This whole world is swimming in WiFi. We’re living in a WiFi soup. Suppose something got inside it. Suppose there was something living in the WiFi. Harvesting human minds. Extracting them. Imagine that. Human souls trapped like flies in the World Wide Web. Stuck forever. Crying out for help.


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Whoufflé Meme: [3/3] Places → Modern Day London
↳ This whole world is swimming in wifi. We’re living in a wifi soup. Suppose something got inside it. Suppose there was something living in the wifi, harvesting human minds. Extracting them. Imagine that. Human souls trapped like flies in the world-wide web. Stuck forever, crying out for help. 

*Whouffle*Whouffle* Get yer Tuesday evening whouffle here…As I began this I realized that nobody ever sent a request in for a beach scene…!!! Do young people not have sex on beaches anymore? Ah, but I behaved and kept the sex out of this one, just a little fluffy date scene, we can’t have too many of those…

teadalek said to stfu-moffat:

I wouldn’t be surprised if she kept stressing it because they were going to “kiss”. Look, it’s okay they’re in a married committed relationship, it’s fine that they’re gay! I mean they clearly had to make excuses for them to be able to kiss, when it was fine for eleven to go around kissing everything in sight.

If the only way you can think to show that two females are married is to have one of them flirting with another female so their wife has to remind them that they’re married, then you’re crap at writing married couples and need to rethink your attitudes to queer women.

You might be right though - maybe they (Moffat and/or the BBC) felt they had to remind the audience that these were two committed wives. It’s a huge change from Eleven’s behaviour.

- C

There’s something that’s been bugging me since December, and that’s just kept festering since I saw Deep Breath when it leaked about a month ago and now that everyone’s seen it I can finally talk about it. 

We know Clara’s been with The Doctor for about three years now. This means we only got 12 days out of almost 200 one could estimate they spent together if they only saw each other on Wednesdays. This is tremendously upsetting to me, but I’ll reserve that for another rant. If in addition to those hundred odd days we know for a fact they spent together we also take into consideration that adventures with The Doctor more often than not last more than a single day and that they used the Tardis to relive missed birthdays, go to restaurants, watch shows, etc, conceivably that could bring the time they spent together closer to a full year worth of days. A year in which we know they had deep conversations about The Doctor’s dreams and where he wants to go. A year in which they must have talked about the Time Stream incident, her echoes, her thoughts of leaving the Maitlands, her aspirations of a new job, etc. A year in which Clara became the person who knows him better than anyone else in the universe, Eleven became Clara’s best friend, and they both developed deep rooted feelings for each other that lead to unconditional trust. So, so, soooooo…you really expect me to believe Clara Oswald has no idea who Amelia Pond is? 



Per TNOTD we know they’ve talked about River Song multiple times. Does Moffat really want me to buy into The Ponds never coming up in those conversation either? She’s spent time with Jenny, Vastra, and Strax at least twice and they all knew Amy and Rory as well. Am I to assume they never even mentioned Amy Pond even though they were part of a massive team who helped The Doctor save her and her baby? When Eleven and Clara talked about the way they met for the very first time in Victorian London with the Governess on a cloud, am I to pretend he never told her why he was living in seclusion and how she brought him down? Am I to presume Clara in her infinite curiosity never asked him who he was traveling with before? Specially since she saw all his previous companions in the "Clara and The Tardis" minisode?

I’m aware he probably didn’t disclose every single companion he’s ever had, but we’re not talking about companions of three or ten regenerations ago, we’re talking about the companion he spent most of that regeneration with. The first face that face saw? The girl seared into his hearts? Oh please…nothing irritates me more than when a writer willingly creates an unnecessary plot hole just to serve a gimmicky plot point, specially if it’s just to leave room for two measly lines of dialogue.