petition for durarara lawyer au where all the characters are lawyers or clients on opposing sides and they bitch at each other under all the legalese

like vorona going off on metaphorical tangents comparing aozaki (client) and akabayashi (lawyer) to dirt under her heels

shinra cracking jokes on a murder case like “haha, let’s take a stab at the question shall we? so who did it? well not my client he’s innocent”

izaya and shizuo battle it out for yagiri pharmuticals vs sturluson eventually shizuo gives up and goes “your honor, his argument isn’t valid because HE’S A JERK”

Holy shit, I did it again. Same thing with last time, you can replace anything you want with your own accessories or clothing since some of these may be a tad bit expensive. I really enjoy making these! This outfit is a lot more fancy than casual, so I guess you could wear it to a nice occasion or a lovely dinner party. Here are the links to the items below!

Black Bow Heels: http://www.luulla.com/product/336265/cute-black-bow-knot-high-heels-fashion-shoes

Blouse: http://www.target.com/p/sleeveless-button-up-blouse-white-ambar/-/A-16741830?ref=tgt_adv_XSP10002&AFID=polyvore_df&LNM=16741830&CPNG=Women&LID=22pdf&ci_src=426179448&ci_sku=16741830 *sadly after making the picture, I found out that the blouse shown is sold out, but I found another one! It just doesn’t have the black collar… :( It is similar though!

Skirt: http://www.romwe.com/High-Waist-Pleated-Black-Skirt-p-95237-cat-682.html

Bow: Look on Etsy because they have a ton!

Nail Polish: You can buy O.P.I Nail Polish from a local drugstore like CVS or Walgreens!

*Sadly, Shizuo does not come with any of this*

I really love to make these so send in more ideas if you’d like!