Today’s Featured Article: Wasteland (1987)

Developed by Interplay Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Wasteland became a commercial and critical success at the time of its release. While Wasteland was quite popular after its release, it wouldn’t receive a direct sequel until 28 years after its original release. However, it would play a key influence on many RPGs to come after it and spawn a spiritual successor that we all know today: Fallout

Side note: Besides being a spiritual successor, the entire Fallout series is littered with easter eggs, wink, nods and other references to the original Wasteland.

“I’m GLAD the Brotherhood of Steel is in a sorry shape in New Vegas. They’re selfish techno-fetishists who wouldn’t give a damn if Caesar’s Legion killed everyone in the entire wasteland as long as they weren’t using energy weapons. Obsidian’s portrayal of them as a remnant of a more savage time that no longer has a place in the Wasteland of the 23rd century was an excellent choice, especially because it gives the east coast Brotherhood of Steel more narrative weight when you compare them to their old comrades. They are what Veronica wishes the western Brotherhood could be, an actual force for good in the Wasteland.”

Fallout Confessions


“Though I’ve grown to appreciate New Vegas as the technically better game (with the best DLC) 3 is still much better in my opinion because of the setting. Setting the Wasteland in the desert was a poor decision in my opinion, I find New Vegas lacks the emotional impact that 3 did simply because it’s missing the trauma of seeing a once thriving city in complete ruin, and just doesnt feel as end of the world apocalyptic to me. “

Fallout Confessions