Post Apocalyptic/Fallout OB Au thingy where Brophine are badass raiders just tryin to get by in the wastes

"Do you remember the story?"

The words fade into the quiet, wind sweeping away all trace of them moments after they leave Cosima’s lips. Her head turns, dirt streaked across her cheek as she catches Tony’s gaze. Delphine is sitting in front of them, cleaning her blades, her hands pause their cleaning when she catches that faint murmur in the air as her head tilts slightly to the side.

"There once was a world we all knew." Tony’s voice trailed off, his hands shaking as he slid his second gun into it’s holster. His hair had grown even wilder, kept at bay with braids Delphine had just secured. His teeth, now even more a mix of silver and white, were sharpened down into fangs. 

A wolfish smile if ever Cosima has seen one.

Her own teeth bit her lip, piercings clinking as she shoved his knee. The tattoos now covering her arm colored her skin, leaving little space for any more.

Standing quickly, she sheathed her sword, choosing to keep her shotgun in hand. A soft while from Delphine had her chuckling and walking over quickly to kiss the top of her head, wild mane of hair whipping back at her in the winds. With a sigh, Delphine stood as well, keeping her dual blades in her hands as Cosima helped to secure her backups to her belt.

"We have to meet up with the others, puppy." Cosima’s voice was full of laughter now, her smile bringing one to Delphine’s lips as well.

"Fine." Voice rough and quiet, still recovering from the smoke that had ravaged her lungs when the fire hit seemingly so long ago, Delphine gracefully moved in between the two. A tattoo of roses trailed down her hairline and part of her neck, covering the scars she’d received rescuing Kira from the flames. "But I want to hear this story along the way."

Kicking up the dust, Tony beamed, his silver points gleaming in the light that shimmered through the grey clouds. “Of course. We’ll even be able to make a stop for supplies, there’s a good town along the way to the vault the others have nestled in.”

"Do you think they’ll forgive us?"

The gentle question had Tony and Cosima stilling for a moment before their hands slipped into each of Delphine’s.

"They’d better, last I heard, they were covered in red as well." Swallowing Cosima straightened, putting on the harsh face she needed to face the coming trip.

Tony cracked his neck, watching as Cosima cooled and Delphine let a low growl loose from her chest. Yin and Yang, wild and controlled, his girls were the fiercest pair he’d ever known. Grinning with wolfish glee, he slung his gun on his shoulder as they walked.

"Now where was I? Oh right," Staring straight forward, he refused to let his voice catch as he continued, " One day it all went to shit when the war hit it’s peak and the rest of us suffered the consequences."