Imagine ~

"I just want a trim, if you cut to much off I will literally not kiss you for an entire month." Michaels voice was clear as you made your way over to him with a pair of scissors in one hand and a comb In the other.

"Are you sure you can resist that long." You tease, he closes his eyes for a second than starts to laugh (Gif)

"Hurry up and cut my hair." He huffed, you walked over to the boy as you straddled his lap, "Really?"

"You wanted me to cut your hair didn’t you?" The smirk still plastered on your face as you began to cut pieces of his hair, you could tell he was getting more frustrated every time you moved on his lap but it was so intimidating.

"You’re a real fucking tease you know that?" He laughed once more.

Sorry this imagine was kind of shit, I haven’t been posting lately and I apologise! x