every time I assume it’s going to be different. “maybe they’ve learned”, I mumble hopefully. “I’ll just post in the dragons wanted forum and someone will probably reply with my perfect dragon!”

*makes post*

*the first poster slaps me with a dragon whose colours and genes are COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THE RANGES I SPECIFIED*

(insert “this kills the man” image here, I’m too lazy and/or angry to find it)

that was an actual thing that happened and it’s not even uncommon. seriously, fuck this garbage. I’m more likely to find what I want by refreshing the front page and hoping the random dragon is the one I want than by posting in the drw forum.

(to those indivuduals who DON’T post random shit on wanted threads and instead take their time to carefully read the post: you. you are the good people. I hope you find a dollar bill or several somewhere you didn’t remember stashing any)