Problems We Readers Sometimes Face.
  • 1:Putting your bookmark down so you can read, but then can't find it afterwards.
  • 2:When you can feel someone staring at you because you're reading a book with a suspicious looking cover.
  • 3:Fighting the urge to pull out a book to read because you're really bored at an event.
  • 4:Wishing that you could live in the city so you could go to the city park and read--while looking very sophisticated because you're reading in the city.
  • 5:Being unable to stop judging someone because s/he doesn't read.
  • 6:You can't fight the urge to read the book that inspired a popular film.
  • 7:Your thoughts are always everywhere after you read a book--not just your emotions, but your existentialistic thoughts. We're all curious geniuses deep down.
  • 8:You're getting sick and tired of telling people that you can never have enough books.
  • 9:You're a book collector, not a hoarder. Is that so hard to understand?
  • 10:Always having that ONE person in your life who will rush you through a book store. We've all met a person like that--now you just have to never take him/her with you again.
  • 11:Having fantasies about reading in a cafe where, oh la la, you meet your future spouse who will introduce him/herself by saying, "Oh, I just love that book!"
  • Have anymore? Feel free to add!