i want to talk about modern witches!phan. and i’m not talking about harry potter or about wizards, i’m saying witches. i’m saying them living in an attic apartment in london and going to the shop to buy milk but also phil can you bring some carnation leaves for the potion on your way home we ran out. i’m saying them having domestic arguments about phil leaving the cupboards open but also dan you need to stop doing pentagram rituals at four in the morning i’m trying to fucking sleep now come to bed you idiot. i’m saying they have a black cat phil’s mad in love with, and that the first thing phil taught himself to do when he mastered magic is how to get rid of his cat allergy, and how to unnaturally grow plants. (the entire ceiling of their apartment is a jungle, and dan says he hates this about fifteen times a day but secretly when phil’s not home he calls the plants by the names phil gave them.)

modern witches!phan, featuring floating candles, half-made potions and phil’s ceiling jungle. also, dan’s sweater. inspired by this shirt

this is an entire universe my mind’s fallen into recently. i also drew their character design (that differs slightly from irl dan and phil), and tried to put together a list of headcanons. clearly, i have a problem.

[thanks so much to plantboylester (aka nate) who listened to me ramble about this and also provided me the place to describe this shit without feeling pressured, so now i have a pic caption. you’re my favourite son, son.]

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If League of Legends was a 90′s cartoon (and had the Ducktales theme)…

Been developing this cartoon since September 2014. So many months! So happy to finally reveal it to the interwebz! Please enjoy :D

Music instrumentals by the talented
Yoav Landau - http://www.youtube.com/thelivingtombstone/

Animation, lyrics and vocals by
David Smith (me!)http://www.youtube.com/wolfmercenary/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/crikeydave

They say, follow your heart.
So I did and it led me to you.

They say, follow your intuition.
It also led me to you.

They say, follow your dreams.
Even my dreams start with you and led me to you.

They say, follow the rhythm of your soul.
Even my soul says you’re my soul mate and led me to you.

But it seems that they were all wrong as destruction was the only thing you led me to.