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Ferguson, MO | November 25, 2014

A protester points out the origin of a smoke bomb thrown at a police and national guard formation outside the Ferguson police department, the night after riots rocked this St Louis Suburb.

I was profoundly disturbed to witness these protests, this injustice. To watch excessive and illogical police tactics, to see instigators taking advantage of the chaos to ransack and loot.

Throughout my career I have witnessed atrocities and injustice beyond comprehension. But I have also been lucky enough to have experienced true friendship, generosity and kindness.

To my friends and family I give thanks.

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Documentary: British Somalis: A Community Under Siege

Thanks anon for the submission! This was a really enlightening watch, most of my perspective of African immigrants in Europe is limited to French affairs(where they also paint African immigrants of former French colonies as thugs and terrorists as well), so this was very educational. It seems no matter what we go, Africans will have to deal with xenophobia, racism, brutality that results from the two, and the shadow of American/European imperialism. Also, I can’t stand Cameron’s five head no lip having ass self. -Farah

I’m a photographer from West Yorkshire. I mainly shoot in black in white digitally and on film but I have a whole box of exposed colour films to develop. I recently started developing my own black and white films and printing them up and this is from a roll of tri-x 400 I shot recently. I love film compacts and shoot mostly on my Olympus XA3 or Trip but for digital stuff I use a Canon 500D.


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we're all just waiting to get home // Daddy!Luke Imagine

Anonyomous requested: Could you write luke leaves your new born baby alone with the boys and you as new mother (with all the new feelings and hormones and whatever) kinda freak out when you find out

HI okay so i’m drunk and I wrote half of this sober and half of this drunk so I’m so sorry??

Being a new mother was hard – harder than anything anyone had prepared you for.

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Complete life story in English (Documentary by Rageh Omaar)

anonymous asked:

How do you think Mulder and Scully are spending Thanksgiving this year? How about Bedelia and Hannibal?

Mulder and Scully are eating Chinese take out in their pajamas on the floor of their living room and watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon because Scully absolutely refuses to watch that documentary Mulder made her watch last year (that he swore was legit) about how aliens actually discovered America.

They’ll call Maggie, who is in San Diego with Bill and his family. They’d been invited to go but didn’t. They’re always invited and Mulder insists they should go one year and Scully keeps saying they will but they don’t. Maybe Christmas, she says, though Mulder knows it won’t happen. Christmas is hard and private for her so they’ll likely spend it the way they spend thanksgiving. Alone together. The way they like it.

Bedelia and Hannibal are eating an extravagant meal that Hannibal prepared and nobody talks about what it actually is.


"On this day, there is nothing to be thankful for."

[News] Shinhwa to hold a preview event for its 3D movie

Shinhwa will be holding a preview event prior to the premiere of its live 3D movie.

On December 9th, four days before the ‘Shinhwa Live 3D The Legend Continues’s’ actual premiere, the movie will screen before the public in a preview event.

'Shinhwa Live 3D The Legend Continues' will officially premiere on December 11th. It is a 3D documentary containing scenes from Shinhwa's March and August concerts held last year. It includes performances from the group, behind-the-scenes videos of the music video and more, as well as interviews from the members. Fans have been looking forward to watching the content in high definition 3D.


About 150 fans chosen through an event will get to see the movie beforehand on December 9th.

The event will take place for five days from the 28th to December 2nd. Entrants will have to post the movie’s poster and trailer on their blogs or social network accounts. The 150 winners will get to watch ‘Shinhwa Live 3D The Legend Continues’ before its official premiere in theaters on the 9th at the Yeoido CGV.

Shincom Entertainment commented, “‘Shinhwa Live 3D The Legend Continues will hold a preview before its official premiere takes place on December 11th. We hope many fans participate in the event as it’s an opportunity to watch the movie before its premiere.”

Source: Osen