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Episode with @elizadushku, Nate and @judydushku talk about @THRIVEGulu in Uganda ! Great interview, enjoy !!!! #5by5


I never really felt that cultural stigma of “I’m a girl and therefore can’t do such and such.” It didn’t originate from being a bad girl. I think it came from being encouraged to be outspoken, smart, bold and fearless, and that translated. I remember walking into my first audition here in Boston, and a lot of the girls were in dresses, with their mothers there. My brother brought me. I’d come straight from the playground, in a dirty T-shirt and cut-offs. Lucky for me, they were looking for a tomboy, but I had a sense of myself and it wasn’t a societal standard. I think it made me stand out.

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@elizadushku Panel - Salt Lake City Comic Con - September 2014

Wizard World Richmond Comic Con Photo Op Schedule
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#Tbt : @elizadushku sing “Girls just want to have fun”. I love her moves, the next time I bring her to the Bronze !!! ;-)

Sorry for the quality. Enjoy !!!!