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Could you tell us more about your ocs? Like in their main story. Like how they met and stuffs? Is it like that pole dancing comic or is that another AU? (Sorry I just really love your ocs and want to learn more about them orz srykbye)

They don’t really have a main story I GUESS?? In my head they’re more like actors and every AU is just a new movie I’m tossin g them into LAUGHS

Fay had an abusive father and he ran away from home at some point and tries to make a life for himself. He’s trying to get away from his past but somehow he can’t really shake it. 
Tyler comes from a normal-ish family but he grew up never really having a purpose in life?? If that makes sense? Like he doesn’t know what he wants to do or where he’s going and he sorta just lives in the moment.

They meet at different points in their lives depending on the AU, but basically Tyler’s like ‘heeey that blonde is cute’ and Fay is like ‘You’re so annoying get away from me’ but as time goes on he realizes that Tyler is someone in his life that he can actually count on, and Tyler realizes that Fay gives him some purpose in life omg i sound so corny I FEEL SO CORNY WRITING THIS PUTS FACE IN HANDS IM SORRY 


Previews from the “Deep Cuts 2: 12” tributes to Our Music Heroes" art show, opening September 26th, 2014, at the Guzu Gallery. Available online Monday, September 29th, HERE.

Misfits by Alexander Iaccarino / Tumblr

NIN - Pretty Hate Machine by Sal Gabriel / Tumblr / Twitter

Metallica by Daniel Aranda

Joy Division by Eric Torres

Daft Punk by Devin Lawson