You Better Have A Damned Good Explanation || Faberry

It had taken longer than it should have for Rachel to gather up the courage to use her pass to go see Quinn, but she had an excuse. She was currently grieving the death of the man who was her fiance, the man she thought she would one day go back to. Add to that the fact that the only other constant in her life was apparently no where to be found, and she was a mess. Her grades at NYADA were slipping, her muse to sing was weaker than ever, and she had never in her life felt more alone. 

The train ride was short, but it somehow felt like an eternity. Never in her life did Rachel think she would have to seek Quinn out like this. While they have had their ups and downs, the blonde had always been there for the biggest moments. Whenever their worlds were crashing down, they gravitated towards one another, but now the ex cheerio had left Rachel alone. The betrayal she felt in her chest was almost too much to bear when matched up with the heartbreak that has now taken up a permanent residence in her chest. Now, she was sitting there and thinking of the million ways this meeting could go. Would Quinn turn her away? Did something horrible happen to the blonde that stopped her from being able to make an appearance? There were so many questions and hardly any of them had positive outcomes. 

When the train came to a stop, Rachel grabbed her bags and headed onto the platform. A taxi was simple to find, and she immediately gave him her destination. Although it had taken some maneuvering and tricky talking, the starlet had managed to get Yale to disclose the information she needed. After thirty minutes, she was given the name of Quinn’s dorm and room number. If this wasn’t an emergency, the fact that the brunette was this capable would scare even her a bit, but there were more important things to focus on.

The building seemed bigger than life just like everything else on the campus. Everything about this trip was intimidating it seemed, but now that she was there, she was not about to turn back. Quickly, she slipped into the dorm when someone held the door open for her and then marched up to the blonde’s room. After knocking a few times and receiving no answer, the brunette decided to just sit and wait. 


Truth or Dare~Special Edition: Faberry, Kurtbastian, Fayeron, Chadwin, Norcy+Blaine, Allison, Jullian

 Kurt spent his whole day with Rachel in NYADA, having classes, one by one, till five o’clock in the afternoon, when Rachel felt dizzy and decided to go with her. These days he was pretty worried with her. She either ended up crying or throwing up. And she didn’t give him any reason to help her. The only thing that distracted her was this huge meeting that all three in the house were getting prepared for. From the moment Kurt told that to Sebastian, he felt a little calmer, when Sebastian had agreed to do this. The last few days, he thought, he was in a dream and someone was going to wake him up any second.

Rachel didn’t feel good the last two days. To her surprise, her throw-up sessions had turned into something unexpected. Something that would prevent her career for less than nine months. She realized, she was pregnant for 8 weeks and didn’t tell anyone. She was pretty afraid to do so. She had talked to Brody the last few days and decided to end this relationship for good, since he didn’t understand her and thought she had sex with Kurt, when she didn’t. It was all a drunken situation. When Kurt and her arrived at the house, Rachel shouted: “Quinn. Get up. Let’s get this party started”, she giggled and pushed Kurt towards the CD player. He had already chosen which CDs, they’ll play. He remembered that time , when Sebastian came and smiled with himself, that he was going to see him, again, today. Rachel came out of the kitchen with a tray of dozen beers. “I’m not going to drink, today. And neither will you”, she glared at him. “I don’t want to kiss you, again”, she shrugged. Kurt rolled his eyes and got to the kitchen to get the tray with all the glasses. “I’m counting the most 15 people. We’ll be fine, right?”, he asked Rachel and she nodded. He heard the door knock and gave the tray to Quinn. He walked to open the door with a small smile on his face. The smile disappeared and a blank expression appeared on his face: “Blaine?”

Cameron sighed looking himself in the mirror. He walked away and sighed, looking at his mobile. “Marcy is coming soon and so is Faye”, he texted Mya and sat on the couch. Not some seconds later, he heard someone knocking the door and stood up. When he opened the door, a smile appeared on his face, when he saw Marcy. “Typical Marcy. Straight hair and tight dresses, to any party”, he said and she rolled her eyes, walking in. “Hello to you, too”, she chuckled. He closed the door and grabbed his mobile, again. “Did you tell your boyfriend that he’s going to pick us up here?”, he said and Marcy shivered with that word. “Yes, I told him”, she rolled her eyes and sat on the couch. “F, do you want to come by my house? I’ll drive you to Kurt’s house”, he send that message to Faye and sighed, thinking that he actually half lied to her.

Nate wrapped his arms in front of his chest and sighed, staying outside of Allison’s room. “What do you mean you’re coming, too?”, he shrugged. “I want to meet your friends, Nate. Your real friends”, she shouted fro behind the door. “They could be my friends, if I meet them some other few times, as well. But don’t lie to me”, he chuckled. “You really want to  get yourself a new boyfriend”, he bit his lip. Allison opened the door abruptly. “I already have a boyfriend. But, it’s a guy hang out, tonight”, she rolled her eyes. “So, I’ll come with you”, she went out and Nate looked at her. “You look pretty good for that kind of occassion”, Allison looked at the clothes she chose to wear. “Shorts and T-Shirts are not that formal you know”, she grabbed her car keys and pulled Nate out of the house. “I’m driving”, she said and Nate rolled his eyes, with how bossy his sister had turned out to be. Allison started driving  and Nate sighed, writing first Mya’s adress and then the other adress they gave him on his mobile, so that Allison would drive there. When they arrived in front of Mya’s house, Nate went out and knocked Mya’s door.