100 Happy Days #53

Well, I could tell a long story about why I can no longer do laundry at my apartment complex, but the happy story for the day is I found the coolest nicest laundry center on the planet, went grocery shopping, cleaned my kitchen, and read a book. Feeling refreshed and ready for tomorrow!

100 Happy Days

#51: I had a pretty great Friday and a fun time going out!

#52: I ran a bunch of errands this morning and I am going to a potluck tonight! Woot woot!

100 Happy Days #49
Purdoodle has a very active Women In Engineering Graduate Mentoring Program, which works on a model where we all mentor each other because everyone can learn something valuable from anyone. One of the awesomest parts of GMP are the sub-clubs, such as knitting/crafts club, book club, sports clubs, social hour club, etc. tonight I checked out a new coffee place and did cross stitch with knitting club. It is such a wonderful way to get connected and make new friends. We talked about all sorts of stuff, like if you should change your name when you get married, what we’ve been reading lately, classes, professors, the Lafayette social scene… It was awesome. I love when ordinary days turn into something awesome.

100 Happy Days #47

I accomplished so much today!

{2 Classes, Lab meeting, scheduled a partners study session, scheduled safety training, mailed 2 letters, went to the grocery store, went to the library, played sand volleyball…}

I’m feeling happy, healthy and accomplished today!