im posting them all because posting photos on tumblr for me is like keeping a journal of how I change over time and its something i can look back on

From the first day we met
I’ve warned you of myself
and how I would bring you
nothing but pain and tears.

I told you of the poisons
that ran through my veins
and the venom that ejects
from the curve of my lips.

I told you of the thorny
barbed wired walls
that stood so high
just to hold who I was inside.

I told you of the bomb
strapped to my chest
with no set countdown
that could explode on any impact.

And I told you of the darkness
that fills the cavities of my lungs
that can suck you in with a force
greater than a black hole in space.

But from the first day we met
you drank my poison
broke down my walls
disengaged the explosion
and inhaled my darkness.

I don’t know what made you
think that I was worth the damage
but I know you have to be the one because nobody has ever
gotten this far
and stayed.
- ph

—  “You Stayed”
Written by: Paige Howard
Homossexualidade e heterossexualidade são como sutiã e biquini, exatamente a mesma coisa, mas um é aceito em público e o outro não.