Masterlist. Updated as of 12/21/14

Music Imagines:
5 Seconds of Summer:
Michael Clifford:
Bad Ass Girl: Part 1.
Bad Ass Girl: Part 2. **Smut**
Luke Hemmings:
Ashton Irwin:
Sex Before Marriage. (Requested)
Untitled Make Out Session. (Requested)
One Direction:
Niall Horan:
Christmas Niall.
Harry Styles:
Baby It’s Cold Outside.
Wesley Stromberg:
Can We Talk?
Wesley Cuddles.
Jack and Jack:
Jack Gilinsky:
Be My Girl?
Skate and Sammy Wilk:
Nate Maloley:
Untitled: Part 1.
Untitled: Part 2.
Scary Movie.
Nightmare. (Requested.)
Birthday Sex. (Requested) **Smut**
Sammy Wilkinson:
Surprise Birthday. (Requested) **Smut**

Vine Imagines:
Cameron Dallas:
CamCam: Part 1.
CamCam: Part 2.

YouTube Imagines:
JC Caylen:
Be My Princess?
Be My Queen? **Smut**

All It Takes is One: (Ashton Irwin)
Chapter 1: Edited.
Chapter 2: Edited.
Chapter 3: Edited.
Chapter 4: Edited.
Chapter 5: Edited. **Smut**
Chapter 6: Edited.
Chapter 7: Edited.
Chapter 8.
What You Thought You Knew: (Michael)
Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.

Authors Note: This will not be updated till the second of January. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love you guys. -Cass, Vic, Maggi.