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Pasung - Punished by the Gods

Bali is a tropical vacation paradise, but there is a dark side just a few tourists get to see. People with mental illness are chained by their family members, they are often tied up or locked up in shocking living conditions.

Around 20 million people in Indonesia have a mental illness. Help get only a few. Because mental illnesses are still associated with evil, the sick are chained by their relatives in the forest or locked in cages.

The 4 million inhabitants of Bali with approximately 7,000 patients are estimated to only a handful of available psychiatrists . Overall, less than five percent of the mentally ill are treated in Indonesia.

Traditionally, many Indonesians believe that evil in the head can be expelled by a healer. They have no money for treatment and often there is no way to treat their members professionally.

There are people chained endure decades. The Indonesian Ministry of Health estimates that there are currently around 30 000 people with a mental illness in Indonesia locked away.

1. Indonesia, Bali, Singaraja - Kadek, 42, for years she stopped to talk. She has spent more than half her life in a room without windows. Kadek lies on a cot. Her family believes she is possessed by demons. The family refuses that Kadek gets treated with Western medicine. So far They have visited 57 ritual healer, but nothing worked. © Christian Werner

2. Indonesia, North-Bali, 18. April 2013 - A moldy dark shack was the home of a the mentally ill Wayan Budiawayan who were chained for 18 years to this bed. © Christian Werner

3. Indonesia, Bali, Singaraja 16 April 2013 - Komang, 26 years old is chained by her family in a hut in the jungle near Singaraja for 8 years. The family says Komang Could not cope With Their divorce. She wandered aimlessly, naked through the village, as the family Deciding to put them in chains. It has been locked in a cabin with no natural light, right next to the cattle. © Christian Werner

4. The only support that families receive from the state for their mentally ill family members, is a concrete shack which is built to lock away the “possessed”. The last time she got washed was two month ago. © Christian Werner

5. Indonesia, North-Bali, 18. April 2013 - Ketut is sitting on a bamboo lounger at the edge of the village, he sits there for 19 years. Previously Ketut was a construction worker once, he left his hut in the morning, in the evening he returned. A big man with strong hands, he brought money, he fed the family. © Christian Werner.

6. Indonesia, Bali, Singaraja, 16 April 2013 - A chained man in the jungle in Singaraja. © Christian Werner

7. Indonesia, Bali, Singaraja 16. April 2013 - Komang, 26 years old is chained by her family in a hut in the jungle near Singaraja for 8 years. The family says Komang could not handle her divorce. She strayed aimlessly and naked through the village, as the family decidided to put her in chains. © Christian Werner

Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a photographer from New York City currently based in Brooklyn. I mostly document neighborhoods and shoot landscapes with a creative twist and a childlike curiosity. 

Some more of my work can be found here: 



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An Excerpt from the Forthcoming Feature Documentary, GRRRL is a 10 minute short commissioned for Alien She, the first major art exhibition on riot grrrl.

This short was created early in shooting GRRRL and includes interviews with Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin), Erin Smith (Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts), Molly Neuman (Bratmobile), Julia Serano, Matt Wobensmith (Outpunk!), Larry-Bob Roberts (Holy Tit Clamps), Stella Zine (Pagan Holiday), Penny Arcade, Theo Kogan (Lunachicks), Violent Vickie, Anna Joy Springer (Blatz, Cypher in the Snow), Ladyfest Bay Area (2012), Brontez Purnell (Gravy Train!!!!, The Younger Lovers), Kembra Pfahler (The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), the Degenerettes, War on Women, Dental Dames, and Shirle Hale (Womyn of Destruction).

GRRRL: 25 Years of Riot Grrrl, is currently in production.


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This is a new project I’m involved in that marries my love of graphic novels, pop culture and issues that I am passionate about. Hope you are able to check it out when it gets released early next year:

The 5 Powers, narrated by award-winning actor Orlando Jones, tells the story of three superheroes of peace: Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1967; Sister Chân Không, Vietnamese Zen master and peace activist; and Alfred Hassler, longtime leader of F.O.R., peace activist, and creator of The Montgomery Story comic book that helped turn Dr. King into a superhero.

"The 5 Powers film is a moving fusion of documentary footage, historic montage and vivid animation that sends a powerful message of peace. Using modern technology and dramatic storytelling, the film focuses on three true heroes and their efforts to promote the non-violent resolution of conflict through a mindful, compassionate approach. It’s beautifully crafted and truly inspiring." - Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Green Lantern)

More info at - http://www.peaceisthewayfilms.com/mlk-montgomery-story-comic-book-origins/

Just watched a really interesting documentary about the Mods and Rockers of the 60s. Funny though. These white blokes in leather jackets and suits are causing a great fuss, getting into fights, vandalising stuff, throwing deck chairs at people. They think they’re fighting authority, of course, and rebelling. Which I’m sure they had a perfect right to, given the way the world was back then. Especially because they were more of less the generation after WW2.

Makes you think though, doesn’t it? Mod and Rocker culture is revered and imitated now because it was a load of angry, bored, white dudes. It’s become iconic. People remember it fondly. 

Young white men are always praised for ‘rebelling against authority’. They get a slap on the wrist, but at the end of the day they’re just harmless lads, right? They get nostalgic films made about their exploits. 

Only they’re not exactly fighting a revolution, are they? They weren’t. The media set them up as dangerous and exciting and unruly so more kids wanted to join them for street cred. But what did they stand for that mattered? 

They liked to think, and still like to, because people like this still exist today, that they are fighting some revolution. That they’re modern and edgy. But then you ask them about feminism, you ask them about homophobia, you ask them about racism, and they don’t want to hear it. They don’t give a damn about that. They don’t want to challenge the status quo in a way that will help oppressed groups. They just want to be a bit violent and obnoxious. So the whole pretty legend of the Mods and the Rockers goes a bit sour. 

What I’m saying, is that there’s a reason history remembers the pointless, rude, thoughtless exploits of white teenage boys so fondly in the end. Because they’re harmless, aren’t they? These rebellious ‘revolutionaries’ will still go along with the racism and sexism and homophobia all around them when they hit middle age. And then they’ll complain about the next generation of youth. 

It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s both interesting and depressing. 

Also worth thinking of the fact black youths in this country (England) as well as other places like America, are described often as thugs and hooligans. They’re getting stopped by the police constantly. Their music (the music that the Mods decided to enjoy for a bit of a dangerous thrill) is considered vulgar by the very men that used it to seem more edgy back in the day. 

The only time black culture is celebrated is when it’s a white person borrowing it. You see that today in the cultural appropriation of various celebrities. 

That’s racism right there. Racism in our cultural history and the way we pass down these myths. 

Something to think about, anyway. Sorry if this is a real jumble of thoughts.  I’m not drafting this first. 

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The film equivalent of a stroll through the Louvre, the documentary Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography collects interviews with many of modern-day Hollywood’s finest directors of photography and is illustrated by examples of their best work as well as scenes from the pictures which most influenced them. A who’s-who of cinematographers — Nestor Almendros, John Bailey, Conrad Hall, Laszlo Kovacs, Sven Nykvist, Vittorio Storaro, Haskell Wexler, Gordon Willis, Vilmos Zsigmond and others — discuss their craft with rare perception and insight, paying homage to pioneers like Gregg Toland, Billy Bitzer and John Alton and explaining the origins behind many of the most indelible images in movie history; from Citizen Kane to The Godfather and from Sunrise to Night of the Hunter, many of the truly unforgettable moments in American film history are here in all their brilliance and glory. —Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Sometimes all it means is that the pictures are pretty, and for many people, I think, “cinematography” somehow connects with vast outdoor vistas — the sand dunes in Lawrence of Arabia, or the Texas plains in Days of Heaven. But great cinematography can also consist of the look in an eye, the tense space between two people, or the shadows in the corner of a cramped room. Visions of Light is a documentary that will likely cause everyone who sees it to look at movies a little differently in the future. It is a film about cinematography, consisting of a great many great shots and sequences, commented on by the men (and a few women) who photographed them. In Visions of Light, many great cinematographers talk about their relationships with directors, with shots, and with the light. It is always hard to say exactly where a director’s contribution ends and the cinematographer’s begins, but it is always true that it’s the cinematographer’s responsibility to realize the director’s vision — and sometimes, they hint here, to supply it. —Roger Ebert

Below: the camera captures the scenic beauty of the Colorado mountains as Slim Pickens and Van Heflin ride the Stagecoach, courtesy of A Certain Cinema. Thanks to Casey Moore for the tip.

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This evening I watched the first in a two-part BBC documentary, Russia’s Lost Princesses: The Gilded Cage on the life of the Romanov children..

It is really interesting. Instead of focusing on their deaths as with most documentaries about this family, this one starts with the background and story of the children’s mother and father, Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra, which is truly fascinating! If you can view it, I highly recommend it! :)

From Left-Right: Olga, Anastasia, Tatiana, Alexei, Maria

This sketch shows Olga (the eldest) with a camera, as was given to all of the Romanov children. They each had one and took many photos.

Also I tried to highlight Alexei, the youngest and only boy, as he was very much doted on by the whole family. This was due to him being heir to the throne (surpassing his four older sisters) as well as being diagnosed with a rare form of hemophilia; something that was kept a secret from everyone but the family.

All is explained much better in the documentary, so apologies if there are any mistakes here! I tried to keep it as concise as possible! But please, watch it if you’re interested in this sort of thing! :]

P.S. Link is now fixed..!

New Member Submission

Hello I’m Jasmin and I live in San Francisco.  Living in San Francisco is wonderful - each neighborhood has a distinct personality with its own cast of characters, still and alive.  Everyone in the city seems to be an outsider from somewhere else. I love that the outsiders are the insiders in this city.  Keep San Francisco weird!

Gardening, reading, music (specifically Indian classical), design, food and photography are major passions.  They are even more exciting in new places other than our garden and neighborhood.  

My blog began as a personal, visual documentary of inspirations. We put in an edible garden - a little urban farm of sorts - around the same time. I began capturing the beauty, geometry and whimsy I found in the garden, along with inspirations in my surroundings wherever I go. This photographic journal prompted me to rediscover my love for photography, which I studied in college but abandoned due to practical and predictable considerations.

My gear is simple. a Nikon d40x and a 35mm lens, along with the iphone. Recently I got a Nikon df with a 50mm lens, which I am learning and loving.  All are trusty and light. I believe a good photo has emotion, mood and composition.

Rediscovering photography has been tremendously rewarding, prodding me, challenging me, and allowing me to contemplate and capture life’s big bowl of watermelon slices.


We’re so excited to have you on board, Jasmin, and we’re really looking forward to working together!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

I’m a young photographer in Berlin. I photograph anything and everything that I find interesting or beautiful in some way.

Taking photographs is my way of capturing the way that I see things, and holding on to this. Sometimes these pictures come together in series, but often they function as single, stand-alone images.

I shoot with whatever camera is available, though the physicality and beautiful graininess of film has turned me to favouring cheap 35mm point and shoots (the picture above was taken on a minolta freedom explorer 35).

You can find my work at:

nosoyhusky said:

what kind of films you want to make? Feature, Docs, Short?

Documentaries for sure and I have this vision for a series of short films based on true stories .Like those stories that make your bood boil and get you outraged at the amount of injustice in the world. I want people to watch my films and feel an overwhelming urge to change the world or at the very least look into the issues that affect people. Actual people not powerful white America. I want the world to open their eyes and get mad you know get passionate.

Thigh-High Stockings

Thigh-High Stockings

Words: 1856

Rating: R

A/N: I saw a prompt somewhere about Dan doing himself on a vibrator whilst wearing thigh-high stockings. I couldn’t resist. I’m really sorry. Anyway. Enjoy!

Dan and Phil were sat cosily on the couch watching a nature documentary they had found whilst flicking through the channels before deciding there was nothing better on. Dan’s head was resting on Phil’s shoulder, the couple holding hands. They had just finished eating dinner, plates still stacked in the sink. It seemed like a regular evening for the couple. 

Phil was deeply immersed within the television programme, having always had an interest in animals. However Dan’s attention was somewhere else. As the elder man cooed over the baby turtles that appeared on screen, Dan was thinking about the thigh-high stockings that had arrived earlier that day, which he was planning on wearing later night as a surprise for Phil. He had somehow managed to sneak the package inconspicuously into his bedroom wardrobe without Phil noticing.

“Baby…” Dan sighed seductively, inching his lips closer to Phil’s.

“Yeah?” Phil asked nonchalantly, his eyes not moving from the television screen.

Dan couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriend’s innocence, thinking of what his reaction would be when he saw him wearing the black thigh-highs. Dan pressed his lips against Phil’s, kissing him tenderly. This seemed to catch Phil’s attention as he reciprocated with the same heat. Dan’s hands moved across his boyfriend’s broad chest, feeling the warmth underneath his fingertips. Their lips began to move with more intensity.

Phil moved lower down to the younger’s sensitive neck where he began to place gentle pecks along his jawbone, creeping slowly down his adam’s apple down to his clavicle. Dan quietly groaned, the heat travelling to the lower half of his body. He reached down underneath Phil’s waistband of his track-pants, where he slowly began to palm his growing erection, to which Phil let out a guttural moan from the sudden contact, the low sound sending shivers down Dan’s spine.

“Phil,” Dan breathed pulling away from Phil’s lips so he could speak to his lover, “Phil, I have something for you.”

“What is it, Bear?” Phil asked, his lips full and swollen from the previous making out. Excitement growing in his stomach with anticipation.

“How would you feel about me wearing nothing but a pair of black thigh-high stockings?” Dan asked putting particular emphasis on the description of the hosiery.

Dan watched as Phil swallowed. His adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. “I-i, yeah. I would like that very much.” Phil tried to regain his composure, trying not to let his boyfriend see how much the idea excited him. He could feel his erection stirring in his underwear. He wanted nothing more than to see Dan sprawled out on their bed, legs spread apart wearing stockings.

“Well then, I better get to it then.” Dan purred in Phil’s ear, “meet me in the bedroom in five minutes.”

Dan rose from the couch and strutted to the bedroom, leaving Phil alone and needy for what was about to come. Phil leaned forward, trying to steady his breathing and looked at his phone in his shaking hand. This was going to be the slowest five minutes.

Dan looked at himself in the mirror and studied his reflection. He was buzzing with anticipation and confidence as he admired his own long, lean legs clad in the black see-through nylon, complete with the lace trim which surrounded his thighs. He heard Phil’s footsteps coming down the hall, adrenaline surged through his veins and tried to lay sexily on the bed to greet his lover as he opened the door.

“Hey you.” Phil smirked., standing in the doorway. The sight of Dan in that moment was more than Phil could have ever imagined, clad in only the stockings, his lean form accentuated by the see-through material, his fully hard cock straining proudly upwards against his stomach. The sight was utterly breath-taking.

“Fuck. You’re so gorgeous.” Phil gushed, creeping over to the bed so was on his hands and knees hovering over Dan, admiring his boyfriend, in total awe of the young many who lay beneath him.

“Says you.” Dan laughed, leaning up to kiss Phil in an open-mouthed, messy kiss. Phil’s hands wandered down Dan’s golden-skinned chest. Their tongues danced, sliding further down until he found Dan’s swollen cock. He began to pump Dan with the same hot, intensity as their kiss. Dan groaned in pleasure at the sudden touch. Which was not to last for much longer.

Phil pulled from the kiss and his hand left Dan’s throbbing cock. Dan let out a whimper. He rolled over to the bedside table, taking out a black vibrator and a bottle of lube.

“What are you doing?” Dan asked, shifting closer to Phil, craving the elder’s proximity; he needed to be touched.
“I’m going to play with you Bear.” Phil replied with authority in his voice.

Dan shivered in delight. He could hear the dominance dripping from Phil’s voice. Dan loved it when Phil took control over him in bed. Phil could be so dirty and demanding. Dan nodded in agreement, already beginning to slip into a submissive head space.

Phil smirked, popping the cap of the lube bottle and began spreading the substance over his fingers. Once he was sure his digits were slippery enough to suffice, he pressed two fingers against Dan’s exposed hole, gently pushing them inside. Dan sighed as he indulged in the new feeling of fullness. Phil slowly worked his fingers apart, although they only had sex that same morning, he was always sure to be careful with his boyfriend, ensuring he was stretched sufficiently.

“That feel okay Bear?” Phil asked, as he slipped a third finger inside, starting to curl them.

Dan nodded frantically, “Hurry up.” He hissed, patience was a virtue Dan did not have.

Phil tutted, “Now, now. I’ll leave you here to deal with your little problem alone if you don’t settle down.” With that he pressed his digits against Dan’s prostate, making Dan arch his back and let out a low moan.

“Okay. I’ll stop teasing.” Phil finally said, slipping his fingers out of Dan, causing him to whimper in protest, disliking the sudden sensation of emptiness. He gave Phil an exaggerated pout as he lay on his back, the thigh-high stockings still adorning his long legs.

“I told you to stop sooking, once more and you’ll get punished.” Phil warned. Dan almost wanted to act-up just to see what the so-called punishment was, a part of him was excited by the thought, after all dominant Phil turned him on to no end. He decided against it, for now. Wanting to be a good submissive for Phil.

Phil picked up the medium-sized vibrator. It was not as thick or as long as Phil was, but it was still more than enough to turn Dan into a moaning whore.

Phil picked up the vibrator and began pushing it inside Dan, the toy came with a remote so Phil could easily control the strength of the vibrations. Once the vibrator was fully inside Dan, Phil switched the remote to it’s lowest setting, causing Dan to squeak in alarm.

“I decided not to torture you too much baby, for now anyway.” Phil chuckled to himself as he watched Dan ease into the pleasure the vibrations gave him. His swollen cock dribbling precum.

“Don’t you touch yourself, Dan.” Phil snided. Dan whined, lifting his hands above his head in order to avoid the temptation.

Phil began to undress himself. His own errection throbbing and demanding attention. Phil turned the setting up one level higher and watched Dan’s breathing start to become uneven and ragged.

“I want you to fuck yourself on the vibrator.” Phil said gravely. His voice deep and thick with lust.

Dan nodded, beginning to push the black vibrator in and out of his body, he looked at Phil with heavy-lidded eyes. Phil had removed the rest of his clothing and was now fully naked on the other side of the bed, his hands slipping up and down his cock as he watched Dan. There was something so hot about masturbating in front of his lover as he watched he become undone.

“Oh f-fuck.” Dan’s breath hitched in his throat, the vibrator pushing against his prostrate with every thrust, but somehow it still wasn’t enough. Dan got onto his feet so he was squatting, legs bent on either side of his body, using one hand on the bed frame as leverage, he continued to fuck himself with the vibrator. The new position allowing for better access and an even better view for Phil.

Phil’s hand continued to slick faster up and down as he jerked his cock. Phil’s mouth hang open as he watched Dan, a sheen of sweat glazed over his beautiful skin, his cock hard and red bouncing as he fucked the vibrator in and out of his puckered hole. Dan still had those delicate stockings on his legs. Phil began to feel the familiar pull in his lower stomach. He had enough.

“Fucking come here.” Phil growled, hastily crawling over to Dan, “on your back, legs up slut.”

Dan gasped, the word leaving tingles down his spine. He quickly did as he was told, keen to be absolutely violated by Phil. Phil pulled the vibrator out of Dan and threw it aside, lubing up his erection which was already slick-with-precome. Phil lifted Dan’s legs and swung them over his shoulders before swiftly inserting himself inside Dan, the pair both throwing their heads back in unison at the sudden intense pleasure.

Without hesitation Phil pulled out and slammed his hips back forward, causing Dan to scream out his lover’s name. Dan couldn’t do anything but lay there and groan and moan with every thrust. His mouth lay agape as he stared up into Phil’s eyes watching him contort and grit his teeth as he rammed back into Dan over and over again.

“You feel so… f-fucking good!” Phil cried out, his timing becoming even more feverish and erratic, his left hand reaching to wank Dan’s cock hard and fast to match his animalistic thrusts.

Dan squeezed his eyes shut and screamed Phil’s name out. White hot pleasure crashing over his body. White, warm cum spurting over his boyfriend’s hand.

Phil wasn’t far behind. Between Dan’s whore-like moans and the sensation of his tight ass contracting and squeezing around Phil’s cock as he orgasmed was enough to cause Phil to closely follow Dan’s lead. He let out a feral moan as he erratically rode his climax into Dan’s sensitive ass. Milking the last ounce of his orgasm into Dan, Phil slowly pulled out of his lover and rolled next to him.

“Are you okay, Bear?” Phil panted, still out of breath, “I wasn’t too rough with you, was I?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m fine.” Dan slurred, still in post-coital ecstasy. “Fuck that was good though.”

“You’re telling me.” Phil smiled, carefully stroking the messy curls away from Dan’s face. “You should definitely wear these more often.” Phil’s hand grazed Dan’s stocking-clad thigh.

Dan giggled and half-heartedly kicked his lover’s hand away from his leg, “Maybe I should.”

Black & White in Color Nikon FM3A, Nikkor 50mm/f1.8 w/ Kodak Color Plus 200 ____

I am increasingly drawn to photograph the simple, subtle shapes sketched out on the surfaces of everyday materials. The contrast between the delicate quality of these images and the processes involved in their creation fascinates me.

Everything is damaged, broken or compromised, and yet quietly retains its function. The more focused I become on these details, the more order I find in the chaotic gestures. The closer I look the more beautiful and familiar the conversation between the shapes.

These shots are my social documentary. The stories of the materials are the stories of the unseen people. Their arrows are a recurring theme in my work, whether man-made pointing the way, or something that has been turned, or dragged, I am always drawn to follow.

—Di Emerson

Discover more of Di’s unconventional photography at www.diemerson.co.uk, Flickr & Tumblr.