So, I made myself a roll for my double pointed needles. I have a larger knitting needle roll that matches my knitting bag, but I find that I use my DPNs more often. I also didn’t want the 000 & 00 DPNs getting bent, so I made a separate roll. At any rate, it was also just an excuse to sew, and I had all the cool Star Trek comic book cover fabric left over from making Rory a cushion. Once I decided to use the outer fabric, I went to Joann and found the other Star trek prints.

I also made myself 3 of the 4 sets of wooden DPNs. I bought a set of 10.5 bamboo, and while they’re nice, I balked at purchasing more at $9.99-16.99 per set. Even with a coupon, they still start at around $6.00… I made these for less than $1.00 per set, plus I had enough dowel left over for some wooden cable needles. :) All it takes is some dowels, a pencil sharpener, an assortment of sandpaper, and something to finish them with, such as beeswax polish. I actually made my own polish as well, 1 part beeswax to 4 parts olive oil.

The worst part was making the size 9s. I was able to find size 8, 10, and 10.5 dowels, but nothing else closer to a 9. I ended up buying a second size 10 dowel and sanding each needle down to fit the size 9 slot in my gauge. >_< I seriously considered whether all the work was worth it versus just buying a set, but I decided to make them in the end