Arcanum – Mens Steampunk Watch

Ya know, while I am not the kind of person to sport anything “Steam-punk” in my day to day life, I have a secret envy for their sense of well put together fashion. I mean, really! Their style is unique while each and every item almost always compliments each other. One of the reasons I chose to showcase this watch is that the designer didn’t decide to go all overboard in incorporating the steampunk theme. Basically, I’m just saying that it blends in with a more standard style of fashion. But, then again, what is “standard”. I dunno, I just like it. So there.


a mix for a greaser dork and the docs kid who just so happened to make it out pretty good

miss atomic bomb / the killers - backseat serenade / all time low - tonight you’re perfect / new politics - do i wanna know? / the arctic monkeys - if i’m james dean, you’re aubrey hepburn / sleeping with sirens - demolition lovers / my chemical romance - time bomb / all time low - ever after / marianas trench