sometimes i think about how twelve regrets not making himself clara’s boyfriend. sometimes i think about how touchy clara and eleven were when i think of twelve being adamant about him not being into hugs now. sometimes i think about twelve trying to put up these physical walls between himself and clara because it pains him to have made that mistake. sometimes i think about twelve doing everything he can to get over her, thinking that by now it’s too late for them to have a chance. 

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Studying human nature was something that Stella dreamed of since childhood. For a girl who had grown up in sterile rooms of alien base built on H-642, the planet she came from, it was hard to fit into the human world, but Stella tried. Now, she feels the students of La Fiesta Tech have accepted her - she has even made a few friends, who protect her from curious glares of uninitiated people. Also, they think Stella’s freckles are super cute, which is the biggest compliment. In her free time, Stella enjoys reading history books and, of course, studying human nature. She still doesn’t get what “love” is. Like, being willing to sacrifice own life for someone? It’s crazy! And makes no sense, don’t you think?

By Nineyellowgirl