Scotland Decides... No

The results of the Scottish Referendum on independence are in and the people of Scotland have decided to remain in the United Kingdom. Here’s a brief round-up articles we published in the run-up to the referendum, demonstrating that this result was far from certain.

What are your thoughts on the result?

The battle is done, the votes have been counted and Scotland remains part of the UK

This doesn’t mean we should lose the passion that has been sparked. Question politicians, make your voice be heard and when change is needed call for it. Get involved. Scotland is still here and we should be proud no matter what. Let’s continue to strive to improve our society the best that we can.

For the first time in history a country has rejected its own independence. Fear bested hope. I saw a Scotsman on television say “I don’t think we could have stood on our own two feet.” I witnessed Scots jumping up and down, cheering that they rejected the one chance to break away from Westminster, from illegal wars and war spending, from privatisation, corporate interests and a future of austerity, as we look ahead to the second war on Iraq.

Already the promises made by Westminster are being ‘redrafted’ with new policies creeping up, exposing the real black heart of those men in London, where now it’s being said that elected Scottish MSP’s should not be allowed to vote on English-only policies - but English MP’s are certainly entitled to vote on what money goes to Scotland. Here’s talk already of, “where’s England in this whole debate? What about England? We’re the 86% of the population.”

The dust hasn’t yet cleared and already England is back to the forefront, its boot clamped firmly down on Scotland’s neck. We have forfeited. We have conceded, saying: “No. We’re happy as we are. Everything seems to be fine.”

45% is a large turnout for independence. For us, united, I am proud. It was a passionate outcry, awakening that old Scottish fighting spirit. But 45% of Scotland isn’t even 25% of London. Some more statistics:

73% of those over 65 voted No.

71% of those aged 16-17 voted Yes.

59% of those aged 25-34, the disenfranchised workforce, voted Yes.

57% of those 55-64, worrying about scare tactics to do with their pensions, voted No.

If you are a person of affluence, then I can see why you would vote No. People are socially engineered in that they are motivated by self-preservation. Never mind that the four overwhelming Yes constituencies were the poorest among us, those that NEED change, and won’t get it from Westminster, hundreds of miles away. We were on the world stage, Scotland. Of all the separatist, independence movements around the world, we were a shining beacon, achieving our rights peacefully, democratically, showing that faith and unity can triumph over fear and suited giants. We’ve not only condemned our own independence, but that of Catalan, who are still fighting for the right to have a REFERENDUM. You can be sure that every politician, every rich creep who holds together this dying society, every federal institution, every conglomerate corporation with its stakes plunged deep into every government, were rejoicing when you voted No.

Not that the Elites would ever let us leave. Already evidence of rigging has surfaced. Have a think: where would England source its oil when our North Sea was denied to them in two years? That’s a fat percentage. Then they take back Trident (the largest nuclear weapon collection in the world, kept on the shores of Scotland) and look there! A whole new and open vista for gas and oil exploration, previously fenced off by hundreds of nuclear missiles since the Cold war (which still continues to this day, it never ended).

They say Scotland’s oil would only last 40 years? (that’s just North Sea, have a look at Clair oilfield). That’s massive. How long would England’s oil reserves last without Scotland? Where do they get it from, when not from us? Iraq? USA? Trade agreements? I’d give them ten years, max, whilst our smaller population can sustain itself quite prettily for decades to come. You can be sure that England would be off to Iraq again to make up the deficit, but then, they already are. The doubling of the war budget is imminent. With Farage you’d be looking at £50 billion spent on the military a year, and cameras in your schools. Not that Tories or UKIP even look at Scotland, a minority nation that wants to leave, with a government that has one Tory, and one UKIP MP in their seats.

A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves.

There was the chance for change. It wasn’t just a referendum, it was a revolution. A revolution of thought. A rejection of current social and foreign policy. A reformation on the tenets of equality, preservation, medicine, education and the future. Scotland has so much potential, so much money, so many resources - more so than ANY other country that has ever campaigned for independence. But we said No. David Cameron said that that’s that - settled for a generation, even a lifetime. A morose fog has descended over this nation. For the first time in history, Scotland didn’t fight, we bowed down.

Dark days.