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I've been learning Japanese for a few days now but it's kind of slow. Any tips on faster memorisation or easier memorisation on kanji readings? It's really easy for me to memorise the meaning of the kanji but the readings of the kanji are a lot more difficult 😥

Hm, I would encourage you not to memorize the kun and on readings of the kanji out of context, because it’ll be really hard for you to apply the readings when you memorized them in a certain order. You should also know when to use kun/on readings (Kun: one-word nouns, one-word verbs; On: compound nouns, ~する compound verbs)

Since you just started learning Japanese, I recommend you start with Hiragana and Katakana, because relying on Romaji is a really bad habit that will make it impossible to read real Japanese. Once you know Hiragana and Katakana like the back of your hand, you can move onto simple Kanji, and then build up from there. Here are a few resources to help you get started with Japanese:

- Japanese Learning Resource masterpost 

- an ask I answered previously about Kanji

- I highly recommend Anki for Japanese Kanji and vocabulary. Here’s a guide to using Anki if you’ve never used it before.


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um i hope this isn't weird? idk if you're actually looking for any blind!dean/cas fics but i remember reading a blind!cas one a while ago if you were interested??? omg i'm so sorry i'll go now i just really love you and your blog


 COME HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT dont apologize!!

sure send me the link or tell me the name of the fic! i always have fics queued up to read SO ILL ADD IT TO THE LIST! :D

(omgthank you!)