Here is my Gatling Laser and Backpack. I made this 6 years ago and the last photo is of the original. It was destroyed at a costume contest and sat for 5 years until I decided to bring it back to life. Its made from foam board, craft foam, coffee cans, a 2 liter bottle, sintra and all kinds of random objects I found. This cost me 12 dollars to make since I found most of the materials. And as for weight, combined with the backpack it weighs 5.3 pounds.

I was about to make another human fallout character but my friend suggested I make a super mutant… D: I love the idea cause variety so I did.

Say hello to Lloyd~

twobearshigh5ing asked:

True facts about Dead Sea?

• Dead Sea is a bird man
• Rap champion of the legion
• Migrates south for the winter
• He is currently using Nelson to build a nest
• One time I called him Sea Salt and he broke both my legs
• His favourite food is sunflower seeds
• He was promoted to decanus after Caesar saw him win that rap battle against Joshua (the former rap champion)

Been trying to mod NV with the GECK (and Bethesda’s tutorials), but holy noodles it’s not easy. Not giving up tho, I want to be mod-ready when Fallout 4 drops.

Up here, you can find the high poly render of the rotating part of the Plasma caster I’m working on, as well as the two pieces of concept art made for it.

anonymous asked:

True lanius facts

• Lanius is four small birds stacked on top of each other to make one big legate
• Even Lanius doesn’t know what his past was before he became Caesar’s legate
• Turn ons include bird calls and bare feet
• He would have you believe he has a blackbelt in karate
• Lanius’ biggest fear is deep water
• The fashion legionaires tried to arrest Lanius for his beard and he beat those nerds up
• Drinks out of a skull (Lanius has a skull collection, it’s very impressive actually)

whatsthatruckus asked:

Alright, question time. What are deathclaws? Or... What where they before they became irradiated mutated monsters?

Deathclaws being genetically engineered before the Great War and later refined by the Master is mentioned in the Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets strategy guide, written by Fallout 2 lead designer, Matt Norton, as well as in Fallout Tactics. It is unknown why the Master would genetically manipulate the deathclaws and then not use them at all for his purposes.

It has been said that they are a mutant Jackson’s Chameleon. The deathclaws were originally created before the Great War by the government to replace humans during close-combat search-and-destroy missions. They were derived from mixed animal stock and then refined by the Master, using genetic manipulation. The resulting creature is almost unbelievably fast and powerful.

Around 2161, deathclaws were still mysterious and legendary creatures to many inhabitants of southern California. They could only be found in the Boneyard at the warehouse, with a mother living there, one in a former deathclaw’s nest and around the Hub, sometimes attacking caravans or travelers. Later, as the deathclaw population grew and really spread across the continent, the deathclaws stopped being perceived as legendary beasts, and started to be seen just as another dangerous creature.

Deathclaws have a hunchbacked, bipedal reptilian build with long humanoid arms. They stand roughly nine to ten feet tall, with a thick and resilient hide, powerful muscles, and twelve-inch-long, razor-sharp claws that can kill almost any other creature in only a few swipes; hence their name. They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, though their eyesight is poor. Their build gives them incredible speed, agility and strength in close combat, making them an extreme threat. Though they were originally mutated chameleons, they have lost the ability to camouflage themselves.

Deathclaws are very aggressive, territorial, and carnivorous. They typically live in small packs of around eight to twenty members led by an alpha male, who is the only one allowed to mate with the females. Deathclaws are oviparous, with the eggs typically laid in dark, sheltered locations and fiercely guarded by their mother. Young deathclaws reach maturity under the care of their parents, following them closely until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Interestingly, deathclaws do not sharpen their claws on nearby objects, instead preferring their own nails to do the sharpening. The Lone Wanderer or Courier can witness this behavior while sneaking up on a deathclaw.

tl:dr - They were Jackson’s Chameleon

True Caesar facts for daudswhalers

• Caesar likes to wear socks and sandals
• He made the legion one night after getting drunk w/ Joshua and explained his Roman fetish
• He burnt Joshua by accident when he tried to impress his legate with his sick barbecue skills
• Caesar’s bed time is 11pm
• Caesar’s favourite food is ravioli
• He originally thought Courier 6 was Ulysses and was disappointed that it wasn’t
• Caesar still thinks he owns Rex and that the courier is just taking Rex for walks