | dashboard confessional: buried deep as you can dig inside yourself, and hidden in the public eye such a stellar monument to loneliness 03. the planets bend between us | snow patrol: you slip into my arms and you quickly correct yourself 04. my favorite faded fantasy | damien rice: I could love you more than life if I wasn’t so afraid 05. are we there yet | ingrid michaelson: they say that home is where the heart is I guess I haven’t found my home and we keep driving round in circles afraid to call this place our own 06. harbor | vienna teng: You’ve got a journey to maket there’s your horizon to chase so go far beyond where we stand no matter the distance I’m holding your hand 07. beginning to feel the years | brandi carlile: and I’m beginning to feel the years but I’m going to be ok as long as you’re beside me along the way 08. the last love song | jd eicher & the goodnights: it took some time, but there are things that I know now and I’m glad I finally found my way to you 09. and then you | greg laswell: and how my days they spin me ‘round and how today it sets me down alongside you listen

That’s it, then?

a playlist to accompany The Aftermath, a fic by mightbeanasshole on ao3

me vs maradona vs elvis - brand new \ all i want - kodaline \ heart it races - dr dog \ skinny love - bon iver \ landfill - daughter \ sex on fire - kinds of leon \ video games - lana del rey \ i’m low on gas and you need a jacket (acoustic) - pierce the veil \ style - taylor swift \ hum - tigers jaw \ old money - lana del rey \ ghosting - mother mother \ robbers - the 1975 \ r u mine - arctic monkeys \ sea of love - cat power \ intro - the xx

1. snowpoint city - pokemon diamond/pearl, 2. main theme guitar arrange - suikoden, 3. lost woods music box - zelda, 4. eterna city - pokemon diamond/pearl, 5. pallpations - malmen and xyce, 6. golf quest - steven universe, 7. a sky full of stars instrumental cover - coldplay, 8. darling kanaya - homestuck, 9. the sunflower house in the storm - ponyo, 10. 8bit 8pm - animal crossing new leaf, 11. wind forest - my neighbor totoro, 12. fireflies piano/orchestra cover - owl city, 13. 7pm piano arrangement - animal crossing new leaf, 14. amalgam - steven universe, 15. on the beach at dusk, 16. zora hall -zelda, 17. wii channel mii music, 18. night train - mitch murder, 19. eterna forest - pokemon diamond/pearl, 20. spirited away - joe hisaishi, 21. snowbelle city - pokemon x/y

listen here

some sort of vague they met in a club but it didn’t work out au. (or how they broke up the first time.) // image credit

Philip George - Wish That You Were Mine | Years & Years - Desire | Calvin Harris ft. Ayah Marar - Thinking About You | Gorgon City ft. Mnek - Ready for Your Love | Kap Slap ft. Angelika Vee - Let It All Out (Radio Edit) | Example - Changed the Way You Kissed Me | Maor Levi ft. Angela McKlusky -  Pick Up The Pieces | Studio Killers - When We Were Lovers | David Guetta ft. Emili Sandé - What I Did For Love