Honestly, I have never supported Lena Dunham, even before she confessed to abusing her sister. Have you seen Girls? It may be called Girls, but a more accurate name for it would be Unhealthy and Manipulative Stereotypes of Female Friendships and Boyfriends Are the Focus of Women’s Lives: Be Passive And Dependent With Men. I cannot believe anyone ever considered it to be a work of feminism. The friendships and romantic relationships are all manipulative and vapid. It has no clear messages other than ‘girls should let their friends and boyfriends treat them like shit because they also treat everyone like shit.’

Like it is DISGUSTING that Josh Duggar molested his sisters yes and I don’t support it, fuck him,

but Lena Dunham flaunted the fact that she molested her sister and laughed it off and went into a twitter pissfit when people said anything to her about it being wrong and is STILL praised day after day and is besties with tumblrs fav Taylor Swift so everyone just thinks they’re so cute and trendy and so feminist and is just gonna forget the fact that she molested. her. sister. and. laughed. about. it.

This is why I am so hesitant to call myself a feminist as long as people are considering these type of women feminist icons. I do believe I am a feminist, but this radical tumblr feminism needs to get the fuck out before I will ever label myself that way.

Also please don’t misinterpret me, Josh Duggar can go straight to hell hand-in-hand with Lena Dunham.

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Ok so I looked at all the links about Lena Dunham and yeah. That's all disgusting behavior. But I'm confused about something. So she was 7 when she sexually abused her sister. Would she still be to blame for this? I mean she was a child. She would have been in the pre-operational or concrete operational development stage. Moral reasoning doesn't (typically) happen until the formal operational stage. Are her parents to blame? Or perhaps she was molested herself?

YES she is still responsible. 7 years old is past the age of curiosity children show for curiosity in genitalia. Read her book. Read about how she withheld toys and food and other things from her sister in exchange for touching her inappropriately. She molested her sister for years, she writes all about it herself. You need to read it. She is responsible for it. She HERSELF describes her actions and thoughts as being similar to a predators.

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In light of the Josh Duggar fiasco, I ask: Do you think a chunk of Lena Dunham's impunity might owe more to her celebrity status than her sex? I notice celebs, regardless of sex or transgression, routinely get off with a slap on the wrist at best...

I’m inclined to agree that it’s not because she’s a woman, but because she’s famous

- Chris Brown was able to beat his girlfriend with very little repercussion

- Rick James tortured someone with a crack pipe, and he’s still fondly remembered

- Sean Penn beat Madonna

- Charlie Sheen’s cocaine habit

- Alec Baldwin’s abuse (or alleged abuse) of his daughter

- Justin Bieber’s antics

All men - all did things that would get the common man arrested and put in prison for years. But their fame is a shield. It’s the fact they have money and are in the public eye. Being female may be an extra thing on top of being famous, but it’s not just because Lena’s a woman. If another celebrity did the things she did, I would say it wouldn’t be much different from Lena’s current situation.


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Featured Fringe Video of the Day #671

Polivia - Spoilers thru 3x22

This song kills me.

My 2 cents on 19 kids

Just as Josh Duggar himself stated, his actions 12 years ago were inexcusable. I in no way condone what he did, and I in no way condone this behavior from anybody. However, I also do not condone the behavior by the pubic since this information was released. Yes he committed a crime, however he received counseling and rehabilitation for his crime. Additionally since this became public, he resigned from his job immediately–without anybody asking him to.  There are men and women out there who do nothing to receive help or repent for their sins–and continue to abuse men, women, boys and girls. He and his family knew he had sinned and tried to handle the situation the best they could.

Put yourself in their shoes a bit. Imagine you had just found your own son or daughter doing this to another one of your children. Those are your CHILDREN. Can you honestly tell me that immediately you would call 911 on your elder child and have them arrested on the spot? I can say I know I wouldn’t. I would immediately stop the behavior, tell my child that their actions were wrong, and take them to counseling. I could not imagine sending my minor child to jail immediately for an action that they may not understand on their own. This is a scary situation for any family. I do agree that the parents in this situation waited a bit too long to inform the authorities, especially with them knowing this had happened multiple times. I am not saying I am on their side. However this is a situation that affects every single family member. They did what they sought best for their family–they turned to their faith, counseling, and eventually the authorities. They may not have done so in a timely manner (I.e. after the first offense), but they did what they needed to do.

If this was any other family in the United States, this would never even make it into the news. This is a private family manner. It is something they addressed and recovered from, and eventually moved on. If the victims themselves can move on–why can’t the rest of us who aren’t even directly effected? This family was almost torn apart years ago but was able to stick together and make it through–yet here the public is, trying to ruin another family. Opening up old wounds and having a family relive a horrible time.

This man showed remorse for his actions. Why is he being burned alive by the public while somebody like Lena Dunham–who showed no remorse for molesting her younger sister, and actually finds it comical–is more popular than ever and nobody even bats an eye at her behavior? Additionally, if we take a look at Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, I’d say they were fair to cancel that show because that was something that was actively putting the kids on the show in danger. The mother KNEW she was dating a registered sex offender and bringing him around her children who had publicly showed concern for the situation. It was right of the network to stop filming and help the family to resolve the situation privately. In the case of the Duggars, this is a family that is no longer dealing with an active offender or is in any immediate danger. If anything, the situation made them stick to their faith much more than ever before.

The public needs to pipe the fuck down. After all, “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.” Just let this go back to being a family matter.

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Calling lena dunham a child molester is sexualising the actions of a child which in itself is disgusting. There are plenty of other reasons to dislike her other than that one instance

so you’re saying it’s wrong to call a child molester a child molester?

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I think parenting failure is largely responsible for the Dunham and Duggar molestations, but for opposite reasons: permissiveness + "artsy" sexualized expression + no teaching of boundaries in one household VS. no sex ed whatsoever + patriarchal ideology + image-conscious puritanism in the other. It's sad that neither family can drop the act (cultivated irony for the Dunhams, Christian morality for the Duggars) long enough to grasp the reality of what happened and how they enabled it.

yeah, but i can’t help but wonder if either one or both of them were molested/raped/sexually abused by some adult they knew prior to when they started molesting their siblings.

~the aspie one

About horrible Tom

I just want say that i’m huge Fringe fan. And I say this because, on S1 of Fringe, Olivia Dunham (lead female character) was dating a man that turned out to be not what he said he was. She found out and it was all a huge deal for her. Through out the season, she dealt with the lies he told her, and trying to figure out how much of what he said he felt about her was really true. But after that was over, he was dead and they never even spoke about him again. Olivia dealt with it and move on. And the show could focused on her relationship with her “end game” wich was Peter.  My point is: THE KILLED THE GUY. SHE DEALT WITH IT AND IT WAS OVER. That’s why they where able to move on. 

I think you all know where Im getting at here. Tom needs to die. His stupid and completely boring story-line on season 2  was a waist of screen time. That “redemption” should have never existed. He should have died being a respected character back on S1 when Liz shot him. I hat that they took that from him. He was a cool character, he had a purpose, he was a bad ass and he was doing his job. Remember when he tells Lizzie that story about the heart she drew on his shoe and how he was sorry for then because he knew he had her? He totally freaked me out when he told that story. I remember thinking WOW he is such a mean guy, but I completely respected him. Now what I think about Tom is that he’s a pathetic guy, who all of the sudden has no idea of what to do, so he just hangs around trying to win a girls heart by acting like a supposed “nice guy” we ALL KNOW HE IS NOT. They ruined him. He is just not credible any more. But whats ten times worst, they are ruining Liz only to save him. 

This has to stop. He needs to be gone. Liz REALLY NEEDS TO CLOSE THIS CHAPTER because if she doesn’t she will never be able to start a new one. 


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I'm not gonna compare the badness of their crimes, but at least Josh Duggar knows what he did was wrong. That's why the covered it up, because they knew he did an awful thing, and didn't wanna see the consequences for it. Lena Dunham proudly admits and jokes about what she did and literally thinks she did nothing wrong. She hasn't apologized once, just put the blame on other people and acted like they're framing her by using her exact words against her.


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What's wrong with Lena Dunham? Did she really molest her sister?

yeah, she admitted to it in her book. it’s horrible :( x

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I hope girls ( Lena Dunham'show) gets cancelled too. She molested her sister for YEARS. Her sister even said she felt like her prisoner. She deserves the same backlash Josh is getting. This is why I want equality, Josh is considered a pedo (which is true) and Lena a feminist.