Baekhyun coughed to the mic, pretended to be in pain, and asked fans to worry about him

Baekhyun: Have you had dinner yet?
Fan: Not yet
Baekhyun: I won’t eat, too. Let’s starve together

A fan gave Baekhyun something like a letter. He got it with two hands, kept nodding his head and said “thanks you”

Baekhyun sang the first line of “Beautiful”

Baekhyun: I met Seoeon and Seojun already! Everyone please raise your hands up like this!!! Please just once, please follow me, come on just once (Fan comment: Mom! It seems Baekhyunie treated us like Seojun and Seoeon babies, he looks like a teacher at kindergarten)

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Exo’s reaction to finding their gf in bed nude

Exo reaction to finding their gf in bed, naked and horny. Thsnkyou

Sehun: I’m sorry, i couldn’t resist XD

Kai: What are you waiting for then?

Tao: I’ve hit the jackpot!!

Kyungsoo: yo

Chanyeol: (I’m pretty sure the gif says it all)


Baekhyun: to the bedroom!

Lay: Well, if you say so..

Suho: what are you doing? Why are you wearing anything? What if someone sees!

Kris: *runs to the drug store for some you know what*

Luhan: *shock horror after entering room*


Oh god, I’m so bad at doing the sexual ones *hides in shame* 

Exo’s reaction to discovering that their girlfriend’s still a virgin

Exo reaction to their if they discovers that their gf is a virgin

Sehun: We can fix that

Kai: It’s ok if you don’t want to do anything we can just cuddle

Tao: Well tomorrow you won’t be one

Kyungsoo: That makes two of us then

Chanyeol: ….liar

Chen: *hip thrusts!!!

Baekhyun: I don’t mind, if you want to then we can and you don’t want to that’s ok too

Lay: really? i won’t do anything that you don’t want then

Suho: Is she kidding or something?…

Kris: What are you waiting for then?…

Luhan: But your so good at other stuff, how are you still a virgin?..

Xiumin: *confused baozi*

Hello there! I’m really sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted it’s just that I’m terriblee at doing anything remotely sexual because I’m a bit of an awkward bean :/

Oh and guys, if you are still a virgin and you’re with someone don’t ever feel pressurised to sleep with them if you’re not ready. Just saying..

Turning Tables - Chapter 1

Kai Fanfic - Chapter 1.

Proglogue (recommended)


Waking from your slumber eyes slowly fluttered open. Light shining into them, reflects making you close them quickly again in pain. The second attempt seemed to be more successful, yet you wished it would be a more happy success. Because finally having your eyes properly on focus made you realise that this isn’t the place you were always familiar with to waking up.

“She’s awake?” a soft feminine voice murmured.

A reply coming from the other side, “Who cares?”

“We do!” Another voice chimed in.

The only things you were able to perceive was the feeling of your tired body that felt like it never wanted to move, together with the soft breathing from your nose. Being disturbed by the louder and more dominant voices of females that you weren’t able to one, two, three recognise. Did you even know them?

Staring at the ceiling made you wonder. Were you in hell?

“She has been lying here for days, taking unconscious sips of water that she can barely keep in her mouth and swallow, I’d say she’s dead,” the voice with the snide remarks speaks again, and if you weren’t so drained you definitely would like to argue back.

Moving your hand slowly to your face to rub your eyes you find yourself staring at skirts and legs, then seeing two faces watching you carefully. Behind them a large window where the sun shines through lightly, curtains from blue satin and you could swear you were dreaming.

“Wh-at,” your voice creaks. And your body slowly starts waking up. This is someone’s room? You take a second to stare at the huge collection books, in front of them on the shelf several picture frames with from your distant seen a table displaying what seem to be prizes.

Suddenly the large door opens and almost slams against the wall if not for the door stop. Creating shocked faces of the still unknown females who are surrounding the king-sized bed you are laying in.

Moving your limbs slowly to see what the cause of the loud bang was had you hiss in pain, you felt like a corpse that came alive after lying rotting for years. Everything hurt, and you felt every small movement your body would make.

Quickly after getting up carefully you hear fancy clicking against the floor, meaning someone had made his enter, you watched him.

Features as beautiful as a god would strive for to obtain, perfectly brought out by the healthy glow he had painted on his skin. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of him, he was like a model in suit and tie and wore an intense stare that slightly made you shiver in fear of what he was going to do next.

The shocked and pushy leave of the girls in black and white clothes made you realise that whatever this man is capable of, you will try to test him too much if needed. The fear in the ladies’ eyes was telling you enough.

“You,” he emphasised as soon as the girls were gone, “you are the reason..”

He walked closer and closer towards you, the clicking of his probably expensive shoes made you anxious. He really knew how to make a moment somewhat fearful of the possible actions by just small movements.

When he stood pretty much near your bed he held the opposite of the frame with two hands leaning slightly forward with one foot slightly crossing the other by the tip, what a dramatic scene. It was almost as if the hall that was so exaggeratedly opened was calling for you to run. Yet the man in black stood there as if he symbolised he wouldn’t let you escape.

“You, are the reason I have been sleeping on the couch, Ms.”

Were you supposed to apologize now? “Oh, I’m err.. sorry.” And quickly add telling your name.

But he ignores your introduction, “You should be, Ms..”

Well way to be rude, Mr. Rich, you decided to drop the curse you would have rather used but decided against it and play the innocent card, “How.. long have I been out? Where am I. Why am I here?”

“My home,” he answered the first question as if it was the most obvious thing ever, “you have been stabbed by a man so you lost a lot of blood.”

You nodded in understanding, images of the event becoming clearer.

“And, I don’t know, a couple of days.. or so. You seemed tired because of your blood loss,” he breathed out.

Life is really punishing you. If you have been out for days then your job… you haven’t been able to call off or at least tell what happened to you! If you are fired, you are dead for life.

“What? No way, I need to get home now!” with horror on  your face you jump out of bed only to hit the ground, your body is not capable yet to do anything yet.

“Woa, woa. Easy there, I think you really should rest right now, give it a day,” he ordered instead and helped you into the bed again by dragging you up.

But who was he to tell you what to do? “You don’t understand, I- I really need to get back now.”

“You will exhaust your body, just rest a day and I will help you tomorrow,” he sighs.

He is right, you have been unconsciously neglecting your normal life anyway now, and you are not able to work.. you can add up a day..

“How did I even end up here,” you ask him timidly and he turns giving you a look you don’t feel safe about.

“Well, darling. Don’t you remember? I had to help up off the dirty street, I even had to carry you and dirtied my suit with your blood.”

You give him an unbelievable look at his words as he points to your leg. Pulling the duvet up you see an exaggerating amount of bandage. Returning an ‘oh’ in response. And he tells you to keep resting, and that everything will be handled tomorrow not even giving you the chance to tell anything, to even ask for his name. It was as if his word was will and it made you somewhat suffocate as he tries to leave again to give you some rest.

“I really don’t know how to thank you-“ but as you try he cuts you off.

“Oh, don’t worry I do.”

Without being able to even ask what he is asking for you in compensation he disappears behind the large doors again. Taking his smirk with him.

What have you done to yourself?

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Kyungsoo dancing.