Please, do not forget the human element to role-play. It is so tedious reading about so many characters who don’t flinch at anything, who forget that we are sentient beings with human(oid) emotions. Rumors hurt people, people dying is depressing, there is such thing as honor and differences in culture, and it seems that so many writers forget this. It’s very important to writing and for character development. Please don’t forget the human element, even with a supernatural character.

Key Elements to Working with INTJs

  • Do be direct with the INTJ and expect the truth from them.

  • Do offer constructive feedback, INTJs love to improve ideas.

  • Do not express an opinion unless you are ready to back it up with sound evidence.

  • Do not engage the INTJ in small talk and repetition of statements.

  • Do ask for clarification of ideas. 


You, who takes oxygen from the universe,
and gives back carbon dioxide in return.

You, who basks in sunshine at seven in the morning,
and solidifies your bones with it.

You, whose parts are organs and tissues and cells and elements and molecules and stars.

One day, you will return the dust you’ve borrowed from this old, old universe.

But until then,

You are a piece of this moving everything.

And everything is not everything without you.
—  n.t.

“In Anansi or Ivy, supine black bodies fuse together into sculptural oddities that are borne out of a soluble relation to the earth. And yet a certain ironic dissonance is produced by the whiteness of a shirt in shadow, or the presence of England’s Three Lions on a pair of shorts. The antinomies of blackness and whiteness, of the earthly and the intellectual, the savage and the saviour, are here overt structuring elements of the image. But such tensions as these contrasts evoke do not trouble a long history of ethnic degradation – they reinforce it as a further instance of the theatrical acquiescence we have come to expect from subservient, primitive blacks. (…)

Sassen claims to “focus on the process of addressing the viewer,” arguing that her portraits are “about the gaze of the viewer and about my own perspective” as opposed to “some truth about the photographed subject.”

We are thus invited to consider the extent to which these images, in their repetitive subjugation of nubile black bodies, might expand our sense of ourselves or of the photographer’s perspective – that is, we are invited to consider ‘Africa’ as an expression of the West. On this logic, Africa’s representational function is purely to mirror the pressing nature of largely western preoccupations. And so the bodies in these images exist purely to serve.”

— The Stilled Life of the Pikinini: Viviane Sassen’s Pikin Slee, just published at


Episode Duscae is confimed to be coming alongside FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD on March 17th (20th for Europe). 

Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae takes place near the beginning of Final Fantasy XV – but certain elements will be different from the final game. This is a special demo and we want you to get hands on with a unique first-play experience that will be able to give you a better feeling for the game as a whole. While we don’t want to give too much of the final game away in Episode Duscae we do want you to have a much better understanding of Final Fantasy XV by the end of it.

Episode Duscae is set near the beginning of Final Fantasy XV so you don’t have to worry about any major plot spoilers and you’ll be able to explore a certain part of the world and experience the new battle system.

hmmm you know it makes me giggle a bit when i see water relating only to ‘empathy’ and ‘compassion’ and ‘psychic activity’… hmm well observation can tell you there is more to the sequence than this. the body of water is the collective unconscious, the unbound, oceanic experience. in taoist tradition water is the most powerful of elements. what the individual does with this power is up to him. we see mystic is one who has learnt to swim. the criminal, drug addict and the mad, also relate to water. and lets not only associate this with scorpio. rupert murdoch is full of water. he has 6 water planets. and none of these are in scorpio. this man is a serious threat to the wellbeing of humanity. the people destroying the country right now are also a frontbench of water. we’ve been into space but still haven’t traveled to the bottom of the ocean. and likewise, we still haven’t figured out the mystery of water. it remains ill defined, illusive, and like liquid beads that pass straight through your hands

Key Elements to Working with INTPs

  • INTPs value logic above all else, so maintain logical arguments.

  • Do not insult an INTP or dismiss their values: they will get extremely defensive.

  • INTPs act like mirrors to those they are around: they reciprocate emotions.

  • Plans and schedules do not suit an INTP: give them freedom of action.

  • Be honest with an INTP. 

authorizedstargazer said:

how does this commission thing work?

it depends on what you want. i think i’m pretty easy to work with, and i’m open to doing anything. here’s a rough guide (but everything & price is negotiable within reason) :

  • if you just want me to draw something for you, depending on how big on how much detail + what you’re using it for, i’m game for anywhere from 15-40 bucks (the steeper end being high detail stuff, tattoo flashes, whatever)
  • if you want to draw a page of comics for you, i start at 25 a page usually, and 15 for each additional.
  • if you want a comic book made for you (anywhere from 10-20 pages with a front and back cover) i usually go from 50-80 dollars, very dependent on how many pages and how much detail/ color/ collage elements you want/ what your subject matter request is/ etc.
  • poster type of work i normally do 40-50 for. 
  • also if you want me to send you the original work in addition to scans, i can and will via express mail for 15 dollars more. which i think is fairly reasonable.

if you’re interested in commissioning me email me ( describing what you want and giving me some references to work with, and we’ll figure it out. most personal commission work takes me anywhere from a couple of days to a month-ish (if it’s a comic book- because i’m currently working on 4 in addition to personal projects and work) to get done. i like to exchange phone numbers so we can keep in touch and i can send you progress pictures or sketches and outlines before moving forward.


Gentlemen Broncos is a panned 2009 film with one redeeming element: a opening credits scene that used retro sci-fi art for book covers with titles that credited the cast and crew. Here are the covers and artists, along with the scene itself. The Sam Rockwell look-alike is particularly impressive.

The director/writers discuss the process here, and it’s fascinating.

Questions you need to answer when designing a game

So I’ve gotten a number of questions as to how to go about starting when you have a nebulous game idea. If I am starting a new project, these are the core questions I always need to answer before I can flesh things out. Keep in mind that these can be applied on a micro as well as macro scale. They can apply to a specific feature, or they can apply to the entire game.


Read More

this is an easy, pantry tomato soup i came up with. i’ve been eating a lot of packaged food lately and figured it might be best to actually make something for myself. craving grilled cheese and tomato soup with no money or soup to speak of, i realize pasta sauce and tomato soup essentially have the same ingredients and after a bit of googling, figured something out with what i had at home!

what you’ll need:

  • a jar of any pasta sauce
  • 2 cups of water
  • a pat of butter (a tablespoon, maybe less)
  • herbs to taste (fresh or dry. i used dried basil)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a creamy element. i used some creme fraiche from trader joe’s i had in the fridge for a bit that wasn’t going to keep for much longer but heavy cream can naturally be substituted. whole milk, sour cream, ricotta, maybe even parm are all things to can use to add a cream element as well or you can skip it altogether if you prefer!
  1. if you’re a fan of chunky soup, skip this step. for a smooth soup, dump the jar of pasta sauce into the blender with the 2 cups of water
  2. melt the butter in a saucepan and then add the herbs and sautee for a minute or so.
  3. add in the sauce/water mixture
  4. add a little sauce and pepper to taste while bringing to a boil.
  5. reduce to simmer on low after it’s reached a rolling boil, stirring frequently. at this point, you can simmer for however long you’d like. i tend to like letting it sit on low for a bit while i go read in my bedroom because i like the more concentrated taste but 5-10 minutes would be enough!
  6. whisk in your creamy element! in my case, creme fraiche.
  7. continue adding salt and pepper to taste (or don’t) until you feel like the dish is seasoned to your liking
  8. serve! if you’re me, you’ll accompany this with a grilled cheese and toss little pieces into the soup and eat them right out of there
Key Elements to Working with INFJs

  • Do not criticize the INFJ.

  • Be open, honest, and sincere.

  • Do offer meaningful feedback.

  • Do allow for creativity, INFJs love working on collaborative projects

  • Be supportive. 

anonymous said:

Zammii, what do you do if certain friends believe that only realism and anime is "the best" art style and tell you cartoony style sucks? I draw in cartoony with a bit of realism, but my friends want me to go back to draw anime again. I like your style since it's define as your style and takes elements from anime, cartoons, and a bit of realism (in your coloring that is).

tell em to shove off cause honestly theres no best form of art only lots of different better in their own ways art. tell em to stop try to limit your creativity to just one art style

kay-faraday said:

Hi! I didn't see this anywhere on your faq or tutorials, so i hope its ok to ask! is there a blur tool on photoshop elements 8 or do you use some kind of technic for blending? your colouring is extremely natural and i can't get the same effect on photoshop (i use cs5). Your art is seriously amazing!

Of course it’s okay to ask me things :D

Ahh, the blur tool… now, this is just my completely unprofessional opinion here but I hate it. I never use it. I don’t encourage anyone to use it. And I’m going to tell you why.

The blur tool can lead to lazy painting. Using it means you dont have to mix and therefore you lose a lot of tone and value in skin shades. I find that using it can take away precision and control because you’re letting the transitions between colours depend almost entirely on the computer, which ties into the second part of your question. to get a “natural” feel you can’t rely on the computer, let me show you.


Really look at these. If this was someones skin, which looks more natural?The hand mixed one. How? The blurred one has two colours, the hand mixed one started with two, then I mixed two more intermediate colours, then I hand blended them together, effectively creating several more colours. Even though the blurred one has technically mixed the colours, one colour is so light and the other so dark that the blur tool doesn’t provide enough intermediate colours for it to look convincing. 

Using the blur tool also means you lose some control over your colours. In the example above, what if you wanted the dark colour to blur over the light colour, effectively darkening the whole rectangle? You can’t do that with the blur tool, the tool works indifferently and uniformly. If you decide to blur something, you need to be positive that the two colours you’re blurring are in the perfect place, in the perfect lighting, and are close enough together to need no more intermediate colours. But to get that “natural” look you’re talking about you need variation, you need visible brush strokes for texture,imperfection, sharp shadows, and soft gradients, none of which are possible with the mechanical nature of the blur tool.

Some artists manage to make the blur tool work for them, it’s part of their style, and thats totally cool. Personally, I like to have a more painterly feel in my digital art and the strangely airbrushed weirdness of the blur tool just does not work for me. I suggest, especially if you’re new to digital art or art in general, stay away from it and keep yourself from falling into the pit of lazy painting.

Anyway, there’s my rant for the day, on to my own shading technique.


so I start off with my messy line drawing


then I but basic colours underneath with this brush


it has no pen pressure and it’s set at normal, 100% opacity. then using the same brush I do basic shading still underneath the line work to flesh out the light source and skin tone


then using this soft round brush


which is sort of pressure sensitive (it only goes so dark on one stroke, if you want it darker you have to physically lift the pen off the tablet and go over it again) on normal and 100% opacity.


I shade on top of the linework.

This bit isn’t done yet and I’ll refine it with the same round brush only in a smaller size. But look at the left clavicle, theres a very dark shadow and a very light part where the bone rises leaving a sharp shadow between them. some shading is required for the transition between the two parts but if you used the blur tool, you’d lose the sharpness of the edge.

Anyway, I’m not an expert and my way isn’t the “right” way so experiment! See what works for you. But my advice remains; be wary of the blur tool. Mixing colours is an important skill to have in art, in digital and (definitely) traditional mediums. 

Hope this helps!!!