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Hello! I am currently a vegetarian who won't get permission to go full vegan by my parents (I only eat animal byproducts when they cook). They say it's because I'm gluten intolerant, but that doesn't even make sense, cause, well meat is unnecessary and so is gluten. Do you have any tip on how to convince them to let me be vegan? I've argued my point thousands of times but they are always just like "Noh bruh ur facts doesn't apply to me I'm ur mum and if I say u need milk for calcium u do".. help

Could you get them to watch documentaries with you? If so for sure get them to see Forks over knives. If you haven’t seen its about the health side of veganism. It’s not just a vegan saying its healthy it’s doctors, nutritionists and surgeons pushing veganism to prevent and actually reverse some illnesses. There’s others like food incvegucated, earthlings and more but forks over knives is just focused on health.

If they don’t wanna see, print out some articles or read up on them yourself so you know what to say -
57 health benefits of going vegan.
Debunking the milk myth.
Six reasons for avoiding milk.
Got milk? You don’t need it.
Calcium in a plant based diet.
Calcium in the vegan diet.

Can also cook for them! I have lots of gluten free recipes, I know there’s so many more that I forgot to tag too. Anyways, Try not to get too frustrated most people really don’t know. We’re all brainwashed growing up by these industries. Of course you’re not gonna see a commercial of dancing spinach or almonds telling you to get your calcium, they can’t risk losing money and getting shut down. People forget it’s just about money, they don’t give a shit about your health. There’s been so many lawsuits against the usda especially for the food pyramid for having dairy on it all together. Educate is all you can do. Good luck! 


Jane Goodall Says SeaWorld ‘Should Be Closed Down’

Alexander C. Kaufman

NEW YORK – Jane Goodall wants to see SeaWorld go extinct.

The 81-year-old primatologist said whales and dolphins should never be held in captivity, and that the entertainment company known for its orca shows should be shuttered.

“They definitely should be closed down,” Goodall said in an interview with The Huffington Post earlier this month.

She’s not alone. SeaWorld’s stock price has been plummeting since July 2013, when CNN released the documentary “Blackfish.“ The film exposed the misery endured by SeaWorld’s trained orca and the dangers posed to trainers working with stressed-out carnivorous whales.

One of the problems highlighted in "Blackfish” is that cetacea, the family of aquatic mammals that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises, communicate with sonar-like sound waves. When confined to tanks, Goodall noted, those waves echo back and create a hellish cacophony for the animals

“When they are contained in these tanks … that is acoustical hell,” said Goodall, adding that her nonprofit organization, the Jane Goodall Institute, is urging aquariums across the country to free their whales. “The sounds bounce back from the walls of the tank.”

SeaWorld aggressively refuted many of the film’s claims, including allegations that its whales were unhealthy and that the company tried to cover up details surrounding the 2010 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was mauled by an orca.

After the release of “Blackfish,” SeaWorld saw a rapid decline in visitors, and with that, in the price of shares. But on Monday, Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock, optimistic that the company can retool its image as consumers start forgetting about the blockbuster documentary.

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Fed Up - Documentary

I watched it today & I really really liked it. The documentary was on childhood obesity & the rising epidemic & tbh I loved it; I’ve watched a lot of documentaries that open up with the blame solely on the children for not eating healthier or exercising more but this documentary explored all the factors; not just the choices each individual makes but the food companies & the advertisements that play a huge part into the food consumption that children are taking in & further more they go on to explain that it isn’t as simple as exercising more & eating less – that there is a huge “addictive” notion behind the foods that we are consuming today and the food that children are being given to consume. 

I highly recommend this documentary, if you’re in to these sort of things ^_^ Please remember that the above description is just what I got from it & in no way is that a fully detailed summary at all ^_^


Chibi Bassists…and Princess Mikerella

So another great musician producing a new album, you can can get in on the Kickstarter too (closes Thursday, get in on the rewards while you can). If he makes it to $42,500 he’s going to include a 30+ singer/musician anthem track on the album. Anyone who enjoys performing the above shenanigans is going to create an amazing album and entertaining documentary.

Please check out the Love and War Kickstarter by Mike Hill

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I really enjoy your blog. I appreciate the work you've put into it. However, I no longer believe in evolution after reading the 'trees-can't-evolve-into-wolves' post. You just can't refute solid logic like that. I mean, a tree? Turning into a wolf? Even over millions of years? Ridiculous. Next they're going to try to teach us that a bearded giant floating in ethereal space made us out of nothing so that he could tell us not to masturbate.

Lol. I was also struggling with evolution until last year. I took my family to the Philadelphia Zoo and we saw a monkey give birth to a human. Since that incredible moment I am a true “believer” in evolution. I also saw this “documentary” on T.V. where cars and trucks turned into robots. I think it was called Transformers or something like that. I think that is what that Darwin guy was talking about in that ancient text he wrote that most of the world believes. 

That was too much fun. Thank you for the message :)