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Happy friday drabble/ficlet with a drunk Quinn in DB? We've seen Rachel, and she's a touchy feely (horney) drunk, how do Quinn behave :)

Just Get Dancy

“You were…so…so annoying in high school,” Quinn grumbles over her third Long Island Iced Tea.

Rachel’s hand falters in its persistent movement higher and higher on Quinn’s thigh. Her own Mai Tai has been mostly forgotten on the table next to Santana’s abandoned Margarita and Josie’s Black Russian. The two of them are currently grinding against one another in time with the throbbing bass out on the dance floor, leaving Rachel and Quinn alone at the table they’d commandeered. Poor Harry didn’t have a fake ID, so he and Kurt are entertaining themselves elsewhere tonight. Rachel has been keeping herself entertained with feeling up her girlfriend under the table until she’d been stopped by Quinn’s petulant—slightly inebriated—tone.

“Ec-excuse me?”

“Annoying,” Quinn repeats with a frown. “You…and your…your stupid voice. Always talking. And…and singing,” she spits, leveling her bleary gaze on Rachel as she drags her fingers through her messy hair. “And I…I couldn’t get it out of my head,” she accuses, pointing a finger at Rachel. “And…and God! Your stupid skirts. And those fucking legs.Those legs,” Quinn repeats breathily, eyes dropping down as she leans forward and plants a hand on one of Rachel’s legs. “These…these were such a distraction.” Quinn’s head comes up again and she scowls at Rachel. “I almost fell off the pyramid because of you!”

Rachel nods slowly, still struggling to take in Quinn’s words. She’s admittedly having trouble concentrating on them over the mesmerizing motion of her perfect lips. But it looks like Quinn is upset with her, and she really doesn’t want that. It means she’ll have to stop touching her. “I’m…sorry?” she offers.

Quinn flashes a wide, triumphant smile, nodding. “Good. You should be. It’s all your fault.”

“Okay,” Rachel agrees, still focused on her mouth. She really just wants to taste it—but Quinn is dropping it around her straw and taking another sip of her drink, and Rachel bites into her lip to keep from moaning in frustration. She wants those lips wrapped around something very different than that straw.

The moment Quinn releases it, Rachel practically crawls into her lap to claim that mouth for herself. Quinn moans into the kiss, brushing her tongue along Rachel’s and digging her nails into Rachel’s leg. She tastes so much better than the Mai Tai. Their kisses gradually flow into nips and pecks until Rachel is mostly just nuzzling Quinn’s neck, and Quinn hums in pleasure, her fingers flexing and releasing rhythmically against Rachel’s hips.

“We should dance,” Quinn blurts out, stilling Rachel’s movements once again. “We never dance,” she accuses, eyebrows furrowing.

“Yes, we do,” Rachel argues, staring at her girlfriend.

“Naked doesn’t count,” Quinn counters, shuffling Rachel off her lap before she struggles to stand. “C’mon, Rach. We’re gonna dance. Right now,” she demands, grabbing for Rachel’s hand and tugging her up.

Rachel stumbles after her with a frown until they’re out in the middle of the dance floor next to Santana and Josie, and Rachel is pressed flush against Quinn’s body, and she realizes that this is a good thing. So she slips her hands around Quinn’s waist and sneaks one underneath her shirt while Quinn’s palms mold to her ass. “This fucking ass,” Quinn mumbles, pressing her nose into Rachel’s hair. “Made me stare at it all the time.”

Rachel tucks her chin onto Quinn’s shoulder and closes her eyes, grinning in contentment. “You can punish it later,” she promises.

Title: Raising The Bar
Author: crammit
Fandom: Glee
Rating: M
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn (quick side of Brittany/Santana)
Timeline: AU
Summary: Quinn never expected that the best matchmaker would turn out to be a lumpy pullout couch. Rated M for sex

A/N: Loosely based in my Bowery Verse. I say loosely because I had to adjust some time lines, locations, and events but I’d like to think this could happen in the general area of my Bowery Verse.

A/N: I was asked to write a Faberry one shot as a birthday gift to Pooh. A one shot birthday gift with the only prompt being “Faberry dry humping”. LOL I tried to just write a smutty one-shot. Honestly I did. But, my brain doesn’t want to ever work that way and it had to fill in all the nooks and crannies around the Humpateus Dryamous so I hope you don’t mind a little story with your smut (if you could even call this smut. I tried, Pooh, I tried! :-D) Happy Birthday, Pooh!

A/N: Big thanks again to Uvaack for agreeing to read this over and offer editing tips, suggestions, and encouragement even though Faberry isn’t necessarily her thing. :-)

A/N: As always, thanks very much for reading. Reviews are always appreciated. :-)

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Take you're time there's no rush with this request as I have fanfics already lined up to read but do you know any Faberry with like loads of fluff like really cute and just so fluffy that it like melts you hehe thank you

Sorry late reply! Hope you like those!! 

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Poetz that Quinn drinking Drabble was so so funny! I've been loving your off the cuff drabbles lately but the Faberry ones are the best!!

Thank you. :)

Drunk!Quinn isn’t so much Angry Girl Drunk as Blurt Out Repressed Truths Drunk. 


So I’m going through my iTunes music library (which I haven’t done in a very, very long time because I basically only use Spotify nowadays) looking for songs to put in the Faberry dropbox of songs. And this is one of my fave albums from college, and this song bit me in the ass so fucking hard.

Tonight I need the bright lights, still got her face on my mind.
Heading where the talk is cheap and I’m dressed to a ‘t’ so they won’t notice me. 
It’s warm for October and I’ve got the windows down.
The skyline whispers her promises, the same lie each night. 

But I force myself to believe…
And I swore it’d be different but how could it be?
What I came to escape is right here inside of me. 

The city’s a desert with photographic stars.
Each pretty face is just a mirage, and my mouth’s full of sand again. 

But I force myself to believe, across the river’s a cure for what’s sick inside of me.
I look in the mirror past the buildings, the sky’s getting light. 
Another piece of my innocence is the admission I paid there tonight.
Slow down past her exit though it makes me sick, and I imagine her saying,
"You’re better than this… you’re better than this." 

And I swore it’d be different but how could it be?
What I came to escape is right here inside of me. 

And I swore it’d be different…

Okay, Quinn Fabray.



“This wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did.” 

The world is her stage, all of Rachel Berry’s to claim and to rule. Leaving NYADA, she made a new image for herself. A Rachel Berry that was still Rachel Berry but this actress and singer was brighter, better. She wanted to see her face plastered all over Times Square, a dream that she desired more than anything. Rachel succeeded, she left Lima without looking back and began her journey as one of the best in the entertainment industry.  

Quinn embodied everything that a Fabray was made to be; beautiful, ambitious and cunning. She likes seeing the people of the streets part for her, she enjoys being able to touch the hearts of everyone that watches her on the big screen. After studying the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she left all of her friends at RADA to do what she was always meant to. Quinn never failed, she always won while the rest would look at her in awe. 

So What’ll It Be is the newest a romantic drama to be directed and produced by one of the biggest directors in Hollywood. When Rachel’s agent personally delivered her a script for her audition, she said nothing. Rachel only smiled, sipped her morning tea and prepared to amaze the director. She had been in a drama, a musical, a horror and even a Shakespearean adaptation but a lesbian romance was something new. Rachel took interest in the character of Lea, a very shy and quiet woman that was everything Rachel was not. In the public, she was known by her fans as this driven actress with an intense passion. 

It was just one those things that ended up falling on her desk one day, as Quinn never hounded after roles. Usually, directors would come to her. She never denied them, she couldn’t when she had this impulse for a script in her hand. So What’ll It Be intrigued her, a movie about a single mother balancing the struggles of raising her young daughter while coming to terms with her sexuality. The role of Dianna, that was what Quinn wanted.  Dianna was the mother, the woman all her friends are encouraging to get back into the dating scene. 

Of course, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry both believed that they were the best that Hollywood could get. The best at fake crying, fake dying, sometimes even fake vomiting. It was this kind of confidence that created a great rivalry between the two actresses. 

“What are you doing here?” Rachel stepped into the screen test room. Having been selected as Lea, knowing that she was the obvious choice, she expected her ‘Dianna’ to be anyone but Quinn Fabray. 

“What am I doing here? I got the part for Dianna. Why the hell are you here?” Quinn was offended, raising her brow like it was her trademark, which it was. She was more shocked than offended; when she imagined her ‘Lea’, Rachel Berry did not once cross her mind. 

“Well Ms. Fabray, if it isn’t the most unfortunate day for both of our careers. I was chosen for the role of Lea.”   Rachel eyed Quinn up and down. They were enemies, rivals in the entertainment world. 

Their screen-test produced very positive views, but maybe it was because Rachel and Quinn were trying to out act the other person. Rachel played the quiet Lea, a barista taking orders in a small coffee shop. Dianna comes through the doors, drenched in the rain with the need for coffee. The first meeting between the two characters is awkward and incredibly clumsy. Quinn succeeded in playing awkward and Rachel in acting clumsy. The two actresses knew that their counterpart had talent, fuelling the rivalry even more. 

‘Rachel Berry cannot be the Lea to my Dianna, this is all some sick joke, I know it. When I wake up in the morning, it would have been all a dream.’  Tossing and turning in her bed, Quinn couldn’t grasp her reality for what it was. Sure, she worked with actors and actresses that were everything but professional but she couldn’t stand Rachel. Her ego was too much to handle and although her singing is exceptional, Rachel’s normal speaking voice isn’t what Quinn wants to hear while running lines. 

‘This is it, this is my punishment for falling asleep at my own Bat Mitzvah thirteen years ago. I’m a terrible Jew and now God has sent Quinn Fabray to ruin my life.” Rachel had read some reviews on Quinn’s acting. Most praised her, actually everyone was enchanted by her performances. But she wouldn’t be fooled, even with the ‘Grace Kelly’ beauty Quinn claimed she had, it wouldn’t be enough to change her mind. Rachel loathed just how much Quinn claimed to be so many things while her fans stood around and agreed. 

Actresses wouldn’t be actresses without a fan base. When news broke out of Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray starring in a new movie together, people buzzed with excitement. The entertainment industry cannot succeed without the devotion of its fans, a movie needed publicity to thrive. To increase the chances of So What’ll It Be of becoming a box-office hit, Rachel and Quinn needed to be seen in public. They needed to be the best of friends, raising awareness that the two best actresses in Hollywood are just as close off-screen. 

“I’m vegan, we can’t have lunch there.” Rachel crossed her arms, annoyed at her co-worker’s choice in food. 

“Oh for Christ’s sakes, just pick a restaurant. I don’t care. We’re just eating. We’ll have the paparazzi take a few pictures, finish our meals then we can go our separate ways.” Quinn kept her voice fairly quiet but there was still a hint of irritation. 

“Sorry for being so picky! At least I’m not taking part in massacring cows and pigs with my teeth like you.” Rachel tried to maintain her composure. Their movie needs to be a success, better than some romance movie between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 

Their publicists made them do everything two best friends would do on a regular basis. Quinn and Rachel were to go shopping together on Rodeo Drive, link arms and smile as they made their way through the shops. They had to be spotted driving together, or even visiting each other’s apartment buildings to make their friendship seem all the more legitimate. After a while, after the arguments about which Hogwarts House was better or why Team Edward would always win over Team Jacob, the friendship turned into something real. 

Maybe their time spent together wasn’t a waste, maybe the competition disappeared amongst all their laughter and smiles. Perhaps Quinn changed Rachel’s contact in her phone from ‘Actress from Hell’ to ‘Best Friend’. Rachel wouldn’t tell anyone, but she kept some bacon in her fridge for when Quinn would visit instead of chastising the blonde each time. 

‘She’s actually, sort of beautiful. Not sort of, she’s beautiful. I like the way she gets excited over the little things, like visiting old broadway theatres.’ Quinn likes to go through her phone in the evenings to see just how many silly pictures Rachel took on their day out. The paparazzi still took pictures and sometimes they were stopped by fans, but spending time together no longer felt like a chore. Quinn preferred it on most days. 

‘Quinn isn’t Grace Kelly, she’s better than that. She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever met, but now I know that it’s not just a nice face. She cries at movies, an actress herself and she still weeps over Ellie’s death in Up.’  Rachel had this habit of watching Quinn’s reactions during a movie. It was an odd habit, but she couldn’t stop doing it. She enjoyed seeing Quinn’s eyes grow wide during scary scenes or the smile that tugs on her lips during funny ones. Rachel had a certain admiration for Quinn, a kind of happiness on the days they’d explore New York City because they just wanted to see each other. 

“Maybe this was just a mistake, Lea. This isn’t me, I was married for a reason. I married a man, I’m sorry if I made you think things that weren’t real. I just can’t… do this.” The fake rain gently fell on Quinn, sliding down her face and drenched her hair. They were filming one of the most emotional scenes in the movie. Quinn felt as if everything was coming to life, like she was speaking to Rachel instead of her character. 

“You’re just scared, Dianna. You’re scared because what we have is real, but I’m not. I want this, so step off the edge with me. Be with me because I love …. you Quinn.” Rachel steps forward, her voice weak and desperate. She wasn’t sure who she was talking to, Quinn or Dianna but at the last second she knew. Rachel changed the script in the final line, she wanted Quinn to know now amidst the fake rain above them. 

“Fuck it.” That wasn’t in the script either, but Quinn said it anyways. Using one hand to pull the brunette’s waist close and the other to cup her cheek, the two actresses press their lips together. It isn’t a stage kiss, there were fireworks in all different colours in the sky. The kiss lasted longer than anticipated, but both women felt like it should’ve continued for longer. 

“I love you too, Rachel.” Quinn is the first to pull away, blushing because she just did the most unprofessional thing in the history of her career. But nevertheless, her feelings for Rachel couldn’t wait. They were holding each other, soaking from rain and brightly smiling. 

“I’m pretty sure the scene wasn’t supposed to go like that.” A voice was heard from the side, but no one cared. No one, not even the director called ‘cut’.