David Hasselhoff Calls Justin Bieber a 'Cool Guy' After Collaboration


Fred and Ginger. Laverne and Shirley. Hall and Oates. The history of pop culture is stocked with dynamic duos.

But is the world really ready for “The Hoff and Biebs?” We’re about to find out.

"We had a lot of fun, and he’s a cool guy," Hasselhoff, 62, tells PEOPLE of working with Justin Bieber, 20, on the polarizing young star’s latest video shoot. "You’ll hear more about it, but we’re just keeping it quiet because it’s really a cool video, and we had a blast," Hasselhoff said Sunday at Tony Hawk’s 11th Annual Stand Up for Skateparks Benefit in Beverly Hills.

A blast that almost got the Baywatch icon in hot water when he Tweeted, then subsequently deleted, this update from the set of the hush-hush video shoot that reportedly features Bieber’s duet with Cody Simpson: “What a great day @CodySimpson @justinbieber Emile our director for new video … signing t shirts for charity! RESPECT!”

No stranger to controversy himself, Hoff went to bat for the Biebs, telling PEOPLE: “We’re all young once, but you know what? Live it up, baby! You’ll pay the price later, but you’re only young once. Live it up, and don’t care what anybody says. Live it up!” 

Source: People

Jessica Capshaw (in a beautiful white-ruffled Pucci) admitted that the upcoming season premiere of Grey’s is “the first time that you haven’t seen Arizona reeling from something like a plane crash or infidelity. It’s the Arizona you met in season five. She’s full of vigor, and she’s excited and sassy and vulnerable and trying to work it out, as we all are in life.”

As for new co-star Geena Davis, Capshaw couldn’t say enough good things. “Sandra Oh will never be replaced, but having Geena Davis—we were so excited. We are on a show being broadcast on television that actors like Geena Davis are going to come on and be excited to be there. These characters that are interesting and dynamic. It says a lot about where television is and tells a lot about where women are in television. It’s being written by women, about women, for women—it’s really interesting because Geena has taught me a lot.”

—  Jessica Capshaw talks about Arizona, season 11 - Glamour

It is really problematic that people are not seeing why Final Fantasy XV having an all male playable cast is wrong.

This is literally the first time that the series has done this since the first Final Fantasy, 27 years ago. Every Final Fantasy since then has included at least one playable female character. It has become something to be expected from the franchise — to have dynamic female characters to be able to play as.

Female inclusion is NOT a trade off. I repeat. Female inclusion is NOT a trade off.

It is baffling to see people using the excuse of “WELL FINAL FANTASY XIII HAD AS MANY PLAYABLE FEMALE CHARACTERS AS MEN AND SO DID TYPE-0”. Are you seriously implying that a limit on female characters exists, that there is a point when it is too much? When it is unnatural?

Female inclusion is something that should be continuous, as seeing male characters in video games is. Women make half of the population in the world and the ratio of female to male gamers has steadily balanced over the last recent years. There is no excuse for this.

The world and video games are not just some sort of Boys Club where no girls are allowed. This very mindset has led to the exclusion, threats, and persecution of female gamers and especially those who bring awareness to gender equality. And honestly, this does not go just for Final Fantasy but for any franchise out there in general: the biggest service that you could do to your favorite is to constructively criticize it when there is an incentive, to ensure that they maintain their integrity, appeal, and success. And this is by far an incentive. There is no justification for it.

And news flash: you can still be hyped for a game even if you criticize it. I know that’s the case for me. Excitement and critique can exist side by side. Shocker I know, right?

Expect more from a company that you support.

Robert Edmond Jones, total hottie and genius theatrical designer in the 20s. He introduced simple, expressionistic sets to America. 

"We have learned that beneath the surface of an ordinary… conscious existence there lies a vast dynamic world of impulse and dream, a hinterland of energy which has an independent existence of its own…"  


Tally Marks #3 comes out October 1, and you can pre-order it now! :D

This might be my favorite issue, because there was so much turmoil in my life last December—recently unemployed, couch surfing in a foreign country, visiting friends in London for my first holidays away from my family, not knowing what would come next…it was scary and exciting and lead to a lot of dynamic drawings.  I feel like I did some of my best work in London.

I hope you’ll check it out!

In February 2013 a meteor streaked across the Russian sky and burst in midair near Chelyabinsk. A recent Physics Today article summarizes what scientists have pieced together about the meteor, from its origins to its demise. The whole article is well worth reading. Here’s a peek:

The Chelyabinsk asteroid first felt the presence of Earth’s atmosphere when it was thousands of kilometers above the Pacific Ocean. For the next dozen minutes, the 10 000-ton rock fell swiftly, silently, and unseen, passing at a shallow angle through the rarefied exosphere where the molecular mean free path is much greater than the 20-m diameter of the rock. Collisions with molecules did nothing to slow the gravitational acceleration as it descended over China and Kazakhstan. When it crossed over the border into Russia at 3:20:20 UT and was 100 km above the ground, 99.99997% of the atmosphere was still beneath it.

Because the asteroid was moving much faster than air molecules could get out of its way, the molecules began to pile up into a compressed layer of high-temperature plasma pushing a shock wave forward. Atmospheric density increases exponentially with depth, so as the asteroid plunged, the plasma layer thickened and its optical opacity rapidly increased. About one second later, at 95 km above the surface, it became bright enough to be seen from the ground. That was the first warning that something big was about to happen. #

How often are scientific articles that gripping?! Kring and Boslough provide some excellent descriptions of the aerodynamics of the meteor and its airburst. Be sure to check it out. (Photo credit: M. Ahmetvaleev; paper credit: D. Kring and M. Boslough; via io9)



We may be going out on a limb here but we think we’re pretty sure of ourselves when we say that Tebogo Mahange is undoubtedly one of the most stylish people in South Africa, at least as far as our exposure to social media is concerned.

Tebogo first came on our radar through a previous Dynamic African we’ve featured, photographer Cedric Nzaka who’s behind some of Tebogo’s photos. Although we couldn’t quite figure out how to define his style, that’s exactly what we love about him. Beyond boxes and beyond barriers, we couldn’t help but want to know more about the mind behind the threads.

In a few words, how would you introduce and describe yourself - who is Tebogo Mahange?

Tebogo Mahange is a 21 year old Marketing Management student and an Urban Street-Wear Model. I am a creative. A visionary whose had a critical eye and my own opinion regarding aesthetics and design, particularly clothing. 

You’re someone who wears many hats, literally and figuratively speaking. Describe a day in the life of Tebogo Mahange.

A day in my life would involve seizing the day ‘Carpe Diem’ - whether it be attending classes on that day, shooting, going to meetings or just hanging out with friends. 

Africans often find themselves defined largely by their “African-ness”, both a positive and a negative depending on the context, you’re never just what you do. Does your South African, or perhaps even African, identity play a role in your style choices? Is it something that you remain conscious of when sourcing inspiration?

To a certain degree, yes. No matter where you go your style will always be inspired by your roots. No matter the amount of influence the Western Culture might have on us it all traces back to where I am from, who I am, and where I’m yet to go. It’s something that happens subconsciously because I am an African.

How do you think South Africa rates on a global scale when it comes to fashion? Who are some local leading fashion and style pioneers you’re aware of?

South Africa is a country that has originality and diversity in its fashion industry. While fashion brands and other retailers appear likely to expand organically, we are on the right track of growing and expanding into bigger, wider markets internationally. 

When it comes to fashion pioneers, I would have to go with Dion Wang who is a South African fashion analyst and has been for 20 years and counting. 

Designers, none other than David Tlale. He has played a vital role in the country’s fashion and is still continues to break barriers that African designers often face. 

Bloggers, believe it or not but I hardly visit blogs unless it’s to check myself out, haha (inside joke). But from the ones I’ve checked out locally one of my favourites would be from Cedric Nzaka of Everyday People Stories. The way he captures South African street style whilst simultaneously paving a way for future movers and shakers in our local youth community is honestly amazing. I love his work! Cedric is also one of my favourite photographers to work with. 

As for brands, we have quite a few that are still on the rise and other that have a good standing position in the game, but we are still growing in this highly Westernized fashion industry.

How important is personal style to you? How much does your look define who you are?

Personal style is very important to me. Although they say ‘imitation is a form of flattery’ I strongly advise people out there to always find their own personal style so that you don’t go around looking like a duplicate of someone else. Whether it be someone you look up or just taking what you see on social forums like Tumblr. Be different.

My look defines everything about me. It’s who I am. It’s how I actually started modeling for street-wear brands in the first place. It was my personal style/look that attracted the public to me and here I am now using my personal style as a tool to inspire and create for the youth.

You have some pretty visible tattoos, can you tell us a bit more about them? How are they usually received by people?

Man, my love for tattoos started at a very young age although I started filling myself up with them last year. Basically, the pieces I’ve got up until now are creations my tattoo artists and I come up with together. I could have easily searched the net and copied and pasted someone else’s work onto my body but that wouldn’t differentiate me from the masses.

The way my tattoos have been perceived can easily be broken down to how the younger generation and the older generation see it. The youth sees them as cool, new, hip, different. The older generation, our mothers, uncles, elders in malls see the artwork totally differently because of the stereotypes that come with it. There’s always the good and bad side of everything.

Are there any current or future projects you’re working on? Can you share some info about them with us?

At the moment, our team of creatives and I are currently working on a new personal project called RepublicCouture. It will be launched towards the end of this year and it’s something I’m really excited about! It’s been over a year in the making. I’m just glad we are almost at the end of the road before dropping our first line of products.

Lastly, what are five things you can’t leave the house without?

1. My iPhone (that’s like my life companion, haha). 

2. Clean pair of sneakers, mostly my Vans (I hate dirty shoes) 

3. My shades 

4. Earphones. (I enjoy listening to music no matter where I’m going) 

 5. Any of my oversized garments. 

Thanks so much Tebogo!

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air-a-shii said:

I just read the newest chapter of Hirunaka no Ryuusei and I was just wondering who you're rooting for, Shishio or Mamura? At first I was a fan of Shishio, but Mamura has swayed me a bit.

In the first few volumes, I was a HUGEEEE fan of Shishio and I think lots of people knew that by my tags/fangirling. But as I read more of the manga, I’ve completely jumped to the Mamura x Suzume ship because of their relationship development and dynamic. I still like Shishio and all (lol he’s cute ok), but I don’t him as a “couple” with Suzume anymore ;w; Hope that makes sense. There’s only 4 chapters left for HnR. I’m hoping the endgame is Mazume but the author could do anything right now. So many shoujo manga end with the heroine going back to her first love…this makes me weep because I tend to really like the secondary male character.

The day-night cycle system was first revealed during “The Overture” presentation. One day in the game equals to 30 minutes in the real world, and the player can see the lighting and the shadows dynamically changing as the day goes on. The towns will be reacting to the night as well, and people will turn their home’s lighting on when it’s getting dark.

Tabata also revealed it will take 30 days to beat that huge Adamantoise which was shown in the trailer last week. That would mean about fifteen hours in real time! Quite a super boss! (If Tabata wasn’t just teasing us!) Just watch out you don’t get hit by Adamantoise’s foot!



TABLO Admits He Is Awkward When Left Alone with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko despite their 12-Year Old Friendship!

Epik High′s Tablo shared on the September 22 broadcast of MBC FM4U′s Dreaming Radio and Tablo about Gaeko after reading out a listener′s story about a friend he′s awkward with. 

"Honestly, I also have people like that near me. This is the first time I′m revealing this," said Tablo.

"Dynamic Duo′s Gaeko and the Epik High members have known each other for a long time. About 12 years. I′m not sure if they′re aware, but they′re definitely someone we can call friends. But, when I′m alone with him, I′ve never been comfortable. Even when we′re on the phone, I only think about each of us saying what we need to say and hanging up quickly.” 

Mithra Jin, who also appeared on the show, said, “Once I heard the two talking on speaker phone, and their conversation only stayed on the surface level.” 

Tablo added, “We talk as if we′re on broadcast. It′s kind of weird. It′s probably more comfortable to write a letter or draw a picture.” 

"I′m better with Choiza than Gaeko. Not by a lot. But we′re not exactly comfortable either. I′m confessing this for the first time." 

Source & Translated by: MWAVE

Watch on medicalschool.tumblr.com

Asymmetric distribution of mRNA is observed in diverse cell types and considered to be an important mechanism to generate cell polarity. Localization of mRNA allows protein synthesis to be regulated at high spatial and temporal resolution. Live-cell imaging reveals that β-actin mRNA localization is highly dynamic and correlated with the cell protrusion and migration.

Movie: Real-time dynamics of β-actin mRNA in a migrating cell. The MS2-GFP labeling technique was used to visualize the endogenous β-actin mRNA. The color map shows the fluorescence intensity of NLS-MCP-GFP divided by the intensity of cytoplasmic dye, representing the concentration of β-actin mRNA. Find out more in Park et al., Cell Reports 1(2):179–184 (2012) and Lionnet et al., Nat Methods 8(2):165–170 (2011).

"Just had a dynamic interview with the incredible actor Jeremy Renner about his latest film "Kill The Messenger" at the Ritz Carlton in NYC! Renner is explosive in this important, must-see movie! More on Talk2SV.com & CafeMochaRadio.com soon!"


“Clay, Gemma, y’know, they’re fated lovers. […] I think their history and their, y’know, obviously their blood bond in their part in John’s death, all those things bond them on almost a cellular level. And I believe that Clay was probably, ultimately the greatest love of Gemma’s life and definitely Gemma was the greatest love of Clay’s life. So y’know it’s an interesting dynamic. There’s all that passion and all that commitment and all that love they have and yet the very dark, very accessible flip side of that is the betrayal and the rage that they both feel for each other.”

Clay Morrow & Gemma Teller-Morrow (Sons of Anarchy)

In 2NE1, I feel fierce CL is the brain of the group, pretty Dara is the face, 8D Bom is the limbs and the talented & dependable maknae Minzy is the backbone of the group. They are all important and necessary for that unique essence and dynamics that 2NE1 represents and no other girl group can imitate.


Static surface.
Dynamic shadow.
Mutant spectacle.
Induces appreciation.
Abstract images.
Follow one another continuously.
Rich spectacle.
Smooth evolution.
With slow moving light.
Without mishap and no alarms
Admirable aesthetic symmetry.
It surprises by the unique combination.
Between simple geometric elements.
Light levels and shadows.
Linearity and beauty of change.
Meet the admirer.
Delight the appreciator.
Awaken creativity.
Out the rest.