detective jake wicked is a cop on the edge with nothing to lose mary margaret divine esq. has six months to live and the biggest case of her career to win together they are the wicked + the divine coming soon to nbc-español.com

Sex, drugs and Philistines: A biblical psychedelic scene

The now-lackluster central Israeli town of Yavneh was apparently once the center of a thriving drug scene, according to Israeli researchers.

Cutting-edge technology has allowed archaeologists to find traces of hallucinogenic materials, used over 3,000 years ago by the biblical Philistine people for spiritual rituals, Haaretz reported Thursday.

Mind-altering potions and plants were commonplace in many ancient cultures, which believed that using the substances intensified the mystical experience of worshipers. In some cases, in which adherents had to endure physically painful ceremonies, the substances also served to numb the pain. Read more.

Nasty Dog Food Place Mat

Take delight in Sparky’s soul crushing diet by serving up his dried up slop on the nasty dog food place mat. This comical mat is easy to clean, features perfectly bound edges, and offers a satirical design that serves as a great conversation starter with friends and family.


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hi! i feel like this is quite a weird/invasive question so you're so welcome to not answer! :-) i've just been doing research on the position of the urethra bc i've always thought mine was kinda weirdly positioned and far away from the clit. i stumbled across your blog, and noticed yours is very similar to mine, which was lovely to discover!!! i was just wondering if you ever have any pain during penetration??? or if you do, do you know how to minimize it??? thank u xxx <3 :-)

Yes. I doubt it’s because of my urethra position, though, since I rarely-to-never get UTI’s, but here are some tips for making penetration less painful:

  • - Do Kegels often
  • - Lots of foreplay
  • - Lube
  • - Going slow
  • - Gradual insertion (rim the edges, one finger, work up to two, etc.)
  • - More Lube
  • - Different positions – sometimes on top or from behind works better for penetration

And, honestly, I still have pain with penetration often, and my partner has trouble even getting a single finger inside me sometimes. 

Even when all of these steps are taken, I might have to call it quits early on penetration-play wrt to my vagina. It may be Vaginismus or just the way my body is shaped, I don’t really know or care, because penetration isn’t a big part of my sex life. It doesn’t have to be! I actually get off more being the one who’s doing the penetrating. 

Nothing is set in stone that if you have a vagina, you MUST have it penetrated in order to enjoy sex. If you do enjoy it that way and would love for it to not be as painful, then definitely, look into Vaginismus (and even talk to your doctor) and other ways to reduce your pain during penetration. 

Otherwise, also try to explore your clit, anus, being the one TO penetrate and all sorts of other ways to have sex and get off – it just might wind up your favorite way of having sex.

Good luck and happy fucking! <3 

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I dont wanna talk about [insert name]. [insert name] is a fucking fucker whos been ruining my life so bad I actually need to shake up my own brain at random moments to pay attention to what I do or what a friend is saying to me. [insert name] got me over the edge of acceptance and I can now definitely say I CANNOT WITH HIM ANYMORE. THATS IT. I QUIT. IM DONE. HAD ENOUGH. CANT TAKE THIS ANY LONGER. JUST THINKING UP HIS NAME IS PAINFUL. MY POOR TAINTED SOUL. FUCK THAT BLEACH BLOND HAIRED BANANA.



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OMG! So I FINALLY saw Hedwig tonight. I sat front AA109, next to the girl who got to make-out with Hedwig ;)
And MAN IT WAS GLORIOUS! I have read everywhere how everyone says that Darren dissapears on that stage and Hedwig takes over and in my head I was always like “yeah, I believe that Darren pulls off a fab Hedwig. But forgetting it’s him? No, I mean, it’s still his face after all”… but dude… DUDE! It’s all true…. he vanishes, POOF! I even closed my eyes a couple of times and just listen and it doesn’t even listen like Darren AT ALL! so fab, so blown away.
And front row was so worth it… I got spit on, sweat splashed down on me, I got to fish tomato out of bra… and… AND! HEDWIG RIPPED MY TIGHTS! She was sitting down on the edge of the state to get her thing on with the girl next to me and Hedwig’s leg kinda kicked out. TO not get kicked int he stomach by those heels, I turned away from them and WAM, her heel scrapes along my thigh and I now have a massive run in them.

Obviously I had to tell Darren that at stage door afterwards (I’ll attach a video of it… though it is more audio then video because I didn’t wanna hold my phone in his face) but he finished talking to the girl he kissed and then I said:
“While you were making out with her, you ripped my tights”
“I ripped your tights? That was intentional”
ASSHOLE! XD I had so many more profound and meaningful things I wanted to say to him but that all went out the window when the little goofball ripped my pretty new tights.
It was an absolute FANTASTIC night, worth every dollar and I don’t even care that I am now awake for 24 hours and literally had to run to the theatre after 13h of travel. SO WORTH IT!

10 Outlandish Theories That Change How You See Classic Books

Harry Potter Is Doomed To Immortality

Crazy Harry Potter theories are practically an Internet cottage industry. Anything with so many devoted followers is bound to spawn endless speculation, so J.K. Rowling’s series has been enthusiastically interpreted in every way possible. Not every theory is easily dismissible, though. Some, like the immortal Potter theory, even give the books an extra edge. The theory comes from a line about Harry and Voldemort’s destiny: “Either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.” In the books and film, this is interpreted to mean the two characters will be forced into an epic showdown. But some fans have since theorized it meant only Harry and Voldemort were capable of killing one another. With Voldemort dead at the end of the seventh book, this now means Harry has no means of dying. He’s become immortal. In the Potter universe, that’s a pretty big deal. Ghosts exist, as does the chance at an afterlife surrounded by your loved ones. If Harry can’t ever die, he can’t ever join his friends in the next world. They’ll grow old and expire while he carries on living in increasing loneliness. It makes his killing Voldemort the ultimate act of sacrifice, a rather more adult ending than the happy version we really got.

Frankenstein Is About Pregnancy And Childbirth 

A powerful tale of science, morality, and reanimated corpses, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is still popular today. It’s generally read as a parable for man’s dangerous quest for knowledge and irresponsibility for his actions. But there’s a small chance it actually has a more earthbound meaning. It’s been suggested that Frankenstein is really a metaphor for childbirth. In 1814, 16-year-old Mary Shelley eloped with her husband Percy. Eight months later, she suffered a horrendous miscarriage, losing her baby daughter. In 1815, she wrote the following journal entry:“Dream that my little baby came to life again; that it had only been cold, and that we rubbed it before the fire, and it lives.” As horror fans will know, that passage echoes Frankenstein’s pivotal creation scene in a creepily close way. Consider also the words Shelley used to describe her monster’s birth. The word “labor” is used repeatedly, and other sections refer to the “incredible days and nights of labor and fatigue” necessary for Frankenstein to create life. The monster’s development even mimics that of a human child. Unlike the groaning beast of the films, Shelley’s version learns to speak and act like a man by observing other people. Finally, the monster’s first victims are young children, one of whom has the exact name of Shelley’s dead son. 

Jay Gatsby Was Secretly Black

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s brutal demolition of the American dream, The Great Gatsby tells the story of a party animal multimillionaire harboring a dark secret. Although the text is pretty vague, it’s generally understood that Gatsby was born poor and made his money through bootlegging. Not everyone agrees. According to one theory, the secret is Jay Gatsby was born black. The theory claims Fitzgerald crammed his novel with hidden signifiers that Gatsby is passing as white. The book specifically mentions his brown body, and one scene involves a character being rude about him, only to be told forcefully, “We’re all white here.” Gatsby associates himself with New Orleans and jazz music, two bywords for being black in 1920s America. The theory’s advocates pick up on some weirder stuff, too. At one point, readers learn Gatsby has 40 acres, allegedly corresponding to the “40 acres and a mule” freed slaves were traditionally given. It’s even been claimed that Gatsby’s wartime service in Montenegro is significant because the name translates as “Black Mountain.”

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Dear Brave People,

I realise that it appears I’m fearless. I can make that presentation with ease, I can stand near the edge of the cliff and look down and I can befriend that spider in the bathroom (He’s called Steve). 

But recently I’ve realised that’s not what makes people brave. Brave has a different meaning. 

I’m afraid of people leaving. After I watched my best friend become someone else’s and I was forced into befriending my childhood bully, I realised I don’t want to let myself go through this again. I see my fear come through when questioning my boyfriend’s affections, I see it when I distance myself from my friends who are going to leave to University, I see it in my over analysis of my parents relationship and paranoia over a possible divorce.

I don’t want to be alone.

I’m afraid of failure. I aced my exams and the bar has moved up again. I have those high expectations along with everyone else, but I know now that maybe the tower is just too tall, and I should’ve built stronger foundations. I act like I know what I’m doing, but really I’m drifting away from the shore faster and faster.

I don’t want to let anyone down.

I’m afraid of change. I don’t know where I lie anymore. I thought I knew what to do in my future, but I can’t bear to think that I’m now not so sure. I thought I was completely straight, but now it’s internal agony as I’m not so sure. Turns out I thought a lot of things.

I don’t want my life to not be the way I expected.

I may not be scared of crowds. Or the dark. Or small spaces. But I am afraid.

I am afraid of responsibility; I am afraid of not living up to expectations, of the changing future, of growing up, not knowing, sex, relationships, hardship, secrets, grades, judgement, falling short, loneliness, change, confusion, arguments, curiosity, love, hate, losing, pressure, differences, honesty, lies.

I am afraid of me.

Yet despite this, I know I am brave. I know I am brave because I’ve accepted my invisible fears and haven’t let them overcome me.

I want you to know that you’re brave because you know your fears. You’re brave because you introduced yourself. You’re brave because you said ‘No, I don’t understand.’ You’re brave because you’re here.

I hope you can learn from me and be brave in your own way. I know I am.


Tormenting touch, sadistic tease,
I dance between her parted knees,
held wide, the fire that burns inside
exposed, she knows, her dew kissed rose
shall weep and seek to find my lips,
a kiss, a suck, a finger fuck
until, control is lost and spills
in waves, pulsating thrills, but still,
her will to be fulfilled and filled
remains, her lust for pleasure doused with pain,
will be exhausted, once again,
and then again, and then again
until mind, body and soul converge
upon a euphoric, celestial edge,
a plain where loss, shall be her gain.
In my embrace she shall remain.

A brand new Plumegeist single, Neon’s Edge, is now available for download! This track is taken from the third and final chapter of the upcoming album Black Void Broadcast. The download contains a single cut of the main track, a remix and a completely different revision of the track.

  1. Neon’s Edge
  2. Neon’s Edge (Dominic Ninmark Remix)
  3. Neon’s Edge (Pandora’s Lounge Revision)

The song saw additional production from my long time friend Dominic Ninmark, who among other things is responsible for the soundtrack to StarCade by JonTron. He also contributes to a remix on this single, be sure to check his work on SoundCloud and Tumblr!

The album art comes courtesy of Ktullanyx. You can find more of her art here!

Download the single here for a price of your own choice, or listen to the lead track on Soundcloud.

Thank you for your continued support!

1.16 First Thoughts.

Sam Heughan was magnificent.

Caitriona Balfe was very good as well.

Love Murtaugh as always.

That’s the only positives I’m feeling right now.

IMO they butchered the end of the book. Murdered it, took it’s soul out and laughed a little, then fileted it and served it to us in jumbled peices.

I am going to watch again now, and I’m sure at least twice tomorrow including the live viewing, but I did not love it. I only even liked the performances. I’m sure a good chunk of that is bitterness about the book changes, but that is a double edged sword just heaping it all on that. I mean, yes, I’m displeased BUT it’s because the story itself suffered.

Jamie’s characterization suffered even more. I’m angry not so much about the fact that I didn’t see what I wanted but that non-readers don’t know how magnificent the story and Jamie’s strength of character is.

Jamie’s faith and rigid Catholism is a huge part of his character. And yet he jumps to the #1 cardinal sin by default? I don’t think so. Not my JAMMF.

I am truly surprised Diana is full throttle in support how they have weakened him.

Behr and RDM had no business writing this episode and even Anne Foerester’s direction didn’t save it for me.

I didn’t cry. I wasn’t nearly as affected by the performances or the actions as I was in 1.15 or even 1.06. The brutality and rape wasn’t pleasant to watch or even think about AT ALL but all of it didn’t come across as “real” to me. The first rape was raw and terrible, but once both actors were unclothed it didn’t read as convincing to me.

And I’m NOT putting that on Sam Heughan at all. He sold it. He was beyond amazing. But the writing and direction seemed lacking. And I hate to say it, but Tobias just didn’t sell it nearly as well as I thought he would. Most of you will probably disagree with me here, but he seemed very weird to me in this episode.

And to even think of putting Tobias in the same performance conversation with what Sam Heughan’s has done in these past two episodes is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but that is just my opinion. He was much better in 1.15 and throughout the season. Most notably in 1.06, 1.08 and 1.09.

The abbey was a mess story wise. I never had a problem really with them moving the location to Scotland (which is also just a story decision. No reason for them not to just have a travelling montage that ends off the coast of France just as easily) but they even took having an Abbot for an uncle away from Jamie.

It’s not enough to just have Jamie not nearly as educated or religious or mature, they felt the need to strip powerful family ties as well?

And I see why there was no Jamie/Claire sex. He wasn’t ready BY FAR nor was there time. I guess they thought we got enough of their passion in 1.07-1.10. Hell, we haven’t even seen them elude to any sexuality in their relationship at all since 1.11. I am not happy about that.

Jamie and Claire are passionate individuals and are very passionate as a couple. And it’s not just about the act of having sex, it’s the very real intimacy of their relationship at its deepest level. It’s why what Randall does to him and how he does it that it breaks Jamie so badly. He used that intimacy and made it a weapon. Without a foundation… As feared the story stuffered in the end.

What I am more unhappy about is the fact that we were right. This part of the story - which covers over 100 pages, or roughly 1/6 of the book - was rushed and they didn’t come even close to doing it justice. If DG feels differently then that’s her business, but even if I grow to appreciate this episode more I can promise you my opinion of that won’t change. This is what happens when you are given 16 episode then spend about 5 of those (2 complete episodes almost and bits and pieces along the way) “adapting” the story to make it your own.

You fail.

I feel failed. By basically everyone but the actors.


Let the LOOOONNNNGGGG Withoutlander officially begin!


UNITED KINGDOM, scouthead : The Diggle Brass Band compete in the Whit Friday brass band competition as the sun sets in the village of Scouthead, near Oldham, northern England on May 29, 2015. The ‘Saddleworth & Tameside District Whit Friday Brass Band Contests’ attract approximately 100 brass bands from all over the UK and Europe to compete in around 20 villages and towns on the western edge of the Pennines. The competition, which was first recorded in 1884, sees each band perform two pieces; one whilst marching and then a show-piece on a rostrum. AFP PHOTO / OLI SCARFF



the recumbent elliptical is a more intense workout than the treadmill and standing elliptical put together. it has a leg press and an upper body/arms only workout moe that will push you to the edge of endurance. i stay on this thing as long as i can handle the torture, and it doesn’t hurt my joints. like at all. my muscles are kind of sore tonight because i finally completed a whole 25 minute program, all while sitting on my ass like a dainty fuckin maiden.

i have to keep a towel at hand for the torrents of sweat, it is that punishing. i like to turn the resistance all the way up to the maximum and suffer, and my legs are getting so strong again :D

they don’t have the other equipment from this company at the YMCA but the running machine in particular looks so wonderful. like. god fucking damn i love living in the future. 

if you can find a gym with these low/no-impact machines, give them a shot!

-Slab Thudgrunt

anonymous asked:

Yooooo that security guard Iwa at a strip club? What if Oikawa was a stripper there? (If you don't mind me adding to it???) bc I like Iwa pretending he's TOTALLY NOT watching Oikawa but Oikawa totally KNOWS he is (or on another note) people who are a little too "into" in Oikawa and Iwa finds himself a tad too protective and on edge when late nights get a little rowdy (I'm sorry protective Iwa is literally MY WEAKNESS)

YAAAAS I was thinking this too but. I kept oikawa as a club-goer for the sake of police involvement