Hello, Whovians! It’s been some time since we’ve had to make one of these but this is your friendly reminder that we’ll be reblogging your gorgeous gifs, edits, fanart and reactions to the Doctor Who Christmas special ‘Last Christmas’ between 9 and 10:25 pm ET, during the BBCA premiere. 

(Hi Santa!)

Unfortunately, this also means that anyone who isn’t watching along with us runs the risk of encountering something even worse than getting coal in your stocking: SPOILERS

If you’d like to avoid them, we suggest installing tumblr savior or x-kit and blocking the tags #Last Christmas and #DW Spoilers

If you’re on mobile or can’t install tumblr savior or x-kit, we promise we won’t mind if you unfollow us during the hour and refollow us after you’ve seen the episode.

(At least he’s not trying to make an ood laugh!) [x]

If you’ve finished eating your Christmas tangerines and have put away your shiny new presents, then hello! There’s only about two hours left until the episode, but that’s plenty of time to eat another helping of Christmas pudding (we won’t judge!) and make sure you’ve parked your reindeer properly before 9/8c rolls around!

Doctors Office. I got the gift of being on Antibiotics for a month. 2014 you shouldn’t have really! You sly snaggletooth you snuck in your last gift even though I told you not to get me something for Christmas. Good news however is it’s Christmas and that’s something to smile about. 🎅

So, I think I’m going to make a Christmas Tradition here on my tumblr.

What do you guys say to joining me tonight in a stream of “Chimes of Midnight” from the Doctor Who radio play with the 8th Doctor?

It’s one of my favorite episodes and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without Chimes of Midnight. It just wouldn’t.

Like if you want to do this tonight :3

so let me summarize this

  • we got the scene i wanted so much to see - Clara as an old woman with the Doctor by her side that is mirroring their scene from ttotd
  • old!Clara basically confessed that she was in love with the Doctor, that no one matched up to Danny only the Doctor - this is romantic canon, it’s the closest thing we will ever get to romantic canon, and i was not even sure we would even get this much. so i’m grinning like an idiot now

so i just want to thank this to:

  • GOD


"I feel incredibly moved and inspired by the work this small charity is doing on the ground to ensure children living with HIV not only have access to life-saving treatment, but that they and their families receive constant support in their own community". 

If you’re able, make sure you donate here and if you can’t, please make sure you spread the word of this incredible cause!