stop invalidating and reducing every single member of the maximoff family to one or two caricatures or characteristics  like

don’t ignore the existence of  tommy shepherd or billy kaplan

don’t ignore the leadership and existence of lorna dane and while we’re at it, don’t ignore luna maximoff and her being part of the family

don’t ignore  wanda and pietro maximoff because their identities have been erased and narratives written and re-written to the point where people like to reduce their characters to just one thing when they’re multi layered developed characters with 40+ years of character history 

don’t ignore erik lehnsherr also while we’re at it don’t ignore the importance of magda, and  django and marya maximoff. 

stop erasing neurodivergent jewish + romani characters and their families .


When I give props to these movies, you have to understand - it’s not like they were all good. There’s an expression: You have to drink a lot of milk before you can appreciate cream. Well, with exploitation movies, you have to drink a lot of milk-gone-bad before you can even appreciate milk! That’s what part of the love of these movies is - going through the rummage bin and finding the jewels.

-Quentin Tarantino


Frederico Santana Birchal   |

"Minimalistic illustration of some famous movie costumes."

Designer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Focused on digital art, illustration, character design and drawing.

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