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Vale el universo me está mosqueando y me pide que siga publicando cosas de música (qué cosas)

En este caso… la canción I’m So Excited con trozos de Juego de Tronos (ojo posibles spoilers)

anonymous asked:

are you still doing the 5 head canons thing? if so could you do enjolras and combeferre as childhood best friends?

I don’t think I ever formally stopped, so yeah why not, these are pretty fun to do :)

  1. Enjolras and Combeferre became official best friends in grade one, during detention. When other people hear this everyone always instantly assumes it’s Enjolras’ fault, that he’d staged a revolt against insubstantial hot lunches or the insufficient time designated to recess or something, and Enjolras never fails to be deeply and personally offended because it was completely and entirely Combeferre’s fault and no one ever believes him.  Combeferre was the one who had brought little plastic spaceships to class that day, and the one who had been standing on the monkey bars trying to make them fly (which was a very disappointing endeavour, plastic isn’t keen on lift) and who ultimately decided that the problem was probably that he just wasn’t high enough.  Enjolras had simply come along at the wrong moment and seen a kid clinging to a branch in one of the big trees in the corner of the playground.  When Enjolras had called up asking if he needed help, Combeferre’d said yes so Enjolras, with a lot of effort, had climbed up and found that Combeferre didn’t need help down, but needed a boost to get higher into the tree.  They ended up getting stuck at the very top (while discovering that plastic spaceships still couldn’t fly if you through them from high up, but you did freak people out if you threw toys down at them from a high up leafy canopy) and sat up there sharing recess snacks until their teachers found them and sent them to the office.  Combeferre being the quiet, bookish student was acquitted of all charges and Enjolras, the rowdy trouble-maker, was assumed to be the corrupting influence and got a call home to his parents.  Enjolras is bitter to this day.
  2. They basically live at each other’s house. Enjolras is an only child and, besides for things like birthday parties or when children were brought by other parents to society dinners being held at their place, he never tended to have friends over at his house, most of his socialization happening at daycare or in class.  So his parents are a little thrown by the sound of two children shrieking and running and playing in their huge house but they both love Combeferre and dote on his when he’s over.  Combeferre loves Enjolras’ house because it’s so big and there’s so many rooms that no one’s using so they have very intense games, often with complex geography created out of all the rooms and stairways and halls.  Combeferre, on the other hand, has an older brother and sister, and Enjolras is equally enthralled by this, the presence of other children making a fuss and simply… coexisting around him.  Combeferre’s parents are both incredibly warm and welcome Enjolras in like it’s the most natural thing in the world.  After a couple years it was just accepted as practical for both to keep some toiletries, a pair of pajamas, and a change of clothes at the other’s house.
  3. One weekend (past Enjolras’ bedtime, but he was sitting up in bed reading) Enjolras is drawn to his window by the flickers of a flashlight, flashing in a secret code he and Ferre had come up with.  Ferre is standing outside his window, holding something in his arm, and beckoning for Enjolras to come down.  So Enjolras sneaks out the backdoor and meets Ferre where he’s sitting on the balcony furniture, a cardboard box sitting on the table.  When he opens it, he reveals a tiny, baby rabbit sat on a towel.  Combeferre explains that it he had seen it in the bush, just lying there and not doing anything; he’d waited all day to see if the mother rabbit would come and when she didn’t and night finally fell he’d snuck out to it.  It didn’t run away when he got close, and Ferre had figured out that it must be hurt so he’d bundled it up and run off to find Enjolras.  The two hatch grand plans on helping heal the bunny – they could keep it in the playhouse in Ferre’s backyard and feed it and take care of it until it’s better again (and then they both secretly imagined it forming a friendship with them and staying with them like in books).  It would be their secret pet.  This last for three days, but as time passes the bunny eats less of what it’s given and by the fourth day when Enjolras runs over to Combeferre’s place to check on the bunny before school starts he finds Ferre sitting in the grass sobbing.  The bunny had died.  This is the first time either of them ever experienced death and they are inconsolable for a week because it was just so unfair the bunny didn’t do anything, it had lost its mom and was hurt and was supposed to get better.  They’re so upset that even after their parents find out they were handling a wild animal without permission they can’t bring themselves to punish them, though there were some stern talkings-to amid the comfort and unexpected life lessons. To this day, even though they never talk about it, both of them still think back and remember the bunny.
  4. For the first number of years Enjolras was always the tallest one of the two.  He was skinny and willowing and he would unabashedly gloat about being taller.  (It also meant he saw it as his duty to help lift Combeferre up or carrying him around because he was “the biggest”, even though Combeferre had a much thicker build and almost certainly weighed more than Enjolras.  A number of their bruises could often be explained by Enjolras trying to lift Combeferre and both of them smacking into a wall or falling into gravel or something.) However, once puberty starts to hit Combeferre starts to grow and just does not stop.  Enjolras is always quietly certain that once his growth spurt hits he’ll catch up but it just… doesn’t happen.  (Combeferre’s family absolutely has a height chart in their house that Enjolras was added to when they were little, and after Combeferre started to grow taller Enjolras could occasionally be found standing next to it when no one else was looking, standing on his toes.)  In high school when Combeferre’s a towering 6’3” and Enjolras is 5’11” he accepts defeat, but does so gracelessly because Combeferre will never forget the first eight odd years of their friendship where Enjolras was taller.  Combeferre takes vindictive glee in resting his elbow on Enjolras’ shoulder, or patronizingly asking if he needs help getting things down from “the high shelves”, and holding things up out of Enjolras’ reach. (Courfeyrac, who meets them in university and is about 5’6”, hates them both and kicks their ankles if they start at it around him.)
  5. They were absolutely those kids who invented a secret language.  Combeferre was the mastermind.  He got a book from a Scholastic book sale that came with a decoding wheel to use while reading the book and naturally that meant that Combeferre with his eight-year-old determination had to memorize it.  Which naturally meant he then showed Enjolras.  So first they sent notes back and forth to each other in it.  But then that was only handy if you had paper and a pencil, so then they invented sounds to go with the symbols and for a while they just did their best to use the symbols and their sounds in place of letters. And it just spiralled out of control, with them tweaking rules to make it easier to speak, and then changing sentence structure rules to make it harder. At first their parents thought it was cute and inventive but then they got good at it.  They spoke it for over a week straight.  They got time out from the teacher.  They got sent to the office.  They got sent to their rooms by their parents.  They were threatened with every sort of punishment but they just laughed it off in their secret language.  It was only after a week when they were threatened to not be allowed to see each other until they “smartened up” that they finally gave in and resorted back to English because speaking together in a normal language was better than not speaking because of a fake one.  (Combeferre finds his old decoder wheel and notebook explaining their language one time when he’s back visiting his family during university reading break.  He’s so excited he brings it back to school with him to show Enjolras.  Les Amis are baffled the first day back to class when they find Enjolras and Combeferre babbling nonsense at each other – they’re genuinely concerned that they finally cracked under the stress.)