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Did you know….I’m still not over this one video
The editing is pure perfection
The Song choice is brilliant 

Song: Sasurai Goza Makura
Artist: V!Ctor10u$
Editor: Grable424

Thank you @jenkemmag @joeysinko for a sweet edit!!!! And thank you #skateboarding and all the #epic talented individuals I’ve gotten the chance to work with.I owe it to you guys!you know who you are.The list of names is far to great to post here.#mahalo photo by @ryanallan #stolenfromtheweb

anonymous said:

THG had the cave scene. CF had the beach scene. Which Everlark moment in MJ would you say is THE scene you are looking forward to most in the movie?

That’s tough. I’ll list one for each separate Mockingjay movie:

MJ1: Katniss & Peeta’s reunion. I know to some people they are completely and totally dreading it. I’m looking forward to the moments up to that that I hope will be revealing to the audience of Katniss’s true feelings for Peeta—her desire to kiss him, see his smile, hear his laugh. I hope they portray those things well. 

I also want to see Josh play Peeta in his hijacked form. I think it will be an amazing part of the movie.

MJ2: So after….I can’t wait for to hear her say “real” to him. It is going to be a culmination of everything Everlark that we’ve anticipated—even more than the Epilogue for me. Plus, any form of sex scene will a bonus and that’s my hope. 

What about you guys??