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I don't know what to call my art/graphic design blog. And I don't have a fancy name that sounds good like yours. Mine is weird and hard to pronounce. Can you help or give any advice?

I lucked out with a simple alliteration for a name at birth, but if you don’t like your own given one — or you question how marketable it might be — just come up with literally any other one you want. Charles Dodgson, Onika Maraj, Dominikos Theotokpulos, and Aubrey Graham are just a few people who did so, and things worked out alright for them.

That said, I do have some suggestions for artist pseudonyms:

  • Dirk Chestchin
  • Ella Telenovella
  • Garbáge
  • Paint Panther
  • Ceyoncé
  • Brock Ketchum
  • uhuh
  • Eggplant Emoji
  • Kony
  • Salazar Gringot
  • Ibu
  • Roy Biv
  • Samantha Spratt

Best of luck with your #brand

EXO's Sehun & Chanyeol celebrate fellow member Chen's birthday


In honor of EXO-M’s lead vocalist Chen’s 23rd birthday, his fellow members Sehun and Chanyeol shared some special pictures of him via Instagram.

The two daring members uploaded some derpy, embarrassing photos of their fellow member onto their Instagrams earlier today.

Chanyeol posted an extreme closeup picture of Chen smiling, along with the caption:

Funky Chen!! My friend Jongdae!! Happy birthday!! Whatever happens from now let’s do it with our best I love you!! emoji#I’mlivingonlytoday #it’smybirthday #soIguesstheywon’tgetmad #maybe #butyou’resomewhatgoodlooking #respect #let’ssingmore #likeabirthday #mynoonawhowelovesomuch #happybirthday

Soon after, Sehun posted a derpy picture of Chen lying down that was taken at just the right moment to make Chen look funny. His picture had the caption:

Funky Chen. Jongdae hyung. Happy birthday I love you hyung is the best!!

EXO-L’s around the world have been celebrating Chen’s birthday, using hashtags, among other things, to share their love. #HappyChenDay, which has been trending worldwide on Twitter all day, #ItsOkayThatsCHEN, #종대야생일축하해, and #KimJongDay have all trended around the world as fans celebrate the singer’s birthday. 

Chen will be spending his birthday with fans and members, as EXO is currently in Beijing, China for their “Lost Planet Tour.” The group will then continue onto Japan in November for the next leg of their concert. 

Source: EXO-M Weibo, Chanyeol Instagram, Sehun Instagram

5sos Preference #69 ;): You Two Come Out As a Couple On Social Media and The Boys “React”

Ashton: (Twitter) “@Ashton5sos: You guys have been suspicious for a while, but i have a gf!!! @YourTwitter (pic attached of him kissing your cheek)”

“@Calum5sos: @Ashton5sos @YourTwitter ASH I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL”

“@YourTwitter: @Calum5sos @Ashton5sos HOW DARE I BE MADE THE OTHER WOMAN”

“@Ashton5sos: @YourTwitter @Calum5sos BABE IT’S NOT WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE”

“@YourTwitter: @Ashton5sos @Calum5sos WHICH ONE OF US IS SUPPOSED TO BE BABE??! #youMANWHORE”

“@Ashton5sos: @YourTwitter I CAN CHANGE”

Calum: (Instagram) (Picture with cute filter of you and Calum in a cute selfie, cheek to cheek) “calumhood: This is my girlfriend @yourinsta isn’t she a cutie? *monkey covering eyes emoji*”

“luke_is_a_penguin: you guys are to cute, get a room AND NOT MINE THIS TIME”

“yourinsta: @luke_is_a_penguin get better spelling <3”

“luke_is_a_penguin: @yourinsta get out of my bunk ;) <3”

“calumhood: @luke_is_a_penguin STOP FLIRTING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND”

“luke_is_a_penguin: @calumhood STOP FUCKING HER IN THE BUNKS”

“yourinsta: @luke_is_a_penguin STOP COMMENTING THESE THINGS THIS IS *PUBLIC*”

Luke: (Facebook) “5 Seconds of Summer: MEET MY GIRLFRIEND Y/N (pic attached of you snuggling with Luke on the tour bus)

(Comment thread)

“Michael Clifford: Maybe I don’t want to meet your girlfriend.”

“Y/N Y/L/N: Michael Clifford :(“

“Luke Hemmings: Michael don’t be a dick to my girlfriend”

“Michael Clifford: Fine Y/N I want to meet you. Even though I already have. like a billion times”

“Y/N Y/L/N: Michael :D”

“Luke Hemmings: Y/N why dont u send me cute emoticons :(“

“Y/N Y/L/N: Luke :D :) ;) <3”

“Luke Hemmings: Y/N :D <3”

“Michael Clifford: Luke and Y/N shut up”

Michael: (Tumblr) “5sos-official: (image of you sitting in Michael’s lap throwing up the rock llamas) I’m using the Tumblrs to tell you I dyed my hair silver! And I have a girlfriend. She has a tumblr. its yourpersonaltumblr. Y/N’s awesome <3 xxx Michael”

“yourpersonaltumblr: (reblogs it and adds) I helped dye your hair! Just fyi for the fam”

“5sos-official: (reblogs it and adds) I took the photo! Why didn’t I get credit you dick Ashx”

“5sos-official: (reblogs it and adds) Because I was too busy telling people about my girlfriend you asshole -Michael”

“yourpersonaltumblr: (reblogs it and adds) It was a great photo Ash. Now everyone knows.”

“5sos-official: (reblogs it and adds) it is a great photo. because i took it :D Ashx”

“yourpersonaltumblr: (reblogs it and adds) kinda not the point ash”

“5sos-official: (reblogs it and adds) It was the point Ashx”

“5sos-official: (reblogs it and adds) Fuck off -Michael”