Card of The Day: Mimic Vat
Combos with: Any token doubler, flicker and populate.
Pros: Can go in any EDH deck regardless of color and almost regardless of strategy. Its REALLY good. Its also minor graveyard hate as its ANY creature hitting the yard. Stops some graveyard combos. Worth noting if you flicker/populate/double it haste is just part of them. Which doesn’t matter unless you wanted to tap it on their turn.
Cons: Can draw a lotta hate.
Rating: EDH powerhouse that has me wondering why I don’t see it more.
Fun Fact: I ‘unno, Scars of Mirrodin is my favorite block man. Mindcrank’s from there and Elspeth took a vacation there I believe. Heard she retired to theros recently.

Topi’s Daily Card #23: Demonic Tutor

Demonic Tutor is the staple of OP tutors. Excluding the one mana tutors such as Vampiric Tutor, Imperial Seal, this is one if the cheapest unconditional tutors. Being able to find anything for two mana is just pretty darn good, no questions. As a silly aside, I tend to ask people what they got when they use it. They don’t have to answer, but it’s always amusing when they do, telling the truth or not. To me Demonic Tutor is a card you should have at least one of.

ROBB STARK; mix for the king in the north;

listen here;

001. i just can’t wait to be king

002. i just can’t wait to be king

003. i just can’t wait to be king

004. i just can’t wait to be king

005. i just can’t wait to be king

006. i just can’t wait to be king

007. i just can’t wait to be king

008. the rains of castamere