Le men of Afro Punk 2K14

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Cast List!

Ultra Magnus: armouredswampert

Rodimus: armouredswampert

Drift: sharkinabucket

Wheeljack: (No auditions! Still looking for parts!)

Prowl: perceptorpls

Bumblebee: i-am-sprout

Ratchet: ideordinal

Cyclonus: lorvikatarri

Rewind: purajobot935

Chromedome: faded-love-letters

Tailgate: knockoutsthighs

Whirl: (Pending)

Brainstorm: countwidget

Red Alert: (No auditions! Still looking for parts!)

Swerve: voladasmisticasyvoladasnormales

Rung: hellsapuff

Swindle: (No auditions! Still looking for parts!)

Narrator: mtgmaster96

Everyone’s voices were so amazing we had such a hard time choosing who would be who! For all of you who auditioned for parts that aren’t in issue one, we will still consider them for later issues if we get to them! 

For those who got the parts, please message us and we will help you get started recording! You can edit your voice if you’d like but we are also editing and if anyone would like to help edit please message us, we would love more people on this fan based crew! If you need lines for the comic then we will provide them for you just make sure to mention that in your message! We cannot post the audio cover without having all parts in! Please audition for Swindle, Red Alert, and Wheel Jack if you would like a part!

I am so happy to be working with lovely people! Voice on!