Fallout Fandom: Secret Santa!

This year I wanted to have a fandom secret santa.

If you wish to participate the form to sign up is right here

You do not have to participate, you do not have to buy anything for your partner, you can choose buy them something, you can make something, you can draw them something or you can write them something.

Please keep in mind all content (drawing or writings) have to be safe for all ages. 

If you are a minor please ask before putting up our address for someone to send you something. I don’t want anyone to get in trouble over a present.


~This Secret Santa has no affiliation with Bethesda


If you have any questions please contact me via my ask box or at vaultt.tec@gmail.com 

Thank you!

With all that said Have Fun! I hope y’all want to participate!

Fallout: New Vegas — Well, That Wasn’t A Good Idea

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