My paternal line!! Haplogroup T!!!
In human population genetics, mitochondrial (mtDNA) haplogroups define the major lineages of direct maternal (female) lines back to a shared common ancestor in Africa.
Its highest frequencies are in two Semitic speaking peoples: the Amhara and the Tigrai

Elite endurance runners!!!
Possible patterns between Y-chromosome and elite endurance runners were studied in an attempt to find a genetic explanation to the Ethiopian endurance running success. Given the superiority of East African athletes in international distance running over the past four decades, it has been speculated that they are genetically advantaged. Elite marathon runners from Ethiopia were analysed for K*(xP) which according to the previously published Ethiopian studies is attributable to the haplogroup T[178] and specifically to the T1a1a* (old T1a*) subclade, according to further studies.[1] T1a1a* was found to be proportionately more frequent in the elite marathon runners sample than in the control samples than any other haplogroup, therefore this y-chromosome could play a significant role in determining Ethiopian endurance running success. Haplogroup T1a1a* was found in 14% of the elite marathon runners sample of whom 43% of this sample are from Arsi province. In addition, haplogroup T1a1a* was found in only 4% of the Ethiopian control sample and only 1% of the Arsi province control sample. T1a1a* is positively associated with aspects of endurance running, whereas E1b1b1 (old E3b1) is negatively associated.
Haplogroup T is common in northern Somalia and in the Somalis of Ethiopia. It is found in frequency of greater than 10 percent in populations of Kenya Tanzania and Cameroon. It is notable for being widespread in Tanzania where it is more common than Kenya . It has also been detected in the limba populations of Zimbabwe Malawi and South Africa. The distribution of this haplogroup has been suggested to be associated with mtdna haplogroup M1 as the two tend to be common in the same regions.

The Jewish State

The root cause of the mess in the Middle East is really quite simple. In 1947 The United Nations (General Assembly Resolution 181) called for the area of Palestine between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea to be partitioned into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. Simple.

The Arab leadership rejected the plan and launched a genocidal war against the new-born Jewish State. The Arab leadership continues to this day to oppose the two-state (one Jewish and one Arab) solution. The Arab rejection of the Jewish State is the ongoing cause of the conflict.

* * *

Foreigners becoming citizens of the United States recite the “pledge of allegiance”. An amendment to the Israeli Citizenship Act calls for the words “Jewish and democratic state.” to be added at the end of the Israeli pledge of allegiance.

The pledge has nothing to do with loyalty to or belief in any religion. It affirms loyalty to the Jewish and democratic state of Israel. This has resulted in a new wave of delegitimization of Israel, and of a new rejection of the U.N.’s 1947 partition plan for the establishment of a Jewish State.

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Get to Known me Meme, Royalist Edition

[2/7] Royal Pairings - Akhenaten and Nefertiti

"The couple are even shown nose to nose, sharing the same breath as she leans forward to tie a jewelled collar around his neck, even as they drive together in one of the royal chariots. Although usually interpreted as no more than a romantic interlude in which the couple are described as kissing, it is the same pose found in representations of goddesses giving kings the sustaining breath of life."







The All-Seeing Eye of Maat was the symbol of the Goddess Maat, as Goddess of law, morality, and justice.

The Egyptians believed that it was Maat who held the universe together. It was Her quality of order which maintained the world.

As Walker states, “The Mother-syllable Maa meant ‘to see’; in hieroglyphics it was an eye.” (Barbara Walker, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p 294) Even the ancients knew that mother’s had eyes at the backs of their heads!

The Eye of Maat, or Utchat, later became known as the Eye of Thoth, Eye of Ra, and is commonly called the Eye of Horus today. Although it became associated with male Gods, it is sometimes - confusingly - still referred to with the feminine pronoun.

The Eye of Maat is the origin of the Evil Eye superstition. The Goddess would not only judge, but mete out retribution. To those with a guilty conscience, the Eye of Maat became a source of fear.

The Evil Eye was a fear derived from the myth of the ancient Goddess Maat, whose All-Seeing Eye could assess a person’s soul at a glance. Over time, this became perceived as dangerous - not merely assessing but cursing.

The Evil Eye was associated with Witches in particular, but all women - under domination by a patriarchy - were considered able to curse with a glance. (Hence the old rules about women keeping their eyes downcast, and especially never looking at the men.)

Perhaps naturally, the cures for the evil eye are also feminine symbols -Goddess Symbols-Cowrie Shells, Black Cats, Kali’s Black Pot (Cauldron)

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