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So, Rachel does end up with Jessie? Thank God! St. Berry is definitely my only choice apart from Faberry being canon. Still, Faberry is my OTP and nothing's gonna change that.

I agree with you, Faberry is my OTP, but I’m happy that the writers didn’t had the chance to ruin it because lets be real glee writers suck. Jessie is the least bad of all the people Rachel has been with…and yes Jessie has been a douche too with all the betrayal and the egging but at least he wants her to achieve her dreams, he wants her on broadway, he wants her to be happy and that’s good enough for me.

Also I’m convinced that Rachel is pregnant with Quinn’s child, ‘cause you know Quinnis is a thing, but that’s another story :P

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I have a silly question: in the DB verse is Quinn publicly known as "Quinn Fabray" or "Lucy Quinn"? I'm questioning because if it's "Lucy Quinn" isn't there a chance that theirs shippers would call them Luchel (or something else) instead of Faberry?

I think their shippers would call them Racy. ;)

At first, Lucy Quinn is the public persona, but eventually she’ll publically admit to her full name of Lucy Quinn Fabray. Fans of Rachel will know her wife as Quinn Fabray because they’ll be ninjas, and fans of “Lucy Quinn” will know her full name and that she chooses to go by Quinn to her friends and family, so their shippers would probably annoy the hell out of Quinn by dubbing them Quinchel. Or maybe they’ll be smarter than we all were and pick Ruinn.