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Exo’s reaction to their girlfriend cutting her hair really short

Sehun: You look so cute, I think I’m gonna faint!

Kai: …I like it

Tao: So pretty ^^

Kyungsoo:  *contemplating whether or not he likes it or loves it*

Chanyeol: Nice hair babe, I’m liking that

Chen: “and then I was like ho- woahh your hair, it’s so much shorter now!

Baekhyun: Ahhh! I wanna touch your hair now! no? Just once, please

Lay: Nice… very nice

Suho: well, that was a drastic change *taking in the shock of it all*

Kris: *amazed by the beauty of your hair*

Luhan: *gif speaks for itself*

Xiumin: I can’t stop staring at how good you look oo


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Exo’s reaction to discovering you singing really well alone

How would exo react, when they’re find their girlfriend singing softly(while cooking or doing other things) because she thinks, she is alone. And she can sing really good :)

Sehun: holy shit she’s amazing

Kai: Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here and listen

Tao: *just sits there and listens till you notice*

Kyungsoo: No way, that wasn’t her, was it?! When did she become so good?

Chanyeol: ohhhh

Chen: *speechless*

Baekhyun: Babe! You didn’t tell me you could do that? I think we should have a duet now :)

Lay: Is that who I think it is?.. No, she never sings like that..*reevaluates whole life* 

Suho: She’s so perfect!

Kris: What is this?! You’re not supposed to be that good!


Xiumin: well baby, I guess you have a lot to tell me about what you’re amazing at too…

Exo’s reaction to you being their new female boss

Sehun: Cool, not like your gender really matters though, just another person I have to listen to now (by the way that’s a head shake in agreement that women should be the boss!)

 Kai: If anyone harasses you just for being female I’ll fight them….

Tao: Congratulations, I really hope that you have a good time here 

Kyungsoo: well done, you really deserve this position regardless of gender, now down to business, lets talk about getting rid of the rest of the idiots

Chanyeol: Enjoy your time here, don’t let the weirdos and creeps effect you

Chen: *looks into the sunset* don’t let the haters hate 

Baekhyun: *sehun* “I heard she’s already talked to kyungsoo”

ok, so she probably already wants to kill me now

Lay: uhuh, well I have a list of things I’d like for you to look at because our last boss wasn’t so good at doing that for m…

Suho: hi…. *starts being his cheesy self before you can even reply*

Kris: if you mess with any of them, no matter who you are…

Luhan: keep your eyes off xiumin

Xiumin: so the industry’s no longer so sexist… I like it (not in a pervy way)

heyy, sorry if this isn’t too great, I just didn’t want too many people to get offended by this, I promise I’ll do better next time!