100 Happy Days #25

I’ve been texting with my sister all day; she has a cell phone for the first time in 3 years!

I also can’t believe I’m a quarter of the way through this challenge of finding the positive in the everyday!

100 Happy Days #16

Today was awesome!
1) I opened 2 bank accounts.
2) I went to Target twice.
3) I mailed 2 birthday presents for family back home.
4) I FaceTime’d a good friend.
5) I decided to treat myself and am now enjoying hot fresh dark chocolate brownies and Mike’s.

I am adapting to being alone in Indiana and looking forward to school starting so I can start meeting new people!

100 Happy Days #22

I read an entire book poolside, had a great chat with the postwoman when she came to the pool after work, and got 4 pieces of mail - including a sonic gift card from mom that had been “lost” for a bit. :-)