Legend of Korra Book 4 Finale: Korrasami 30 Video Reaction Compilation 


One ship down 1234… to go (le sigh)

Swan Queen, Rizzles, Faberry„ …..,  


I’m crying and now this gave me an idea for a fic that I will never be able to write because I have other fics to write….

Does anyone want to write the fic I have in my mind?


2014 was a year of growth for me and I have a handful of people to thank for that. I’m no graphics queen or tumblr famous roleplayer, but I like to think we’re all a little attached to each other in some way. For that, my follow forever this year is small. Bolded, as usual, are the encouraging people I have had the pleasure of having in my life this year.

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart. May 2015 be full of happiness and growth for us all.

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anonymous asked:

hiii, i'm the author of ding dong ditch! i saw on my dash that you reblogged my fic (bc i've been following you since you were a faberry blog lmao) and i just wanted to tell you that i loved reading your tags :) i'm glad it made you smile, haha

YOU’VE. BEEN. FOLLOWING. ME. SINCE. I. WAS. A. FABERRY. BLOG ?!!?!?? I CANNOT BELIEVE. an amazing author following my blog since years ago. wow. THANK YOU VERY MUCH :’) :’) i died then came back to life after i read "i’m the author of ding dong ditch" a;dkshgjldfa keep up the good work beautiful!


Achele is perfection.

Faberry 1x1 // I know what happened this summer

Rachel was so excited but so anxious to get to school. It was her first day of senor year. There were so many things to look forward to, like prom and nationals, she was sure the New Directions would take it to nationals this year. She put on her new fit-n-flare dress that was her favorite color, pink. She straightened her hair, grabbed her things and she was out the door. As she opened the doors of her high school she got a feeling in her tummy. She had totally forgot about Quinn, she knew she needed to talk to her about what went down that night, and she wanted to know why she has ignored her ever since. Well today was the day she was going to get answers. Rachel  waited by Quinn’s locker, hoping to catch the blonde to talk.