A Final Battle

Freja smiled sinisterly when she heard the half bringer. “So you came. How nice of you. Why don’t you come out and play?”

Play? You know I love a game Freja but right now… I’d love more than just to play ” she appeared in the midst of the flames as she grinned , her front leg crystallized and stiff

“My what a lovely jewel you have there. Makes your eyes POP.” Freja said as she shot a moonblast at Dimona.

Dimona snarled as her tendrils protected her from the attack “ really ?? Is that the best you got?”

“I was afraid that if I did not start we would blabber for hours."Freja shrugged and signaled her elites to start shooting Fairy typed technoblasts towards Dimona.

The demon snarled and avoided and with little of her troops they spread out as much as they could to distract them ” awhh but don’t you want to have a nice long chat Freja dear ?“

"Those are MY troop you know.” Freja said and teleported near Dimona trying to cut her with her spear.

She yelped as she was stabbed by the spear before the tendrils relentlessly tried to attack her “Hehe~? And so?? ” She quickly used fireblast at the Gardevoir

Freja got hit on her side and teleported back to her starting point. “VOICE COMMAND: ALL DIRECTIONS.”

Dimona could feel the little bits try to restrict her movements. Snarling as the tendrils linked together to create a form over herself “Freja… These little bots won’t keep me still for long…~ ” she said as she grinned before the tendrils attacked at her.

“But they will for long enough.” Freja jumped away. “Ine, Daisuke. would you two be dears and help me?” she said as the elites fought Dimona’s forces

Both  nodded as they got ready, Ine flying up to the air as Daisuke prepared an aura sphere. Dimona merely smirked before slowly but surely moving her front paws “Ohhhh won’t he be pleased that you joined? ” She giggled before smirking

Freja shot a psychic at Dimona while she touched an unknown button on her screen. Meanwhile a group of first evolution pokemon who ran from the fires dashed towards Dimona.

Dimona had quickly sorted it out in her head.. up until Freja decided to throw a psychic shot at her. “Playing fair? No? Oh well .”  The idle Tendrils grabbed Ine by her wings which made her flinch before she was thrown towards Freja’s attack. Daisuke’s aura sphere was easily avoided however she found herself swarmed with weaker ‘mons as she huffed and snarled plucking them with her tendrils before throwing them towards Freja. Holding onto a few giving them a grin as she stabbed them hard, letting their blood soak the tendrils “Is this the best you can do dear sweet Freja? ”

Freja who got hit by a flying eevee hurled backwards. Luckily her surprise weapon attacked Dimona. those rattatas, sentrets and bidoofs were planted by Freja in the poke-village after she discovered Dimona spied on her and found out her plan. each of those vermins carried a special purity weapon strapped under their chest with only one attack progremed into them which would activate once they reached Dimona. Explosion.

One by one they went off. Dimona who was unaware of the trap happened to get caught within the now many explosions that happens once after the other,  Covering her general area in smoke

Freja who got back on her feet watched the smoke, and even though she hoped Dimona sufferred greatly from the attack (not caring much if the kamikaza rats survived) she held the purity weapon in her hand, ready to fire.

Silence engulfed the fields before black slick tendrils erupted from the smoke as it dispersed . Dimona was surrounded by the writhing tendrils that wrapped around her. Dimona herself was hurt and bleeding though she stood still before laughing maniacally “ as the tendrils grow , her eyes narrowed at the Queen ”My Turn queenie~

Freja’s eyes widened as the bringer survived the explosions. That was dissapointing, she though that plan was clever. "So you survived?” Freja asked as she shot a water technoblast at her.

“Ahaha!!~ You amuse me Freja dear~! Did you really think a bunch of explosions would KILL me?!! Your lack of knowledge about my kind is laughable… Although I should admit… It’s not my kind that kept me alive through that. ” She grinned before using protect. The tendrils now wrapped around her limbs, as of recreating a version of herself from the shadows , the edges sharp and deadly “I said… it’s my turn dear queen…” the tendrils went past Freja to grab both Ine and Daisuke, stabbing Ine through her wings before tightening her grip on the two “ her gaze now fell to the queen as she used her paws to swipe at her, the tendrils that formed into her paw did the same.

Freja got scratched, and the dark typed attack did it’s damage while she quickly moved back as she held her bleeding chest. "Ah. That’s nice. I see your chaos is growing stronger. Though it’s no matter. You are not a REAL bringer after all. If you were I would have been scared.” Freja said with a condecending smile.

Dimona snarled at her , bearing her fangs as her eyes narrowed “You little bitch! How dare you speak to me that way!” She seethed as she got closer to lash at her once more

Freja teleported to some distance behind Dimona and shot a moonblast at the tendtil that held Daisuke. “I met a bringer once. Kaos I think. She was much more impressive then you I have to admit. She has power in her own right and the respect of her family. But your arrangement is also good. Scrounging for scraps of chaos in a useless attempt to impress someone.”

Daisuke yelped as he fell to the ground l. Quickly getting up before moving away from the demon. This only made their grip against Ine tight in which she tried to repel the tendrils with her attack.

Freja could almost see her twitch at the name before turning to look at her “She does not have the respect of all her family..” She snarled before more of the tendrils appeared , agitated and pulsing with their master’s rage and the Chaos around them. They quickly made their way towards the two , lashing and attacking  them. “I AM NOT SCROUNGING FOR SCRAPS AND YOU WILL NOT MENTION HER NAME IN MY PRESENCE !

Freja used a fairy typed technoblast against the incoming tendrils in hope of reppelling them. She succeeded in angering Dimona. Now she needs to wait until the ether is activated by the anger. “I mean. I heard Kaos is the strongest one out there. Niv was scared of Kaos and the whole point of our deal was to give her an edge against her. I never heard her mention you though. But maybe she forgot. Who knows.”

The tendrils backed up a bit before trying to grab at her this time. Dimona was now fueled with rage “I don’t need to be popular "she snarled as she uses a dark looking fireblast at them

The tendrils got Freja’s torso, but she teleported away quickly. only scorching the end of her dress. Freja reappeared at the other end of the field smiling though she got a bit tired. and as she waited for the crystals to grow inside Dimona in reaction with her rage.

Seething with Rage, She was about to move before realizing that she barely could. looking at her body, it seemes as if the crystals were spreading faster than they should. She frowned , of course this was all part of her plan….part of the bitchy queen’s plan. She should have seen it coming. It was far to late now. She had better make due with her deal “Hey grim! Here’s part one of the deal!” She growled letting out some of her rage at the broken winged Eevee before throwing her towards the shadows. As soon as she did that nother pair of tendrils latched at Daisuke as it threw him towards Ine as well. 

Daisuke groaned and quickly got up before growling “And how is throwing us away going to help you?!”



*SLAMS FISTS ON TABLE* what’s THIS?! I’ve been in this fandom almost a year and I HAVEN’T drawn my favorite canon gay robot husbands yet?!?!!? This must be remedied at once.
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*the door of frankie house is been knock fast*

There was a groan inside the house, and some fumbling around, then slow footsteps, as someone goes to answer the door;

“ …Violet?” Mila yawned, looking like she’d just woken up. She had a horror movie marathon last night, and passed out on the couch really late. “ It’s like 9 am, you know I don’t get up until noon… What’s the emergency?”