Saved Mali manuscripts face damage in new home

After being spirited away from under the noses of rampaging Islamic extremists, thousands of ancient manuscripts from the fabled city of Timbuktu now face another threat: weather and poor storage conditions in their new location that scholars say could cause permanent damage.

In 2012, Timbuktu and the rest of northern Mali fell under the control of Islamic extremists following a military coup. The turbaned fighters made women hide their faces, forbade the music for which Mali is known and deemed religious buildings and artifacts to be idolatrous.

They took aim at the manuscripts that date back to the 13th century. The camel-skin bound manuscripts reflect the diversity of learning that marked Timbuktu’s heyday and cover a vast array of subjects, including astronomy, law, history and philosophy. Read more.

"The true history of the person known as "Bloody Mary" is almost completely unknown, even to Fables most acquainted with its members. Her name Mary, at least, is not up for contention, nor is her penchant for shocking violence, an inlaid resistance to magic and spells, and a strange ability to use any reflective surface as a portal, effectively short-cutting space and time. Thought by Mundies to be the wailing apparition of a childless ghost, though any evidence of that is as yet unseen."

Let it here be recorded… Nathaniel Northwest, famous in his native Gravity Falls for standing in the park and hitting himself with a large boating oar until he blacked out, was chosen to become the patsy mayor of Gravity Falls. Northwest spoke in a series of grunts and screams and often yelled his trademark phrase: “I am going to eat this entire oak tree because I am a powerful wizard!”

The fabled founder of Gravity falls was, in fact, a fraud. His last moments on Earth were spent choking on a giant piece of bark, attempting to live out his beautiful dream. He was hated by everyone that knew him. He will not be missed.

Other hidden historical truths include:

Thomas Jefferson was actually just two kids in an overcoat standing on each other’s shoulders. The current and forever President of the United States is actually Santa Claus. Under the reign of Mr. Claus, America is not a democracy, but a jollyocracy. The statues in Mount Rushmore are actually gigantic presidential -faced robots that will be called into action when America needs them the most. An enormous, evil, time-devouring baby from another dimension is frozen in an Antarctic glacier. Fortunately glaciers never melt so we should be fine. Writing jokes for cartoons is more important than sleep. If you recite the pledge of Allegiance backwards, you’ll gain secret wizard powers! (This one is true kids! Try it at home!)

This is my favorite Gravity falls episode

Somewhere Beyond the Sea…

Long, long ago, in a swamp that spilled into a river that grew into an ocean on a planet that was beginning to take its first breath there lived a fishy creature.

One day, the creature had a most unexpected idea….

“I wonder” she thought, “if there isn’t something else beyond the edge of the sky?”


Rough sketches for Kyousen Ruby au thing that I’m slowly not liking Kyousen for it’s exposed crotches
Didn’t have room on the page for Weiss

Ruby’s is a combo of the uniform base design I drew Pyrrha in and her original design, the skirt and cape mostly, but it draws some reference from Toori Aoi

Blakes is more standard, just with kimono-esque sleeves, hers is based of Nate Mitotsudaira

Yang’s is totally unrestricted and is a loving combination of her normal clothes and the style of Kimi Aoi aka the queen

I even have her a Mouse of her own, since Uzzi was in Kimi’s image, ‘blondee’ is a mini Yang so to speak. She helps her with ‘fable offerings’.


Destitute my hungering sway,

in the evening light that dim and haze fades away,

balk my ears at the sound, that loud aboriginal drum,

stroke, strike, the hide and run, run the naked children run,

bangle on the women’s knees, laughing jackal in the brush,

hush, hush and take flight, fly silent into the night,

scented dew, sweat upon thy hip, curving long and tight,

I wait baited at your breath,

for your opening to come enlighten me as a fabled myth,

round the moon in its sphere, coming, coming near,

it calls to you, reveals you long, shapely cleaver and leer,

come, come my sweet un-blossomed flower,

unfurl thy skirt, I will devour, every bead of virgin nectar you bare,

from your trembling limbs, frail and pinking fair,

stroke me in, I light, perch me here the moonlit night

suckle at thy tips and croon, drink to fill, and then take flight

forgive my love departing pleasures,

your virtue saccharine was my nimble parting treasure,

but untapped bosoms neighbor by, lance in me a lovely, enticing call,

alas your loveliness enthrall, sisters, moonlit lovers, all,

not so sadly go again beneath thy petaled bed,

may I stray a little now, return I tomorrow instead,

Now retire by wing, a cavernous hollow home, to sleep the day away, far far out of sight

until renew your offering in the night and once more I will alight.

Have you seen that video game “Hatred: Devastation” trailer. It got that fabled A rating. 

Why do people love violence so much. I don’t understand.