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  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What is your URL?
  4. What is your twitter name?
  5. Do you/have you ever written fanfiction/prefs/oneshots?
  6. Have you done fanart? Can you show us?
  7. Have you ever been noticed (tweet,follow ect) by the boys?
  8. Have you ever met them?


  1. Pronounce the following names:
  2. 5 Seconds of Summer
  3. 5sos
  4. Luke Hemmings
  5. Michael Clifford
  6. Ashton Irwin
  7. Calum Hood
  8. Liz Hemmings
  9. Mali-Koa Hood
  10. Pronounce the following words:
  11. Jiggly Puff,
  12. Derp,
  13. Vegimite,
  14. Thongs,
  15. Keek,
  16. Boobs,
  17. Australia,
  18. Chocolate milk
  19. Twitter
  20. Unicorns
  21. Pineapples
  22. Drums
  23. Guitars
  24. Bass Guitar
  25. Drumsticks
  26. Plectrums
  27. Pronounce the following quotes:
  28. ‘Take me out of the oven cause I am so done’
  29. ‘Dammit this fucking nipple’
  30. ‘Why would I rick my own life to cross a road, it’s called common sense motherfucker I’m out.’
  31. ‘I want a puppy and I wanna name it poopey’
  32. ‘#FuckEvenMoreBitchesGetEvenMoreMoney
  33. ‘I don’t like people, I’m not a people person’
  34. Pronounce the following bromances:
  35. Lashton
  36. Mashton
  37. Cashton
  38. Cake
  39. Malum
  40. Muke
  41. Pronounce the following songs:
  42. She Looks So Perfect
  43. Disconnected
  44. Amnesia
  45. What I Like About You
  46. Lost Boy
  47. Eighteen
  48. Gotta Get Out
  49. Try Hard
  50. Wherever You Are
  51. Out of My Limit
  52. Voodoo Doll
  53. Heartache on the Big Screen
  54. Beside You
  55. Heartbreak Girl
  56. Teenage Dream
  57. Good Girls Are Bad Girls
  58. Pizza
  59. General Questions:
  60. Who is your fave in 5 Seconds of Summer?
  61. What is your fave 5sos song?
  62. What was the first 5sos song you heard?
  63. What is your fave bromance?
  64. Have you ever seen them live? (If so, elaborate. [When/Where/How many times – if more then once])
  65. Kiss, date, fuck, marry
  66. If you could get a picture with only one band member, who would it be and why?
  67. If you could only meet one band member, who would it be and why?
  68. Do you have any merchandise?
  69. If you could have lessons from one band member on their instrument who would it be and why?

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If you did it or you don’t wanna do it, it’s totally ok :)

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