I have close to 4738924 headcanons surrounding Leia/the general state of the Rebellion post-ESB (yes, that is an exact number), but of them all my favorite is probably the one which involves the Rebels having to evacuate in the middle of the night shift because of course the Imps found em again (what a concept) and everyone’s rushing about half dressed in their pajamas with one boot on and their belt done backwards and Leia, who rushes onto the scene with her hair in a coming-undone plait down her back (bc I have it on good authority that people with hella long hair braid it before bed), standard issue boots and leggings actually on and her belt and blaster strapped securely around the waist of a four-sizes-too-big white shirt (fFIGHT ME ON THIS SHE TOTALLY STOLE ONE OKAY) obviously makes sure that everyone else is on board the evac transports before she herself jumps aboard. And she has this calm authoritative voice that directs people to their stations and everyone listens to Leia because it’s - well - LEIA, and like she herself looks like she’s about to drop dead from exhaustion and fatigue (she hasn’t been sleeping well and this is also fact I will fight u) but she holds it together and helps high command evac them as soon as possible and like at some point Wes or Wedge or someone (one of the Rogues) is like “nice shirt you Highness” to try to make light of the situation and Leia’s like, in this really loud deadpan voice, “oh you like it? Its designer brand” and everyone starts doing that thing where you’re cracking up but also half-pretending-not-to-cry because they’re high on lack of sleep and adrenalin and it’s a bonding experience.
This is leaving out the part where Leia saves everyone’s ass by knowing how to Fix The Thing on their evac transport using The Rhyming System that she refuses to explain (“WEDGE, QUICKLY, WHAT HYDRAULIC SENSOR WIRE RHYMES WITH ‘SWEETHEART’” “LEIA WHAT THE //HELL// ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT” “DO YOU WANT ME TO FIX THIS THING OR NOT” needless to say Leia wonders later how beneficial those hours fiddling away with the Flacon really were if no one else knows what the hell she’s doing. But then she thinks that someone else DOES know what she’s doing and thinking like THAT is unacceptable, Organa, snap out of it, and she puts on a brave face again my baby girl)
So anyway that is also a thing that is Important.

Afterwards, Hobbie comments to Luke that without Leia Organa the entire Rebellion would probably get it legs knocked out from underneath it in like 3.256 seconds.
Luke has never agreed more.

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