Vote on Faberry Week 2015 Prompts!

Now that the dates for Faberry Week 2015 have been decided (June 14, 2015 through June 20, 2015), the next order of business is choosing the prompts that will be used.

We’re going to do something a little different this time. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of prompts based on suggestions I’ve gotten over the years, choosing those that are more thematic in nature, so as to lend themselves to a greater variety of interpretations across all mediums (fics, graphics, art, playlists, etc.). Considering this is the very last Faberry Week, it’s important that we finally get it right.

Choose your 5 favorite prompts from the list below the cut. Voting will be open until 11:59pm EST, April 4, 2015. Please only vote in this poll once - no stuffing the ballot box!

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No one will ever be able to convince me Quinn didn’t have feelings for Rachel! (And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even ship Faberry in a romantic way.)
The only person Quinn was ever really honest with sure isn’t Puck. If anything, it’s Rachel. She told her about her insecurities and fears, let her see her cry, always gave her her honest opinion and told the truth. Quinn Fabray is so protective about her feelings, but never when it comes to Rachel. It sad that we’ll never find out why.

anonymous asked:

Do you still ship faberry? What's your headcanon ending?

I will ship Faberry for the rest of this life and for all my lives beyond this one.

My headcanon ending for canon is that everything post-“Britney/Brittany” has been a drug-induced dream of Brittany’s. Quinn then gets the storyline she should have had, which was split between Karofsky and Santana. Faberry eventually happens (along with Finntana).

anonymous asked:

OMG, there is no way you guys are running out of Faberry fics to read. I'm still trying to find time to read all the older ones! Like, there are so many!… but maybe it's a lot to me because I've only boarded the Faberry ship (first and last pairing I will ever ship bc THEY ARE EVERYTHING AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER THEM) almost 2 years ago. How long have you been in the Faberry fandom?

Oh I assure you I read almost every faberry fanfic on the internet ahahah…

I’ve been in the faberry fandom for five/six years I think, because I started shipping them in season 2 so it was 2010,  and I started reading faberry fanfics because one day I searched ‘rachel and quinn’ on google stumbling on a fic, but I don’t remember the title ;P, one year later I created my tumblr.

I remember the first update of “Just off the Key of Reason” one of my favourite faberry fics of all times, I remember “Luckypressure” and “Patronustrip” fanarts before luckypresh deleted her glee blog and Patroustrip changed fandom.

And now I’m here waiting fore some new fics while reading “Change of Directions” for the third time XD

anonymous asked:

pls pls tell us your faberry playlist when you're having feels about faberry (or achele, either way works). and if you don't mind, would you add any relevant reference why you chose each songs? (sorry if im being annoying)

You’re not being annoying at all my dear :)

I choose most of the songs on my faberry playlist based on the lyrics, there are even songs I didn’t like at the beginning but the context was so on point I couldn’t not like it, other times they are songs that I saw on other fan videos or tumblr posts like gif sets ecc…I’ll leave you with some of my favourites…

  1. Florence + the Machine - Hardest Of Hearts: This song is perfect both for Rachel and Quinn, the first verse is about Rachel all the love she has to give, all the affection she can’t hold in because it’s to much to keep it locked inside of her. The second verse is for Quinn, because she also has so much love but, unlike Rachel she won’t let it out, she can’t let it out because that’s what she was told all her life, not to show any emotion turning like this her heart in the hardest of hearts.
  2. Sara Bareilles - Gravity: This song is from Quinn to Rachel at the beginning of their relationship, Quinn is really insecure about them as a couple and this causes an off again on again relationshib between them but when Quinn realizes that her love for Rachel is stronger than her insecurities and when she sings this song to Rachel one day of summer in front of rachel porch Rachel just takes her hand and pulls her inside her house.
  3. Boyce Avenue - On My Way: This song as you can see has the perfect title, but it has also the perfect lyrics cause I imagine Quinn not having the car crash and stopping the wedding by confessing her love for Rachel and when they run avay with Quinn’s car they find themselves in the bed of a shabby motel listening to this song on the radio and they can’t help themselves from the laughter that comes out of their mouths because of the last line of that song “I’ll be there the morning you come out in white, Cause I’m on my way, On my way”
  4. Rachel berry - Get it right: I’m sure that I don’t have to explain why this song is in my faberry playlist, and we all know that Rachel didn’t write this song with Finn on her mind but Quinn…
  5. Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes: This is one of the few songs where Quinn and Rachel doesn’t end up together, where they where once together but because of Rachel bigger dreams and Quinn insecurities they end up things, Rachel goes to New york and Quinn stays in Lima and when years later Quinn sees rachel on tv she immediatly turn it off ‘cause she can’t bear the pain of loosing the only good thing she ever had in her life beside Beth.
  6. Ellie Goulding - Lights: This song is in my playlist thanks to the awesome video based on the fic “Deus Ex Machina, so if you haven’t, go see the video and read that fic ‘cause is worth it.

There are a lot more songs in my playlist, I’ll leave you the LINK  so you can give your personal meaning to every song, there are just a few songs because youtube decided to be smart and deleted like half of them