Ayada, Maldives is a luxurious and an awe-inspiring luxury retreat destination. The moment you arrive on this luxury resort, the delicate, powder white sands will immerse you in a fantasy of luxury, quality and style. Admits the blue shallow water of the see this exceptional and serine resort is unique only to Ayada Maldives. Ayada Maldives island resort is being developed by Aydeniz Group. This group is recognized by the World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading Tourism Development Company and also by Asia’s Leading Inward Tourism Development Company.


The beauty of shark interaction. Showing sharks as curious and social  animals towards humans, not killers. They are even able to create different relationships with specific human individuals(ej. Eli Martinez, Jim Abernethy, Cristina Zenato, etc…) and they can learn from observation. As top predators they must be respected. But the contact we are able to have with sharks is not possible with a lot of land or ocean predators. And as long as there is respect, understanding and appreciation in between, we can have close encuentres with them with no real risk of danger. 

Unfortunately the only tool they have for feeling is the one that our skin can’t tolerate. In most cases they use their snout to touch things, there is no damage at all, and there is no need to use their teeth. But when they do use them which is extremely rare, the wound is mostly superficial and if death ocurrs (which is even rarer), the cause would be blood lose not because the shark “ate” the person”.  

Out of thousands of animals, the shark is one of the few we can truly interact without getting instantly harmed.  

"there are no dangerous sharks, only dangerous situations" - Dr. Erich K. Ritter

Photos by: Jean Marie Ghislain

ravenclawairbender asked:

So obviously I'm pumped and'll be buying the new "Lucifer Died for Our Sins" shirt when it's released, but I'm also eyeing that Inanna tee Laura had... any chance THAT could be released one day soon? ;D

Possibly. We’re still tossing up what we’re doing with the Ts, but we’ll be soliciting at least one of them in April.

NIGHTMARE on the cover of February 2015 issue of「SHOXX Vol.264」magazine.

This issue also features artists such as LM.C, IGAGURI CHIBA (Sendai Kamotsu), Nanahoshi×Hirotaka (R-shitei), Kiryu, Angelo, MiA×METO (MEJIBRAY), DIAURA, Tomo×Umi (vistlip), UNiTE×Kameleo×DIV, DaizyStripper, BugLug, BVCCI HAYNES, Lin, DOG inThePWO, THE BEETHOVEN, LEZARD and more.

An original poster of NIGHTMARE is included in this magazine which will be released on December 20th, 2014.